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  1. Hi
    Has anyone heard of the photography course 'Diploma in Professional Photography' by the Blackford Centre?
    I am not sure whether to enrol for this one as no one (even some well known organisations) seems to have heard of it.
    I am a DSLR user for just over a year now and picking up so fast that I only used my Canon 550D for one year before upgrading to a Canon 7D.
    If the Blackford Centre is no go, what are the NCFE courses like (Level 2 upwards) at local colleges?
    Thanks and Cheers
  2. Anna, it might be an idea to acquire the course plan and post it here for general inspection.
    Much depends on where you want to get to. Do you want to be a professional portrait or wedding shooter? If you do then the option of secondment is better than any professional qualification. If you want to be a fine art photographer it might be an idea to take some art school classes. For the dedicated the internet is a great resource.
  3. Hi thanks, there's two courses I'm
    looking at. They are:

    And the other one is:

    What do you think of these? I also
    would like to work towards Licientate
    membership of the Royal Photographic

    So which way should I go? I'm thinking
    I would like to specialise in sports
    photography at sporting events, I need
    to try my hand at other areas to work
    out where my specialism should be.



  4. Hi Anna
    I'm from the Blackford Centre for Professional Photography.
    96% of our students recommend our course. If you would like to contact some of our ex-students, please email our customer services address here - - and ask for a list of ex-students who are happy to talk about the course.

    They can let you know what they thought of our course and how they have got on since completing it.
    The benefits of the course include:
    - Tutored support (from a professional photographer)
    - A 60-day refund guarantee
    - A free advertising/marketing kit
    - 3 months' business mentoring after completing the course
    If you need further advice, please get in contact.

    I hope this helps.

    Best wishes

    Blackford Centre for Professional Photography

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