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  1. I am Mukesh from India. I am a travel professional, But my dream is to become a world renowned photographer. I always wanted to learn photography but destiny had some other plains. Now I have decided to learn this art. Please help me in finding the right institute for learning professional photography within 1 year. I heard about VANARTS in Vancouver, Canada. It is having a 1 year Course in Professional Photography. Other than this school I don't know any other institute that impart a 1 year professional course in Photography. Fees of this institute is also very high. Please give me some knowledge about other schools that can help me in learning this art and persuing my dream career. I am ready to travel anywhere in the would to learn this art from experts. Hope you all will help me in finding the right Institute. I love clicking Photographs but don't know exactly which type of photography really attracts me. All I know is to take a good shot. Please help me..............
  2. Hi Mukesh - there are probably dozens of schools where you might study photography, everything from four year institutions to online "schools", and many offer a good education. I know others, with more experience, will chime in with their ideas. However, the one place I would give a great deal to attend is the Rocky Mountain School of Photography is Missoula Montana. They have a summer intensive (their wording) that lasts 2.5 months, but those months are packed full of learning. I know one photographer who attended RMSP and claims that what he learned there began a highly successful career in nature photography. I've been reading about RMSP for many years, have taken several of there weekend classes and find the place incredible for honing my skills. They offer multiple classes beginning with the basics and continuing into the professional levels of all types of photography. Anyway, this is just my idea, so do your own research, talk with others here and elsewhere and good luck with whatever you finally decide. Web address for RMSP:
  3. Yeah. I believe you should get some good suggestions like the one above. Best way is to contact some professional photographers you may know. Who knows you may find someone who is already a good and professional photograher and might be teaching at any of the renowned institutes. Keep asking, till you get your answer solved. Best Wishes!

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