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  1. Can anyone recommend a good place in the DC area to enlarge/ make prints from slides? What is the best way to do it? I've tried having my slides scanned and then printed at Penn Camera but I wasn't very pleased with the results. To have a single slide printed on a 11X14 film will cost $30. Is there a cheaper place/way to get good enlarments? Thanks...
  2. I tried Chrome in Washington, DC, which has a good reputation as a
    pro lab. Expensive!! Staff brusque. Never went back.


    You might try National Geographic, which (I read on some
    years ago) has a film lab open to the public. I don't know about
    prices, or whether they do slide-to-11x14 prints.


    My solution was mail order. I like two places:, a
    mass-market lab with excellent quality control; and, a pro
    lab with much lower prices than Chrome, and helpful staff that can be
    contacted via phone or e-mail. A and I have mailers for prepaid
    negative and slide processing at an attractive price, sold by
    themselves in 5-packs, and by B&H ( in any quantity you


    Mail order service has problems. As you doubtless have noticed, mail
    service to the DC area has been very slow since the anthrax killings.
    If the US Postal Service starts irradiating mail as a precaution,
    undeveloped film sent through the mail will be destroyed.
  3. The National Geographic photo services web site is at:

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