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  1. I am trying to use the photo shooting menu banks in the following way.

    A: this is what I use for landscape and similar subjects. I normally have it set to ISO 64, aperture priority or manual mode.

    B: I use this for subjects that move slowly. Aperture priority, auto ISO, minimum shutter speed 1/400s.

    C: Fast-moving subjects Aperture priority, auto ISO, minimum shutter speed 1/1600s.

    The reason I use aperture priority is because it allows me to adjust exposure compensation via easy exposure compensation using the main command dial without having to press and hold the +/- button, which I don't find as quick or comfortable. The reason I go into settings banks is because when using auto ISO, the minimum shutter speed can only be set in the menu which is a time-consuming operation, and I need to be able to do it quickly.

    I switch between photo shooting menu banks A/B/C by pressing and holding the record button and turning the main command dial.

    Now here's the problem: each photo shooting menu bank has stored the directory where the files are to be stored. If I switch between B and C banks during a session where the directory reaches 999 files, a new directory is created. However, if I then switch to another photo shooting bank (between B and C usually), it creates another new directory and after this points the files created using B and C photo shooting banks are stored in different directories. This is problematic for me as I cannot then as easily browse the files in shooting order. The confusion continues when I edit the images as I'm using the camera-created directory names as subdirectories under the project name to minimize the chance that a photo with the same name is trying to be overwritten.

    What I would like is that the directories for the photo shooting menu banks stay synchronized to the same directory name so that I don't end up with different directories just because I want to use a different minimum shutter speed for different shots.

    If anyone has a workaround to this, I would be happy to hear about it. Thanks for your help.
  2. I wonder if the File number sequence setting (Custom Setting Menu > Shooting/display > File number sequence) would help. Might setting this to On help your situation by continuing the current number sequence after switching folders? Probably not.
  3. It does continue the numbering sequence. I just don't want it to put files into different folders when I switch between two photo shooting menu banks.
  4. I just let Lightroom import the images from all folders on the card into one import folder. I don't have filename collisions because I move photos from the import folder into hierarchical dated folders after culling and editing.
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