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  1. Hi, my name is Robert. I am a semi-retired professional photographer living on Vancouver Island, Canada. I have been a working pro for over 40 years now....Lord, it doesn't feel that long.....
    I have specialized in fine art portraiture, commercial and teaching. Art has definitely shaped my life and , possibly, I have given it a bit of shape, now and then.
    My non-business site you can find here www.fluidr.com/photos/brandybucker
    This is a great place....best on-line I have found for almost everything imaginable.....Regards, Robert
  2. Vancouver Island! A beautiful place that I grew up a stone's throw from (a very long throw) and yet haven't spent nearly enough time visiting.
  3. Anytime you're near Josh.....a liquid refreshment shall be supplied....:)
  4. Hi(again!!!),my name is Viorel.I am living(now!) on Braila(my hometown),Romania.Very old member(O.K.,is a joke!)...For me,a perfect photo is 50% idea/title and 50% image.Hard to "make",but...Very "hard" for me is translate title/idea from Romanian language to English.A title like "Vioregrafie" could be translate like"The sign of Viorel",but is not the same...("grafie" come from Greek,by the way)...I "make" photos because i have something to "say",nothing more...I agree with Robert,here is a great(better..."deep"?) place for PHOTOGRAPHY...All the best! Ghita Viorel

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