Optix XR Pro: software for Windoze and MacOS

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  1. About four years back I bought the Monaco Optix XR Pro software; installed and used it to regularly calibrate my Dell FPW2004 (? - the 20" with same display as Apple Cinema). All is happy and fine...
    However I was recently reading that the Monaco is discontinued; X-Rite recommend a new software for it... but at cost. Therefore what is the best software for use with this device which is suitable for windows or MacOS (I may change to OS X Snow Leopard when it comes out).
    Does anyone know how well the XR-Pro (device) will work some of the new widescreen displays, LED backlights and / or Apple Glossy...
    Many thanks,
  2. I don't know anything about the requirement for paying for software. As far as I know, that colorimeter and its supported software is discontinued but available on the X-Rite web page (finding it is another story). I downloaded a version about a week ago.
  3. Marc I have the same device and haved used it on all of my Macs ( G5,G4,powerbook, new Imac, and new macbook pro) and have had no probelms whatsoever. Since it has been discontinued there is no new software for this device. The last software for this device is specific to the colorometer. That is why only the last update before it was discontinued is good. Don't worry, because it still works great!
  4. Hi guys
    Thanks for the updates; guess I stick with the latest versions of the software and hope that any future 3rd party software will support these older devices.
    Seems this has the latest windows link
    Another link coming for Macs is
    Many thanks

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