Olympus OM-1n Mirror Box Repair Help!

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  1. I've been trying to repair the mirror in an olympus om 1n. The issue is that the mirror will not flip up when it should be. I've read the repair manual and other texts on this matter and have fully taken apart the mirror box. I have also applied a small amount of camera grease to each of the pivot points that are used when the mirror should flip up. I'll include a photo below that shows the isolated issue. The red arrow in the photo shows the direction that the lever should be moving, but for some reason it gets caught and doesn't travel all the way. The blue circle is where I have since applied some camera grease. Olympus OM 1n Mirror Box.jpg There is nothing else that I can try that seems to make sense to me, so I'm hoping that someone here will be able to point me in the right direction!
  2. Check for a burr or other damage in the curved slot just below your red arrow?
  3. You're missing a part.

    In the illustration, just above your thumb at the bottom of the mirror box, you will see the head of a chrome phillips screw. Just to the right of that screw is a frame with a slightly curved slot that has a wider opening at the upper end, and in that slot is a post. There should be a small black plastic tab, sort of wedge shaped, epoxied in the top end of that slot that fills that wider place in the slot, just at and above the place where you see the post. The small plastic part that is missing is part no. CA844600, and is used in the OM-1, 1n, 2, and 2n.

    Look throughout the camera, especially the gear grease, and see if it isn't stuck somewhere. If not, you will have to harvest one from a dead body and epoxy it back in place.
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  4. Hi,
    I've attached some picture of a complete OM1n Mirror box that may help, I'm not sure what state yours is in but I assue the mirro lifting spring has enough tension, also when you raise the mirro by finger soes it go all the way without any sticking or juttering? One other thing, when in the chassis the mirror lifting bumper may be degraded or misaligned, finally when it was in the camera did it lift to a certain point but not fire the shutter or just do not lift at all?

    If it helps I could post the one in the picture, I'm in the UK, but if your outside the UK it may be cost prohibitive.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Hi, thank you for your reply!

    When I raise the mirror by finger it goes all the way with no sticking. What exactly is the mirror lifting bumper? If it is the small piece of foam that keeps the mirror from hitting the top of the mirror box when it is raised, then I believe it is fine at the moment.

    When I first got the camera when the shutter was fired the mirror would do a small little jump (as if it were wanting to lift up), but it would only be a few millimeters. Since that side of the mirror box couldn’t complete the full cycle, I would use the mirror lock knob to reset it, which would complete the firing of the shutter. If I leave the mirror locked up, the camera is able to fire on all shutter speeds just fine.

    I am beginning to believe that the mirror lifting spring does not have enough tension, since there is no other obvious mechanical failure. If there are any other photos of videos I could show you to help you see the issue, please let me know! Thank you so much!
  6. Hi,
    When I say bumper I'm thinking about the shock absorber bumper which is on the other side, these can wear and is part of the lifting mechanism, it's a difficult one, when the camera was together did you ever try pushing the mirror up with your finger after you had fired the shutter to see if it completed the shutter firing cycle?

    As I say happy to send a spare mirror box if it may help.

    Kind regards
  7. I've included a photo of the other side of the mirror box in hopes that it shows the shock absorber bumper. I haven't studied this side as much as the other so at the moment I don't know if everything is as it should be. I never tried pushing the mirror up while the camera was fully assembled. While I'm sure a different mirror box would make it much easier to get this guy up and running, I wouldn't want you to have to give away parts you might need!
  8. I'm not guessing -- I'm knowing.

    Your. Camera. Is. Missing. A. Part.

    Until it is replaced, the mirror will not function properly.
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  9. Hi,

    Apologies been away for a couple of days, I've attached a picture that will hopefully highlight the part Crumbo is referring to, if you want it let me know if you want it, I have plenty, I'm sure we can work somehting out.

    Kind regards

  10. Hi there! Thank you so much! I've fashioned a piece out of some hardened plastic (pictured below) and glued it to the mirror box. It took me an entire day of trial and error and starting over again to ensure that the piece fit perfectly and was a repair that would last. Everything works perfectly now and the camera is fully assembled and looking great. Thank you again to you and Conmai for all of the help. I'm so happy that this camera has a second life now!

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