OM-D E-M10 problem: How do I use fill flash?

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  1. I want to begin using fill flash on my E-M10. Especially using very low levels of flash to generate specular highlights to increase the perception of sharpness--a technique I read about in the Britsh magazine, Practical Photography.

    First of all which modes use flash? How do I set flash compensation level? I have a great deal of difficulty with the Oympus menu system--so please make your replies comprehensive.

  2. If you are a novice at flash, then I can only give a brief starter. All modes are able to use flash. Flash with communication capability will typically set a shutter speed that is consistent with the camera. And the output will be dependent on the camera's reading of ambient light. For outdoors, and use of moderate fill I recommend you use manual program mode and TTL on the flash. Reduce the output on the flash itself--assuming it had a plus/minus dial- and you can get just a hint of flash. This takes some more research on your part if you have little experience with flash. And some reading and experiment. With a manual or auto flash, you can get same result by settings on the flash. With the old thyrister Vivitar for instance, the advice was to use the yellow mode for getting highlights in the eyes. Now that should be a start on the highways of flash fill. It is not hard, believe me.
  3. Thanks Gerry! But it's the built-in pop-up flash I want to use! How do I set it to give "just a hint" of flash, as you put it? Or rather say a quarter of a f-stop to start?

  4. I do not have that particular camera but I understand the situation now.. Well I can only suggest set up the flash exposure menu item to a button which brings it up to a dial control.... I refer you to the flash +/minus choice item.T which is counterpart to the basic exposure + /- item. at least on my on board flash camera the GX 7. And decide on a setting which minimizes the power of the flash. Is that not an option on your camera as it is on my GX 7 ..again, it depends on how much fill suits you...teeny weeny or a soupcon or a balance to the ambient. Most cameras do have a fill setting as well per the manuals. If I owned that camera I could be more pointed. But it is not likely a toughie as I discern your desire, Alex.
  5. I can only add that is a lot more direct control when you do add a little flash in the hot shoe. More flexibility I find when I want to tweak the amount of fill . Or sometimes increase it to equal or overpower the backlight etc... afterthought. I love flash and especially little add on flash with a panel and choices right up there to see.
  6. For an Olympus m43 camera, the easiest way to adjust flash exposure is to use the "Super Control Panel" (which should be the default on your rear screen) which has a +/- flash exposure adjustment setting. It should be quite easy to dial in as much, or as little, flash power as you like, note that for daylight fill, the pop-up flash has limited power. In addition, I usually use "S" mode or "M" mode for daylight fill, since I want to make sure that I use the maximum sync speed and that I don't overexpose ambient light, which can happen using "A" mode (if the applicable ambient exposure requires a shutter speed higher than the max sync speed). For indoor flash I use "S" or "M" mode for fill and "M" mode when flash is supplying the main source of light. Note that when you add a flash unit, auto ISO reverts to 200 ISO automatically. You can off course change the ISO manually.
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