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    From 1913 till a dozen years ago, HS, JR HS - 5 classrooms, a gym, a theater (still in use) and cafeteria. The Senior graduates pictures showed adults, not children! Now preserved and cherished as a community center. DSC_8977 (1024x682).jpg
  2. Skeene school, Oregon

  3. Shook Gap school, West Virginia. My Great-Grandfather taught at this 1-room schoolhouse, walking over the mountain every day until he was in his 80s. Closed around 1940. Now a converted fishing/hunting cabin.

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  4. Cam151_web0.jpg
    Queens College, Cambridge (C 1460) and the Mathematical Bridge (orig. 1749). Yes, it was snowing slightly when I took this.
  5. [​IMG]
    Voigtlander Vitessa Ultron 2/50
  6. Eastman View No. 2, circa 1915
    DSC_4098 x1000.JPG
  7. Edith-at-country-school-a2.jpg
    My mother at a school house
    Taken by my father when they were courting

    almost certainly with a Kodak Jiffy-620
  8. Queen’s College (Cambridge UK) IMG_1799.jpg
  9. Sewanee 7-15-11 C5D06atc.jpg
    Sewanee: University of the South
  10. my mom's 2 camera's she used on a daily basis P1050530.JPG

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