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  1. How does the new Mac system, OS Mavericks, 10.9 work with CS6 and LightRoom? Thanks. Larry
  2. I've been using CS6 and LR 5.2 with OS X (10.9) Mavericks with no issues. I am getting a "communication error" message when printing from CS 6 to my Epson Pro 3800, but the prints are turning out fine- I expect that the printer driver is in need of an update
  3. Phil, there is a new version of the 3800 driver. Go to the Epson website to get it.
  4. Lupo,
    Howard Thanks for your responses. Based on your experience, I am going to go ahead and upgrade.
  5. +100. ALWAYS have a bootable backup of the system before you do an upgrade
  6. I just looked at the Epson website for OSX 10.9 drivers for both the 3800 and 3880 and they say...
    An OS X 10.9 compatible Printer Driver for this model is not yet available but is coming soon. Please check back for availability.
    I'd not be in a rush to upgrade. The brand new OS's are always buggy and often in the past have had problems with the Epson Pro series printers. Do as you wish, obviously, and best of luck, but I'm going to wait until someone I know, not just a random person on the net, has successfully printed with the same printer as the one I have. And, as anyone will tell you, and already has, have a bootable backup before you upgrade!
  7. Epson Europe has a recently dated driver but it unclear to me(welcome to Epson-world!) that it is 10.9 compatible.
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  9. My 3880 seems to be working fine on Mavericks. I have Driver 8.64.
  10. I updated to Mavericks shortly after the introduction, and while it is better, it's also worse, so it's a trade-off with one notable exception, many third party apps have issues or problems with Mavericks because of the changes, especially apps which run on the menu bar (some broke or don't work). While PS 6/CC works along with other Adobe CS/CC apps, they generate endless console log messages from the changes, creating issue looking for messages from other apps.
    The biggest difference is how Mavericks handles caches and cpu memory, especially booting and running, where Mavericks uses 1+ GB more to boot and keeps it. It also tends to use more cpu memory when operating easily 1-2 GB more than previous OS-X, and you can't really recover it after the purge command (now password protected) since it restores it. You easily need 2-4 GB more cpu memory just for working.
    Otherwise, I would wait for one or two updates to resolves bugs and give time for the third party companies to update their apps, which surprises me since they've had the developer versions for months now.
  11. I'd try it if I could get it to download onto my business iMac, tried already three times and nothing happens, it just sits there with the download icon showing how far it hasn't got! Just wish that Apple would offer a physical DVD or USB pen copy even for £10 to £20, it would be much easier, especially when you have multiple Mavericks compatible Macs between home and work, I guess I'll just stick with good old Snow Leopard for now, for what I'm doing with it, can't say that I have any real complaints as it is stable and easy to use.
    I might try to get it on my home iMac once it has been out a few months and any incompatibilities with existing software has been fixed but will need to do some late spring cleaning on the hard disc as it is virtually full just now. Nice that Apple have for once given something away for nothing, that isn't something that they do very often!
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    I had a similar problem downloading it onto a laptop, it finally worked on the fourth try. I had even plugged it into ethernet directly into the modem without success one time. It was frustrating, but it does seem to improve performance and battery life slightly. Hard to tell though, because I also discovered The Great Suspender for Chrome and that impacts performance in a positive way.

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