Polaroid 195 Accessories

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  1. 85602361-3967-441F-B2C6-D8CCE06B2505.jpeg DA44F902-464E-4D98-BF2A-CE97E8DC3FF6.jpeg These are left from my (departed) Polaroid 195 camera.

    “Filter Kit” with case, includes;
    no. 598 lens shade,
    no. 596 orange “Cloud Filter for Black and White”,
    no. 597 “UV Filter”
    and a bonus “5S Neutral Density Filter” which enables shooting at asa 100 with asa 3000 film
    in excellent condition with a few tiny use marks. Written in pen on the inside case flap is info regarding the ND filter.
    I am asking $60.00 for this, plus actual shipping

    “Close-up Kit No. 1951” with case, includes;
    no. 1951 “Close-up Attachment” that slips over finder,
    no. 1951 “Close-up Lens”
    in excellent condition with a few use marks.
    I am asking $35.00 for this, plus actual shipping.

    I will make a decent deal for someone interested in both, thank you for looking
  2. Hi,

    Do you happen to know if the P195 accessories fit the P180? I'm interested in the CU kit. Thanks.

  3. The close up kit for the 180 is #593. I do not believe that #1951 will work.
  4. OK. Thanks.
  5. Hey Geoff. Hope you're well. Just checking, do you still have these items for sale? If so I'm interested. Thanks and chat soon.
  6. still have these
  7. Hey Geoff. I sent you an message later last week. Interested buyer here. Let's discuss! Thanks - Juan
  8. Were these ever sold ? I already have the filter kit, but interested in the 1951 or both if need be.

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