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Discussion in 'Abstract' started by michaellinder, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. I just don't understand the reasons for the recent lack of participation, for the last 9 days. Anyone have any thoughts?
  2. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    There have been more than in recent past - IMO of variable abstract "provenance" . Though I posted one or two, Abstract is not usually what I am looking for or see through the finder, so in short supply in current photos or archives. Not terribly fond of PP, so my collection comes up with Abstract pretty much nonexistent .
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  3. +1 for Sandy's response.
  4. The concept is too abstract.
  5. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    ive noticed all the photo forums im on have been very slow lately. maybe cooler wrather is slowing everyone down being busy with priority projects preping for winter? some warmer climes are preping for tourists?

    i can say for me, cooler weather means longer walks in the tick n bug free woods.

    sandy... PP? bed wetting pp?
  6. Abstracts are all around us. No PP necessary ...

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  7. Yet, Gary, I'm firmly convinced that PP works in creating abstract images, though not necessarily all the time. Sadly, since I'm still trying to improve on my camera work, I can't always depend on an in-camera image.
  8. I fully understand that abstract work isn't your bag, Sandy; nor does it have to be.
  9. Paul, I would (figuratively only) kill for cooler weather. Low in southern Florida still are in the low 80s, upper 70s.
  10. Maybe because people are being snapped at for the "abstractness" or not of their posts....?

    A search for "purity of essence" has been the death, or bane, of many a forum
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  11. Patience, been busy....

    don't ring.jpg
  12. Just got back from Bhutan, and of course there's nothing abstract there!

    bhutan flag abstract.jpg
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  13. Maybe “purity of essence” is a deliberate overstatement. If we can’t have a reasonable discussion when a forum is being consistently misrepresented, often by those who innocently post on the topic without even noting it’s the abstract forum they’re posting to, then common sense has been tossed right out the window.

    The Nature forum manages to discuss what can and can’t be posted to certain threads and that forum survives. The Street forum has had many such discussions as has Fine Art and Nudes over the years.

    Trying to maintain some sense that this is an Abstract forum without going overboard on rules or limitations seems a very reasonable thing to do. And it’s NOT a search for purity of essence.
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  14. If you say so.
  15. Shattered car window
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  16. paul ron

    paul ron NYC

    just how abstract does it have to be?


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