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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by elliot_n, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. I'm having problems with my cookies. Photonet seems unable to remember
    when I last visited. I check Photonet nearly every day, but Photonet always
    seems to think I was last here 4 or 5 days ago. Cookies are enabled in my
    browser, and they seem to be working as I've successfully customized the
    unified forum to display the forums that I'm interested in.

    I once emailed Photonet about this and they explained that the system was
    designed to remember my second last visit. Why would that be? - And why
    doesn't it work like that for me?

    Other forums that I visit show answers since my last visit. This seems a
    logical and efficient model. My concern with the way Photonet works is that
    the Archives suffer as answers to old threads appear at the bottom of a very
    long list of threads, many of which have no new answers. Also, from a more
    selfish point of view, I'm tired of memorizing how many answers have been
    posted to the threads I'm interested in. How about a more conventional
    "Answers since your last visit" facility?
  2. david_henderson


    Just like to add a little something here. When looking at the "who's online now" page then as a registered user I expect to see my own name there and this isn't always true. Looks to me like the system doesn't always know whether you're visiting or not. Could this be the reason why it's hard to get an accurate "Answers since last visit" facility.

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