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Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by jesse_tamski, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. Hi , if you would be so kind that you could visit my site for any errors,
    I'm getting some mixed information about the site.
    If you encounter any problems, please report it to me
    Thank you,
  2. When I click on the link to your portfolio, all that I am able to see is a black screen with Jesse Tamski Photography in the corner.
  3. Intresting, what kind of setup are you using ?
  4. Internet Explorer 8 and I have a high speed connection.
  5. Works fine for me, I am on a Mac if that makes any difference. Images are a little slow loading for me, 4 or 5 secs for most of them, and I am on (for NZ standards at least) fast broadband, I would hate to try this at work where 10 of us share a 1mbps link !
  6. Have you recently updated the flash ? I had a similar problem with a school computer, but that fixed when i updated the flash... How about do you have any other browsers ?
    Thank you very much for the help, this is driving me crazy, some small problems every now and then... I just have to keep searching that i get a good consensus to know what is the problem.
  7. And the slowness is also new mystery... images are quite small, and i can load them easily with my cellphone, with a slow internet.. Maybe the "cables" are too long from NZ to Finland :)
  8. I just updated my flash and I am still seeing the same thing. I do not have any other browsers....sorry.
  9. Thank you christa... annoying that i can't test explorer myself since i'm on a mac..
  10. Jesse, I am using broadband and Firefox. The photos in your portfolio come up for me, but they are slow, taking about 3 sec each after the transition indicates to progress.
  11. Thank you for the info, I'm having many weird problems, so far that i know of :
    Opera = tiny images
    Firefox = slowness
    Explorer = Doom
    Good news that now I know what is the problem, bad news, no idea what is causing them. :)
  12. In addition , Google Chrome ( on Windows XP ) works fine!

    ..and yes, nothing does on IE 8 on Windows XP. I get to see your front page. Your contact details show , but no images show when clicking the Portfolio 'link. except for your @ sign and name. Perhaps you need to see how that link is written. Is it completely 100% accurately written. Some browsers are forgiving for innacurate code, whilst some are not so. Just a suggestion. Good Luck.
    (PS. Perhaps the SlideSho Prop People would be more help than any other?)
  13. * my edit time ran out....
    (PS. Perhaps the SlideShow Pro People would be more help than any other?)
  14. The pictures are good but the site is slow. Slow enough that I would not have the patience to browse it intensively. I have a high speed connection (11 Mbs) and using Firefox. Hope it help you.
  15. I've been working on the problems, but can't seem to find a solution, have to wait an answer from SSP people, hopefully they can point me in the right direction.
    One of the weirdest things is if i alter the code little bit so it passes wc3 validation, then Firefox won't show the slideshow at all...
  16. david_henderson


    On IE8 I get the homepage fast enough but just get a black screen with your name when I click Portfolio. On Firefox I get a tediously slow slideshow of images.
    I really don't like websites where I can't control the speed or navigation through a portfolio. A "slideshow only" site wouldn't get watched very long by me, especially when there doesn't appear to be any theme or description of the work. I prefer sites organised into logical galleries where I can choose whether I want to see this one or that, and then choose my own pace through each gallery, truncating if I lose interest.
    Equally if your site runs only on the latest "flash" did you do any research on what proportion of your target audience have that loaded?
  17. Hi Jesse. I am having the same loading speeds (3-5 seconds) in British Columbia, Canada. I am on high speed Internet as well, and using Firefox (updated) on an Intel-based Mac. Love your work, though!

    I keep wondering about the whole flash website thing becoming extinct in the future. I made a website using Wix (flash based), but had similar issues (slow loading speeds). I went to an HTML based site, and have not looked back since then. Not as much bling-bling as flash, but quick loading speeds!

