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  1. I've been thinking about purchasing one of the Olympus OM wide angle primes for use on my 5D. I know the adapters
    has been discussed before, and I have read several threads, but I was hoping for some recommendations:

    1. The adapter prices on ebay vary enormously, from $20 to $100 plus. I know you frequently get what you pay for.
    Can anyone recommend a good quality medium priced adapter?

    2. I see now that some adapters provide AF confirmation by means of a pc board and contacts on the adapter. These
    look kind of fragile in the photographs. I know the OM-EOS adapter has to be very slim (2mm?), so there isn't
    much to work with there. Again, does anyone have positive experiences with a particular brand? And has the AF
    confirmation been worth the extra expense?

    Thanks for any advise.
  2. I've got one of the $20 dollar ones. No focus confirm of course, but it's solid and dependable. Perhaps over priced, but the quality is good. It was from kawaphoto on ebay.

    As for the focus confirm adapters, I've never tried one. I can't even figure out how they could work. If anyone knows, I'd love to hear it.
  3. I always thought your eyes were your focus confirmers!
  4. I don't use the focus confirmation om to eos mount adapters. Just the plain brass adapter works fine for me and my
    5D & Eos-3 film cameras.

    <P>I've used it with 8mm 2.8 circular fisheye and 500mm mirror OM System lenses with no problems with infinity

    <P>I buy mine from seller Jinfinance off e bay out of Shanghi China. I think he gets about $20 a pop for them


    <P><IMG src="http://www.adkinstone.com/images/SG1S5590-16.jpg">

    <P><IMG src="http://www.adkinstone.com/images/SG1S5605-20.jpg">
  5. This could be fun. I'll have to look on eBay for them
  6. I`ve also been usin a chinese e*ay brass OM Eos adapter works fine with extension tubes and 50 1.4, but WA I got only 28mm, 18/21mm are starting to rise in price here, Lindy that fisheye must be worth a bit now.

    `I always thought your eyes were your focus confirmers `

    Not as you get older Wayne :(

    Good Q tho how does the focus confirm chip work?
  7. And the really cool thing about them is that you only ned to buy one.

    With the way that Olympus designed their OM Zuiko lenses, you can just remove the lens, leaving the adapter in place and ready to receive your next OM lens.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. Maybe I'll start with a cheap one and see how that goes. I'm still not sure my eyes are up to the MF though. Many years ago I had the Olympus 500mm mirror on and OM4. I had trouble focusing then, but got some really nice shots.
  9. I find the focus confirmation a huge asset for those critical shots. I tried, unsuccessfully, to use my 30D with m42 lenses without focus confirmation, and upon close inspection, the focus wasn't really there. Without split screen focusing I just couldn't get it bang on. Now I have a M42 -> EOS adapter which is chipped, and couldn't be happier with the results.
  10. I have used Leica R lenses on my Canon 5D and 1dsm3, and I find that focus confirm is a useful to quickly find a "range" for the lens. Then you can stop it down and shoot. I also got split screen with microprisms, but I can't really see the microprisms doing much, so only "split" is useful. Live View is very helpful for macro shooting, and for confirming proper focus.
    I have couple olympus lenses as well, and will be testing them out in the near future (adapter acquisition is still pending). I have OM f3.5 28mm, f1.8 50mm, f 2.8 100mm, f5 200mm and f4 75-150mm zoom. Will be interested how they compare against Canon's f2.8 28-70mm and f2.8 70-200mm.
    Why old manual focus lenses? I find the size and weight of Canon's f2.8 70-200 quite too big and heavy for my travel kit, and having a compact f5 200mm (assuming quality is comparable or better) is quite seductive.
    Conclusions are coming.

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