Photo labs in Sacramento, CA??

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by jennifer_leon, Jul 17, 2005.

  1. Hi there... Anyone have a favorite or one that they recommend? I
    have always used Costco to develop my film in the past of family and
    such but Photographed a wedding last night and would like to use a
    better lab.. precious cargo.. :) I have been pleased with Costco but
    I know that there are some great labs that would produce quality
    prints for me...

    I used Fuji NPH400 if that makes a difference by labs...

    Thanks Jenn
  2. Presuming that there was a professional wedding photographer there, you should have asked him or her.

    A&I (in Los Angeles) is a mail order lab with a very sound reputation on a national scale.
  3. The Agfa Dealer Locator (Händlersuche) indicates there is probably
    a d-Lab at CWNet Inc. at 901 Howe Ave. If you've been using Costco
    that will be a big step up. Fuji Frontier labs would also be an
    improvement, and can be found at Longs Drugs among other locations.
  4. You can try Photo Source on Elvas Ave, across the tracks from CSUS. Their phone number is 916.454.5499 and they have a web page at .<P>

    Leo Smith<br>
    Fairfield, CA<P>
  5. Dear Jenn,

    There are a lot of commercial labs in town. Check the yellows under Photofinishing.
    Here is one I would recommend for your needs:
    Terry's Filmworks (916) 483-1677
    7310 Fulton Ave Sacramento, CA 95825
  6. There is also Cali Color Photo Lab they have been in business for ever and will take extra care of you. Their phone number is (916) 923-5505

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