Photography institution in and arround Kolkata

Discussion in 'Education' started by indrajit, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. can somebody suggest a photography institution in and around Kolkata? I am not new to photography but I don't have any expert knowledge too. so I want to undergo some course; preferably part-time course.
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  2. Kemon achen Indrajit?
    It all depends on what you wish to learn, if there is a professional aspect to the study and if indeed you wish to have any certification. Are you looking to be a photojournalist? Or perhaps improve your personal skill level as an amateur shooter?
    Tarun Bose runs the Kolkata BP (better photo) club. While I have no affiliation to the club or know him personally, I think it might be a good starting point to get in touch with him and seek advice on available courses. Perhaps I am wrong but my impression of Indian photography based on conversations with friends and being an ardent admirer of the street photography using older cameras by Subhanarayn Prasana (from Bangalore?), is that much of it is club based rather that through courses available for the student. The creative arts, especially photographic certainly does not seem like a credible academic pursuit in Indian universities.
  3. The link for Tarun Bose's club is

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