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  1. Hi, Newbie here. I'm moving on from a beginner Pentax k1000 to an OM-2n I got on ebay. I like a DIY project so it's a bit battered but might end up functional!

    My viewfinder eyepiece is cracked - the actual glass nearest the eyeball, not the focusing screen. I've seen the foam removal instructions which also discuss eyepiece removal at Removing the Foam Around the Prism of an OM-1/OM-2 but I wondered what the cheapest option is to find the replacement part? Do I need to buy a spares and repair OM-2n or will other OM's do the trick? Or can I just buy an eyepiece bit from someone?

    Thanks .. and Olympus' are fun!
  2. Update: I bought a spares and repair. I just hope it doesn't work well, or I'll struggle to harvest it's eyepiece!
  3. Let us know if you get it working. I'm curious.
  4. I will do! Also, in case anyone finds this thread with a similar question - I discovered (thanks to The Olympus Hardware Resource Page for the service manuals) the eyepiece glass (part number ZC107800) is the same for the OM-2N and the OM10. So, in theory I think I could have snagged an OM10 for a slightly cheaper replacement part. Still, I'm glad to have a 2nd OM-2N to take apart before I mess with my prettier 'main'!
  5. Hi Lucy,
    Your quite correct in that the eyepiece from an OM10 will work, the replacement is quite easy, you will need to remove the top cover first though and the prism so you have good access to the eyepiece, with the top cover off and the prism out of the way I have found the easiest way to replace this is;

    Keep the eyepiece housing screws in place
    Hold each side of the camera with your hands with the camera positioned on a firm base such as a table
    While applying downward pressure with your hands to keep the camera firm use your thumb or thumbs and gently start to apply pressure on the viewfinder glass from the back of the camera (so imagine pushing the viewfinder piece out into the prism area
    A little hard to explain, but if you can also position your fingers on the eyepiece housing while performing the above it will help to provide an anchor

    basically the viewfinder should push out but it may feel like its stuck, but just keep working at it and apply pressure gently, the viewfinder also tends to have small amount of cement that would have been used originally to help secure it but generally over time this has either perished and lost its strength or is just not there.

    When putting the new viewfinder in push in from the prism side, so reverse of what you have done above, I have applied a little cement to the side of the new viewfinder but in the main have found this ash not been required as it will snap into place and fit very snuggly.

    Bets of luck!
  6. Hi Lucy,

    Just ready your last post! I do have spare eyepiece if you'd like me to send one? I guess there is a private IM\PM option here somewhere? Another option If your in the UK you could send me your camera and I'll swap the viewfinder for you, if your not in the UK I guess shipping charges may be a little prohibitive.

    Kind regards..
  7. Success! Just as Conmai said, the eyepiece can be pushed out - I made some pics. As a bonus I found out the spares and repair camera had a much cleaner prism than my camera, so I replaced the prism too. On removing the prism, I was quite disturbed by a loose orange cable. On inspection, it has a little c-shaped contact that goes under the screw prism holder screw on one side. I wished I had had a magnifying glass for this, but I managed to get it back in. The first time I put my good camera back together the metering had ceased to respond, perhaps it's the orange cable? I took it apart, re-connected the orange cable with a tiny bit more tightness, and luckily the meter is back! Just a note, I am only doing home repair because my camera was cheap and I'm prepared to lose the whole thing.. for the fun of tinkering. We're lucky to still have legit camera repair individuals who actually know what they are doing. Thanks Conmai for the help!
    om2n-eyepiece.png om2n_prisms.png
  8. Thanks for posting the follow-up!
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  9. Hi Lucy,

    Glad the repair went well!
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