One hour on-location photo workshop

Discussion in 'Education' started by jim_lacy, Jan 21, 2013.

  1. I have been asked to teach a one hour photo workshop at a local spa. Since the location is beautiful and time is so limited, I've decided to pick only one or two subjects to shoot. At the same time I will talk about incorporating different elements (texture, lighting, depth of field, etc). Guests will be advised in advance to bring dslr's and zoom lenses if they have them.

    If you've done this or have suggestions, feel free to share them!

  2. Do you have any knowledge of the attendees' level of experience or expectations? Are you talking 5 people or 50?

    Do you have a big display, projector, etc, to use when showing some results on the spot? Picture's worth a thousand words, etc., and an hour will indeed seem to be up in an instant.

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