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  1. Don't know if someone has been designated as was suggested earlier in the week, but can't wait any longer. So here
    goes. Pics to follow - just want to avoid the dueling threads again.
  2. Ah, no one else yet, so success?
  3. OK. This week I have two black and whites, and one black and white with a little tone mapping.
    Firstly, my point of view of the world:
    Secondly, my student's carreer choice recommendations for me. I like the last one, and that's why the discussion ended there and moved on to them introducing their future dreams:
    And lastly, a very small knot in a park bench - 12mm across the frame:
  4. Nice work, I was about to put one up.
  5. Ooh, great shots Justin. I wish I could see the sky some times! Both shots seem so clear and have a crisp fresh fall feel to them.

    So, I live in Taiwan where it is already in the afternoon of Sunday, and I wanted to put up some shots before going to play a little social rugby, but you are up at an unhealthy time of day! What's your excuse?
  6. I was cooped up in my home office too long and just had to get out and shoot a few to test out my new K20D. Good thing the DA*50-135mm is also weatherproof. [​IMG]
    Passion Flower, K20D,DA* 50-135mm @135mm, 1/250 @ f3.5, ISO 400 [​IMG]
    Hydrangea, K20D,DA* 50-135mm @135mm, 1/180 @ f3.5, ISO 400
  7. Garry, those black and whites are phenomenal.

    here's another one from the weekly pancake happening:
  8. Great jump on it this week Gary. I guess the 'floor' is yours. Seems the therapy is working and you're recovering nicely from the photo trauma! Those forst 2 shots are excellent.

    Fantastic shots both Justin. You could probably sell that second one to the Pittsburgh tourism dept.

    Love the passion flower Michael. Gotta like those water seals!
  9. Garry, that second shot is great, definitely good for a smile. Social rugby? I had to quit in college after a major concussion, but I remember the games as being pretty antagonistic. The parties afterward, though, were quite social. Justin, both stunning shots. Your trip to Pitt yielded some great shots! Michael, I really like that first shot, with so much of the flower apparatus in focus.
  10. Fall is here, for sure.
  11. Good time for a trip to the zoo.
  12. So on the way back from a bit of paid work I cought the only sun we've seen this week. [​IMG]


    [​IMG] A little ground fog as the sun was setting.
  13. Yes fall is here Nick. Nice leaf shot and great capture of the kids!

    Arrrg edit button please.. "caught" not cought.
  14. Here's one from Annapolis
  15. Wow great pictures. Love this POW thread. Here is my contribution. Its from Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio.
  16. Wow, great pictures. Love this POW thread. Here is my contribution. Its from Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio.
  17. I slowed down a bit this week taking photographs but went on Zurichs house mountain "Uetliberg" with a friend and her dogs for some picture taking. Got a huge Vivitar F 2.8 35-85mm Series 1 zoom in M42 mount and good condition and present you my first test shot with it.
  18. Some truly great shots already! Garry, the b&w's of your students are priceless. I have continued to explore the Wissahickon Valley area and just cannot wait until autumn really hits. I have been reading up on this section of Philadelphia and it seems that back in the early industrial age (1700"s) this creek was the home to many mills and was almost completely deforested. In the middle of the 19th century an effort was made to return it to it's natural beauty and in 1924 it became an official part of the park system of the city. Many of the stone bridges and other parts were built during the Great Depression as part of the W.P.A. program during the second New Deal.
  19. the autumn theme
  20. testing the Vivitar Series 1 zoom
  21. boy, I keep getting this size thing wrong - sorry
  22. Went to the Chinese Lantern Festival last night at the Montreal Botanical Garden. All photos were taken with my ist DL & 50mm f:/1.4 [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  23. finally
  24. Markus--that is quite a test shot. Great color and texture and I love the composition. Excellent.

  25. Nice pics, and looking at them is always a nice way to get "inspired" to shut off the computer and get the camera out on a sunny Sunday morning. <p>
    My photo is from the lovely town of Oxford, Mississippi. It was taken a few weeks ago, but I just now got the chance to download and post it...
  26. Well here it is, I had to resize...
  27. Wow, Peter, Robert and Subho, those are some amazing colors in your scenic shots! Markus, looks like a good lens, and a good driver as always. Guy - I love the lanterns. How did you gauge exposure? Dave - to judge body language, doesn't seem those people like what they are hearing.
  28. A little more fall in eastern Canada [​IMG]
  29. </b>apology on the the missing blold font enclosing tag. This post should fix it.
  30. Wonderful pictures! I could only hope to be as good.

    <img src="http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3240/2915594120_aef6411a0b_b.jpg" height="465" width="700">
    <br><Br>See the image in the burl?
  31. Wow. This thread seems to be filling up faster every week.

    Peter - love the fall river shot, very nicely done. I'm surprised that the leaves have turned that much in Nova Scotia, they're only starting to change on the rock.

    Dave - very interesting election shot. Unique perspective - I like it.

    Robert - cool raindrops. Sweet capture. Kudos.

    Markus - the rustic feel of your second shot is inspiring. I wonder how it'd look in sepia?

    Hin - the expressions in your second shot are superb. I like that one best of the series.

