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  1. I asked this about a year ago and got - nothing. So I'm asking again what do the Canon folks think about the Canon EOS R specially since there now three higher priced EOS R cameras in the stable. It is on sale right now for $100 off. Talk about your experiences positive and negative with the EOS RP please.
  2. I have one, and I love it. I had a 6D2 and a 70D, and while the 70D was with me for years and served me well, the 6D2 just didn’t do it for me, so I sold it. Then I saw the RP for sale in Australia for A$1000 (=US$700 or so) and snapped it up, along with an EF-RF converter.

    With the RP I have many more keepers, thanks to the WYSWYG EVF. I can set a focus point almost anywhere and adjust exposure on the fly. If the scene is dark, I can actually see what I’m doing visually. The EF-RF converter works seamlessly with all my EF lenses. And the body itself is so much smaller and lighter.

    Of course, the R5 looks wonderful - as does it’s price! No doubt I’ll end up with one, and then the RP will be my backup camera.
  3. I use an EOS R, and I'd imagine the RP is a suitable camera if you understand its limitations. Personally, I prefer my 5D Mk IV to my EOS R, but there are some things mirrorless can do that DSLRs can't. The RP would fit into that category. If you have EF glass already, just get the converter and go for it.
  4. I have both the R and RP and both, I think, are very capable cameras to the extent I have sold my 5D3 and 1DX because these two cameras are more than capable of producing the goods. The RP is smaller and lighter and useful either as a travel camera or a backup whereas the RP is perfectly good enough for any pro work I do. The converter means I can use all of my EF glass as well as the excellent RF lenses that I have for them. The R5 looks to be a good pro camera for a lot more money and I may well consider it later but for now the R and RP do the job.
  5. Dave. How does the R do for fast action? I tried it out and found the viewfinder lag terrible. It is possible that I had not the right settings as it was one I just tried swiftly at a Canon exhibit. I could not imagine it replacing a 1D or a 5DIV, but would like your view, (or anyone else's of course).
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  6. 6C4A4354-5505-4BEC-BEA9-43F434D7EE06.jpeg The EOS R was my first 'Canon' mirrorless... I do not own an RP although it may be considered as the next upgrade depending on the release dates of new cameras and my $$$. I've never used it with a flash, on or off camera. My preference for the EOS R ruled out using it for fast action events like sports, although I have used it to take photos while riding in a moving vehicle. I have other cameras/lenses for sports shooting.

    I like the EOS R for portraiture, nature, stills, not always studio, I've posted images of my grandchildren images in the No Words forum, Nature forum and have used it in dimly lit environments (my church mostly), shooting plays (drama) and weddings. I've used it as a travel camera, and walk-abouts. I think its a phenomenal camera and it uses most all of the lenses I also use for my 5D Mark IV (which is listed in the classified's by the way— I'm transitioning to mostly mirrorless). The attached image was shot with RF35mm f/1.8 macro IS STM 1/1250, f/1.8, ISO 6400 and edits on this image include sharpness +24, clarity +16, luminance +23. This camera is ideal for some of my photo ops...
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