panorama printing company?

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  1. I cant seem to find anyone who does panoramic prints online. does
    anyone have a good source to look up.
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    Probably the best in the US..prices arent too bad...<p>
  3. will print 5x15 inches for $3.99, 10x20 inches for $8.99. They will print up to 20x30 inches (for $24.99), you could always compose one 20x30 file with four 5x30 panoramic images, and cut them apart.

    Kodak Portra Endura paper, E surface, printed on a Durst Lamdba. Send color corrected JPEGs in sRGB color space, get fine prints back.
  4. A & I can set up an ftp account for 'direct to print' images. Just size a canvas to a standard print size and perhaps fit two images on the paper. You'll need the color profile and read the instructions for this. The lightjet prints can be gorgeous (quality of the scan of course). For very large files, the ftp may not be practical. Good luck.
  5. can handle panoramic formats. In my experience,
    the green contrast is low in their prints (overly bright green grass
    and magenta sky).
  6. Yup, ezprints...6"wide or 12" wide panoramics in glossy or matte. Six inch wide is $1.25/6" of width and 12" is $2.25/6" of width. So...12"x48" for like $18...can't beat that. Some other options at
  7. New Dutch site for Europe: nice panoramic prints 120cm wide eu 8,00 incl shipping:
  8. Hello everyone! - I'm Sara Campos from We are an online photographic and giclee printing service. We offer a host of different panoramic printing options (including 4", 5", 8", 10", 11", 12", 20", 30" & 40" panoramic prints in aspect ratios 1x2, 1x3, 1x4).
    Also, all new accounts created at are eligible for a $10 account credit that can be used towards any order (no min. purchase required - enter TWEET in "referred by "box when you sign up). For more information, please go here:
    Or, go to, click on "Resources", then click on "New Customer Promotion".
    Looking forward to working with you!
  9. Hi Tim, have you checked out
    It's a website I created to help people with their pano prints.
    Thanks, Ryan

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