    Subho - love, love, love the fog. Stunning.

    Dave - that's a different capture from your previous posts. It's an interesting and thought provoking image that makes you wonder what's going on in the picture and where it's happening. Kudos.

    Guy - the dragon is just plain awesome.

    Nick - the girls are wonderfully cute. That's a precious shot.

    Michael - your new K20D is working beautifully. Nice shots.

    Justin - Downtown Pittsburgh is stunning. Wow.

    Garry - great images - the text on the chalkboard should be amended from "wants to be" to "is also".

    Here are 3 quick shots from me. The first is from the David Suzuki "Students for Sustainability" tour. I was fortunate enough to have have the opportunity to work with his team setting up their tech requirements. The other two are of my son who has expressed an interest in riding like his older sister.
  32. fantastic work everyone. Garry, those b&w photos blew me away. excellent tone, contrast, everything.

    here's another shot from my friends' and my weekly pancake habit:
  33. I'll try it again...
  34. dah! stupid backspace button! ok here's the photo:
  35. does anyone know why we're all speaking in bold face now?
  36. I'll try it yet again...
  37. The Suzuki shot was taken with the DA 50-200 @ 200, F6.7, 1/20 sec. Here are the the other shots...
  38. And the last...
  39. Let's shift this back to normal.
  40. well, it worked once before...
  41. As always some nice images...Will comment later when I have more time...These are some oldies. I have not had time to go out and shoot...I have had to work....I took these on a trip to Ensenada Mexico a couple of years back...
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Trips/Ensenada2.jpg">
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Trips/Ensenada1.jpg">
    <img src="http://i404.photobucket.com/albums/pp128/jgredline/Trips/Ensenada.jpg">
  42. John - what should I see in the burl? I've been staring at the shot but am not sure what I'm looking for. Please help. Adam - B&W really works for that shot. Javier - that second landscape is mind blowing. What a spectacular view. Kudos. For the couple of email questions I've received about Dr. Suzuki's tour - the tour launched in St. John's, Newfoundland and will be visiting 21 Universities in 30 days from coast to coast. It's a real opener that that drives home the importance of the greatest issue facing our generation and our children's generations and the devestation that is resulting from human population explosion, the mismanagement of natural resources and destruction of ecosystems from the progressive march of human enviornmental folly. The tour is being sponsored by the Canadian Federation of Students, the Sierra Club and the David Suzuki foundation. While they were here it was my privlidge to coordinate event staging technical requirements, determine audio visual needs and coordinates assets with the distance education Department of Memorial University who looked after the webcast component. It was a lot of fun. I took my daughter out of school that day so she could attend with me and it was good to see that she enjoyed the event and learned a lot from it too. Here's another shot from the event....
  43. My share - first time shooting waterfalls. Here are IR shots of Batlag twin falls
    Hope this comes out okay.
  44. Oops! Try again-
  45. Truly great pics once again. We headed up north to the Adirondacks this weekend, so a series of shots from Northern New York.
  46. Another from a hike we took.
  47. And a roadside barn. The mountains are starting to get frosty.
  48. I did find a small bit of time for fishing also.
  49. Let's turn this bold off!
    How's this?
  50. Ha. Success! Got tired of everyone shouting at each other. Will be commenting on the great shots here
    shortly. Good work everybody!
  51. Wow! Ain't fall great? Peter, love that shot of the stream, and Bob: How I would've loved to catch something of decent size... Here's one from our very first family camping trip. I think I got some keepers (photos, not fish), so I'll share more in a later thread.
  52. one for the road.. I find the odd ones it seems..
  53. I looked at everyone's photos and thought I had nothing to bring to the table this week so, I went and took a self-portrait ;)

    I think all of our photos are great!
  54. Whoa!

    Love your 'mess 'o kids' shot, Garry. Too bad they decided you were unsuited for teaching ;~)

    The sky really makes the Station Square photo, Justin--really polished work!

    The test was obviously a success, MIchael. Looking forward to more.

    Lots off stream shots! All wonderful, Peter, Robert, Bob--keep 'em coming.

    The windows and wagon wheel photo is really nice, Markus.

    The lantern series is just splendid, Guy--wonderfully photographed!

    Duane: Suzuki! Yes!

    Javier, your coast photo is amazing.

    That's a really sweet photo, Abe--the silhouette against the reflected sky is terrific. (And despite the dark, I can tell that kid has some mighty fine fishing gear ;~)
  55. Nice stuff gang! I just started editing the photos from a, shall I say???...interesting wedding I shot yesterday. It was one of the hardest gigs I've done in a long time. The bride and groom were/are very nice and had beautiful things lined up but the Pacific Northwest weather had other plans. What was it John Lennon said? "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans". Something like that. In spite of torrential rains, gail force winds blowing the ceremony tent away, ice cold wet snow at the site of the formal photos, the Beaver float plane taking off in the middle of the ceremony (which BTW was moved to a VERY MUCH too small "plan B" room)...they are happily married. And my nerves seem to be making a slow albeit painful recovery. I haven't been very diligent about participating in the POW so thought I'd post one from yesterday. None from the actual wedding as the bride and groom have not seen them yet. But one I find interesting taken as we waited for the bride to get dressed. I'll let you decide the story here.
  56. Bob Marz, Markus and Subho really stood out to me. The color is so nice in Subho's shot and the second photo Markus
    posted testing the Viv S1 is great! Justin's Fort Pitt Bridge shot is really cool to look at, I like it a lot.. Gary's first shot of
    the kids is spectacular! Peter and Javier I think have great landscape shots too. Javier's second photo is nice and vivid!
    While Peter's shows a serene place in detail. Each image posted is really good!
  57. My contribution to the fall colors:

