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Discussion in 'Education' started by amy c*upp, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Do you know of any schools that offer a 100% online photography degree?
  2. Why do you want a degree in photography? Is it necessary for a career you are interested in, or just to have it? Just curious because most of the greatest photographers I've known have been self-taught or mentored. Most of the worst photographers I've know have degrees. (and I know many)
  3. I am not sure yet if I want to. I just dropped out of college - I was going for Criminal Justice. In order to not have to repay my studen loan yet : ) I need to re-enroll. I was just thinking about taking a class to learn more about the basics but I am not sure if I will have the time. I dropped out of the CJ program to put more energy into photography.
  4. I currently go to school for graphic art. If you are interested in photography, my suggestion would be to look into general art studies, or something that has a practical application like graphic arts, then you can have a minor in photography. The school I attend has strong fine art emphasis in photography, and I have seen the work of the top advanced students, and almost all of their work has poor technical quality, but good art application. In some of the classes I take, we are allowed to use photos for our projects. I have had professors assume I was a photo student, and could not believe that I was "untrained" as my work excelled some of the advanced photo students. Another thing to think about is what on earth can you do with a photography degree? It is unnecessary for wedding photography, portrait photography, or showing work in galleries, all of which are the easiest way to break into photography. The rest is reputation and talent, all of which can be achieved without a degree. If you are interested in the arts, do something that would be easier to break into, and if your a photographer as well, that just makes you more valuable.
  5. There are a number of Nigerian sites that will sell you MBA degrees in anything, 100% online, 100% fraud.
  6. the academy of art university ( offers 100% online bfa and mfa in photo... reports of the quality of their education though is mixed... and it's a tad pricey (not unusual for an art school)
  7. Ronald, I do not think so. Those people think of any scam to get your money. I forgot to mention I am an Investigator for a living. Anyway, just wondering if there was anything out there before I went searching. I dont think I will take anything, it would take away from the time with my babies.
  8. Amy, the irony appears to be lost on you. Wasn't it you who wanted a dodgy online course <<...In order to not have to repay my studen loan...>> ?
  9. All online classes are not dodgy are they? I plan on repaying my studen loan, I just wanted to put it off a few months and thought about taking some photography classes because I dont think it could hurt to learn more about it. I live about 30 minutes from Arrowmont, but they do not have any this Spring or Summer last I checked and they just do weeklong classes. Anyway, I guess I made it sound as if I was intending on not paying and that is definately not true. I have worked too hard to get my credit score up from some scary scary numbers in the past.
  10. Ok, sorry. Good luck with your endeavours. Try searching your local directories.
  11. Amy,
    You can Defer your student loans. Without going to school, it will just cost you more in the long run. But so will going to school to defer them anyway.
    If you are interested in getting a degree in photography for any other reason besides to defer your student loans (which I would have to imagine you have because otherwise you could have chosen underwater basket-weaving, or something else entirely) So if you want to be say An Investigative Photographer or something along those lines, or any lines, you may want to consider a degree, but you want to know what you want to do.
    I would have to disagree with Allison about showing work in a gallery. Unless we are talking about galleries that are in small towns or normal sized cities, or in a local coffee shop, I would have to say that a degree from a top Graduate photography program is one of the most important things. Most major galleries in New York, find their newest artists by hand picking them out of the top graduate schools in the country.

    I hope that helps.
    -Aaron McLaughlin
  12. Does it matter whether the degree comes from a university or a certificate program? Also, what is the top online school? do you recommend the actual classroom setting where you get the hands on over the internet coarse? Can you do half and half? Is The Art Institute the best one? Thanks for any answers!!
  13. I have been going to online photography school now for almost 3 years.. I started as a full time student but had to drop down to part time because it was suffering due to a new job and my already photo work that I was doing. A bit about me, I have been in the photo business now for 10 years, I have been published as well, but I wanted that degree. Now after 3 yrs of not learning a damn thing, teachers being more of a moderator, I am at my wits end. I don't want to be in the hole for education more then I already am, if I just self teaching myself, I am paying all this money to have someone teach me. I get frustrated because what little time I have to shoot, it never seems to be enough time to do anything for school and I feel my assignments come out half assed. If you want to go to school for photography, do it in a classroom.. this online stuff is for the birds, look at me if I stop now that I am 30k in the hole and no degree.. or i could go on be even more in the hole with a degree. The decision is up to you in the end, but I wouldn't continue school and dig yourself in further just to put off loans..
  14. Amy, like you I have been looking for an online photography degree. I'm going for a bachelor's versus certficate so my
    loans will continue to be deferred but also for an internship opportunity to break into the business and have a
    professional portfolio. The Art Institute and Academy of Art University have been the only ones I've found so far. Good
    luck to you!

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