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  1. hi I am a newbee to digital photography and have come across a problem with my pics. on some of them the top corners turn pink. it doesn't happen on all my pics just some can anyone give me any advice on this.. I am using a hitachi hbc161e, I know its got loads of issues but its all I could afford at the mo so please any advice would be great
    thank you
  2. Looks like you have a Hitachi HBC161E? I can't find much info online about it. That photo looks like digital "cross processing" with vignetting editing, a popular JPEG alternative in some recent P&S digicams and some presets for Lightroom and actions for Photoshop.
    If your camera doesn't have JPEG art filters, and you didn't edit the photo or use any filters over the lens, then my best guess is the camera has developed a glitch. I see via Google various reports of problems with that model.
    Personally, I think it looks kinda cool. I'd keep it, use it for that effect, and eventually get another camera.
  3. thanks lex, I haven't used anything just went out for the first time put it on auto and started shooting.... but your right it does look cool thanks for the feed back
  4. Nobody here's going to look down on you for your choice of camera, Shane - we've all got to start somewhere.
    It's notable that this pink/magenta false colour is happening in areas of highlights - all of the examples in your collection here show it in areas of sky.
    False colours in highlights are not that uncommon, and are usually the result of software trying to recover detail from highlights, and making a wrong guess about what colour to make the recovered detail.
    I've had it myself - to a lesser degree - from software that has made the same wrong guess:
    So at least you're not alone!
    It might not be easily fixable given that it's the in-camera software we're talking about in your case: am I right to think that these images are straight off the camera jpegs?
  5. It seems there is a manual here .. found by googling the camera name which Lex found for us :) HBC161E
    I suggest a little experiment ...I assume the camera has a little zoom capability so zoom out and see if that gets rid of the vignetting.
    Stage two with a subject such as the trees raise the camera to include more of the sky while taking 'half trigger' [ I am sure the camera has a two stage trigger where the first or HT tells the camera to set itself up for what it is looking at] then continuing to hold HT lower the camera for the shot and fully depress the trigger.
    Doing this firstly should remove the vignetting and secondly reduce the contrast between the black vignetting and the burnt out sky [ it is not badly burnt out, pretty good to my eye] which may remove the pink staining.
    If this all works you have made a first step towards better pictures and is something I often do myself when I want detail in the sky area. The drawback of doing it is that any dark areas maybe too dark and will need adjustment. There is a free download editor called Paint dot Net which with layers can easilly do this.
    A technquie I use is to duplicate the photo as anotheer layer ... lift the shadows in the top layer [ it is like a chest of drawers withthe duplicate layer in the 'drawer above'] until they look right and then use the erase brush to erase the over bright areas. When you erase a higher layer you can see through to the lower layer so you have the highlight detail in the lower drawer and the shadow detail in the top drawer. You then 'merge' the drawers/layers and have a single layeer to save.
    That sounds horribly complicated but once you get the hang of it it is quick and simple to do.
    It is the basis of quite a few tricks such as here I blurred the surrounds to the locomotive and then erased the parts I wanted to be sharp.
  6. The above was done with my regular editor but this version I used Paint.Net ....
    the differences are more likely me than the editors :)
  7. Some of the magenta highlights and vignetting could be minimized a bit in Lightroom. I'll attach an example. A pixel level editor like Photoshop, Elements, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp and others could do more, if you really feel it's worth the effort.
    But, again, I'm not sure I'd worry about it. The effect is pretty appealing and virtually identical to the "cross processing with magenta highlight hue" in the Ricoh GRD4.
    You might be able to finesse the effect a little by choosing other in-camera effects for saturation, contrast, etc.
  8. thanks guys I will try those things you suggested and thanks for the quick responce
  9. OP, vignetting is in EVERY one of your gallery's images, and the pink corners in quite a few. It may be caused by a (poor) lens hood, or a thick lens filter. If so, try removing those first. If you can't get rid of the vignetting after trying every remedy, you may want to switch to a different camera.
    You don't want to have vignetting in EVERY one of your shots, and fix EVERY one in post processing. Life is too short! And many great photos are waiting to be taken!
    Can't comment on the pick corners. Never seen them before.

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