    FA 43mm | 1/1000 @ F1.9 | ISO 400

    <img src=http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3151/2917501314_1cc6f0fd5d.jpg>
  58. Garry - love your POV shot. Cracks me up. and they're sooo cute!

    Justin - being a bridge fanatic, I really really like your bridge shot. I think what really makes it is the C O L O R. Nice
    contrast w/ the sky and the blue is so nice, but the clouds are just about perfect.

    Hin - the white kid in your shots... lol - we have a friend in OKC that looks so similar to that kid, they could be brothers!
    Our friend even gets the SAME look your guy has in the 2nd photo, when he's doing his Tae Kwan Do. Funny.
  59. wow love that group shot Garry! Justin the bridge shot is phenomenal! Peter the tractor shot is killer! love the lit up cab! Awesome landscape Subho! the colors are stellar! Amazingly beautiful green scene you captured Robert! The raindrop shot is awesome too! Great shots Guy! That must have been a fun session! Great shots Javier! That middle coastal shot is stunningly clear and sharp! Nice work Bob. Icredible barn shot! The fish shot is awesome too... Nice cloudgazer capture Abe! I haven't been enjoying my shots much lately.. Am I burned out? Not sure.. Jeff that's a beatifully leaf shot!
  60. and another
  61. and perhaps another
  62. one more for good measure
  63. Todd: I like fountain delights. why? dunno - cause it's different? Cause I'm into abstracts right now? The mesh of colors
    is cool.... the out of focus lights are awesome.

    Oh yeah - because, frankly, I'm too tired and currently too lazy to scroll all the way back up: you guys who submitted misty morn or eve
    photos... You're making me jealous. Not jealous enough to move out of Kansas (cheapest cost of living in the nation is really hard to give
    up), but jealous enough I'm seriously pushing for a road trip this weekend. Kinda wish I could make it to Maine and back in 3 days.....
  64. Duane - remember the old Pontiac icon over 40 years ago? The burl (my son noticed it first) kind of looks like that -- chief pontiac.

    Todd - a baby Muscovy duckling?
  65. Well…. This topic is going faster than I can keep up with ! <br>
    My compliments to you Garry for your smart intiative. <br>
    Such a great collection of pictures again, I salute you all. <br>
    Here’s my contribution for this week : <br> <br>
    Still trying to create abstract close-ups (and not finding the right one) <br>

    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/miirzF.jpg">
    I failed horribly on this one, but can’t let go, just because of her eyes. This was the best I could do to repair . <br>
    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/hpWrQX.jpg">
    <br> <br>
    They came by for the yearly cleaning of the sewerage. I made a look-alike hdr <br>
    <img src="http://album.zoom.nl/public_images/17779/qNCmYr.jpg">
  66. Scott, Pink Tie--YES! Ditto sewage, O Shiva.
  67. Todd, thanks for the kind comments.

    O Shiva, I love the eyes AND the smile she's got on her face!
  68. If only my failures looked as good as O Shiva's. "Sewage" is cool, but from your vantage point... can I say "Ewwwwwwwwwwww!"

    Todd, maybe I was in the woods too long, but I think "fountain" is AWESOME! Me gotta get out & play at night.
  69. So many good shots this week. Thanks for the comments. Here are some comments on ones that have caught my eye:<br>
    @Nick - great tones on the pumpkins.<br>
    @Peter - ground fog has wonderful colors.<br>
    @Subho - stunning misty morning.<br>
    @Markus - great result with that Vivitar.<br>
    @Bob Colameco - that river looks inviting.<br>
    @John - what are we looking for in the burl? Tell us before someone goes south on that one!<br>
    @Bob Marz - the road side barn is another great autumn mist scene.<br>
    @Abe - the clouds in the water are a great backdrop for the child looking up. Nice moment.<br>
    @O Shiva - I think you should not stop trying to find the "right one" because I'm enjoying these all so much!<br>
  70. Garry - to me it looks like chief pontiac in profile.
  71. No time tonight to post comments but some great shots everyone, Nice work! Hey maybe someone could start a Halloween thread and we post all out shots from this month's observations. This is what I see. [​IMG]
  72. Finally got a few rolls developed, my keeper ratio is improving but still abysmally low.
  73. A very impressive array of photos by everyone... I'm going to pass on commenting mainly because I'm working off a friend's laptop.. As some of you know, I've been in Sydney for the last few weeks.. These are straight jpegs out of the camera.

    The steps of the opera house

    Just after sunset

    Opera house and reflections of the harbour bridge

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