    The only other thing I was missing was a way to navigate the images in another way than "slideshow" mode. I find when I am checking flash websites out, I usually pause the slideshow option, and then navigate to images that peak my interest. I find this way the viewer is in control. I did not see any thumbnails or options to do this, and you may lose a viewer's interest without this flexibility built in. Something to think about. Good luck.
  18. I have a large gigabite pipe into my house and your site loads somewhat slowly. The visual is effective and the images great. However, you may want to use smaller size images (not size on the page -- but actual file size) on your page to reduce the load time.
  19. Thank you for the info, I'm having many weird problems, so far that i know of :
    Opera = tiny images
    Firefox = slowness
    Explorer = Doom
    Good news that now I know what is the problem, bad news, no idea what is causing them. :)
    oh, that's easy--it starts with an "f" :)
  20. Hi Jesse:
    I'm in rural Ukraine today.
    I'm on three computers with 2G wi-fi, which generally is very slow but fastest at 4:00 a.m. now.
    I used IE 8 and it loaded your main page -- fine, but the portfolio, nada, all three computers.
    With Firefox (unknown version but the prompt tells me 8.0.1 is available for download), it shows your portfolio and at a reasonable enough speed -- slow but everything on 2G is slow and those are very large photos (too large in my view).
    Critique: As above, the viewers/reviewers are correct.
    1. Photos are too big at least for slideshow viewing. Also they endanger your copyrights. Many are pleasant, but they seem to lack cohesion; one black and white after many colors, then color again. Not a good idea to mix color and black and white - it confuses viewers. They generally belong separately, unless they're part of a story.
    Your slideshow lacks theme; the photos generally are good, but there is one or two I'd remove, such as the man next to the pole possibly playing a harmonica (I had to try to figure that one out, and if not slideshow, would have navigated past that one quickly enough.
    Many good web sites have thematic groupings, then among the groupings a slideshow option, often in smaller size. If you do want to have audience see photos in larger size, let them click on them individually or double click to get a larger size (not always recommended for legal protection/copyright issues).
    Your technical issue with IE, I cannot help; you need a coder to go over it with you, although I can say it shows your name (left corner) and a faint name and (c) symbol, center, when it shows 'Portfolio' and nothing else.
    I'd rethink how to show the content/it'll frustrate many viewrs, not only those on slow connections, but it breaks convention in one way and in another is difficult to navigate (the conventions arose for a good reason, I think.)
    Organize your work into themes and then present them that way; your work is good enough and some is very good and engaging, and your lighting, particularly where you use artificial light is very skillful -- same with your photoshopping.
    People like to know and see how many photos they're getting into when they click on seeing photos in a slideshow or individual photos and then have the choice of which way to view.
    In a slideshow, as noted above, Internet speeds vary, and it's generous to have controls so the slideshow can be slowed down or speeded up for those with variable speeds, and also it can be stopped if one wants to view a particular image.
    Of course, the first thing to tackle is the view issue and later the content issue.
    But nothing's worse then have viewers write off a site because it frustrates them; they won't come back.
    Look at some gallery sites from prominent galleries for some ideas and I think you'll get some help. (Go to and see links to Art and Photo galleries in cities throughout the US and the world; there's no end of choices/examples).
    Hope this helps.
    John (Crosley)
  21. This is simple. DO NOT USE FLASH as a necessary feature to make your site visible to public visitors. Use it as needed only for specific tasks (and the number of things you can only do with flash is rapidly vanishing).

    There's simply no point alienating everyone with an iPad (who will not be able to see your content, at all - likewise with the millions of people who use iPhones), or who is running a Flash-blocking tool. And, of course, it's obvious that you're having cross-browser/cross-OS problems - something that's likely to always be an issue with the supporting code. Those go away if you stick with just compliant HTML and simple JS.
  22. Didn't Adobe recently announce that they were phasing out Flash? That would have to be a big factor in choosing a website technology. You would not want to spend all that time and money creating a terrific website if you only had to port it to HTMLx....or whatever.
  23. Niko, Adobe didn't announce the end of Flash, I believe it was the end of Flash on mobile devices. Different.
  24. Hi, thank you so much about the opinions, as it comes to the flash, reason i use flash is the slmplicity of uploading from lightroom etc.. So as long as SlideshowPro will stay at flash, i'm stuck with it and since the actual index-page doesn't seem to have problems, i'm happy how it turned out.

    As it comes to iphones+ipads, they should be auto-diverted to a portfolio that doesn't need flash, atleast works in my iphone.

    for the overall look+player attributes.. I'm planning to add some categories etc.. but i don't want to make too much useless work, if can't even make one simple album to work. For the thumbnails in the slideshow, i thought that nobody needs them, but apparently i was wrong, but they are easy to add.
    also thank you very much about the photo comments,
    i was thinking wtf about John's comment of the harmonica player... that i don't have any photo like that... haha.. but now i understand what photo he was talking about... in reality, it's just a guy, in total darkness, in our 5 star "hotel", in winterly northern sweden and he is just eating a sandwich. Hopefully someday we can afford to sleep inside in every trip :)
  25. Good advice, particularly from Matt Laur. Nothing says "find another photographer" to a client than telling him he has to go out of his way to visit your web site.
  26. Have you considered trying Joomla? it solves the flash problem and when you have built it it is very easy to change and upload pictures. The web hotel can be an issue but if you got one with good Joomla support its a great tool.
  27. Using an iPad, All I get is the loading message. IMO, skip flash an any exotic extras, they may look cool on your machine
    and/or for a short time. All you will really get is compatibility and maintenance headaches.

    I do not know what you are using, and that should concern you.
  28. Thanks for the advise, I will check the other options in the future, but this one i will struggle through and bang my head to the wall, until it works good enough. It's flash, so it wont work perfectly :)
    Hmm, now my iphone also does that, but if you reload then it works normally... back to the drawing board

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