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  1. In about 5 weeks, I'm going to photograph a charity golf tournament. I've never done that before and I'm looking for some hints and advice. Coverage will be all day - from registration through awards presentation. I understand it will be a shotgun start so I'm thinking I can hang out a the first (or some other) tee and get shots of every group. My camera does have a silent mode. One question, will fill flash be useful (obviously not on the course)? I have a general shot list, but nothing specific at this point. I will ask for a detailed shot list. I will do this at no charge because it is to benefit a program to rescue girls from human trafficking.

    I will be using lenses (in full frame terms) of 24-80 and 80 - 300. Is there any other gear that might come in handy?
  2. Yes
    Know something about the game.
    There are certain protocols that you do not want to interrupt, or the players will get annoyed at you, enough to have you ejected from the course. Mostly, NO NOISE when teeing off or putting. And nothing that would distract the players.
    Most especially learn where to NOT stand. Safety on a golf course is not to be taken lightly. A flying golf ball is a VERY DANGEROUS object.

    Forget the flash on the course.
    You might be able to use it for staged shots.

    Unless the camera is TRULY SILENT, do not use it near and when the players are hitting nor putting on the green.
    If you are far enough away (maybe 100+ feet), with the long lens, the noise from the shutter should not bother the players.
    You also need to be aware of where you are in relation to other holes and the players on the course, and not disturb them.
    Note that the sound of a burst of shots is more distracting than a single shot.
    This is where some of the P&S cameras work better than a dslr. There is nothing moving to make noise, just the speaker, that is IF you can turn OFF the shutter sound.

    A bottle of water and a snack/sandwich that you don't have to keep in the fridge. I usually take a P&J for long events.
    A hat and sunscreen/sunblock.
    And know where the restroom is.
  4. Thanks, Gary, Great advice. My camera, an Oly EM-1 is totally silent, or rather, has a mode that is totally silent. I was recently in a wedding as a guest, using the silent mode, but the guy next to me was using using an iPhone with simulated shutter and mirror slap. I hope they didn't think the sound was coming from me!
  5. Yes, that is an advantage of the mirrorless cameras, no noisy mechanical mechanisms.
  6. A mirrorless camera with a silent shutter can still make a focus noise, so pre-focus, and don't block the view of the paying customers.
  7. wow that's nice pick up so far. This is really amazing experience and you can see some great golf players. I also have the interest. Anyways, did someone hire you for this photography job?
  8. Thanks for the question. No, I (we, actually, my wife worked with me) did this as a charity activity to benefit an organization that provides shelters for sex-trafficked girls. It was a lot of fun, and we'll probably do it next year, if asked. The only down side was the weather. Normally in April in the Atlanta, GA area, we are getting warm days. But even though the day prior to the event was very nice, the day of the event was cloudy, blustery and in the 40's. Toward the end, the sun did come out, and the temps rose to the low 50s.
  9. First
    Catch your golf course

  10. Wind down the colour default setting to pastel or ‘muted’ so you can handle the trousers.

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