Phone Priday - December 4 2015

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  1. Participation may be low but it's more than there has been in the forum. Remember the 700 pixel maximum in either dimension if you want the photo to show up in the forum. Let's see what you've done with your phone or tablet.
    I'll get this started. Shot of a local stream as autoprocessed by Google Photos. A bit more heavy-handed than I would be.
    Samsung Galaxy S4
  2. Elsie in a tree.
  3. Event in park I encountered while running.
  4. Friday's over, but I guess being fashionably late isn't a problem....
    Photo from my Lumia 930, DNG file edited in CaptureOne 9. It's quite nice to have raw files from the phone, at lower ISOs there is actually a bit of play in the files, though it does take up quite some of the internal storage of the phone.
  5. Frosty morning ivy.
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