Old films: Kodak Max GC-8 and GT-2 and VR CL-200 and Fuji Super G Press CZ-800

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by a._valerio, Oct 31, 2008.

  1. I recently used some old Gold Max 800 (GT-2) that I got off ebay. It worked all right, but I had to rate it at EI 320.
    When was this from?

    I also have some Gold Max 400 GC-8, datred 11/2005 fro, the same ebay purchase. What is the current version? Not
    8 obviously.

    I also have been using some old Kodak Ektapress PJM-640 Multi Speed. Date is 1999. Been rating it at EI 320 and
    works decently.

    Last year, I shot some older CL-200 (aka VR 200 with a 1999 expiration) that I bought back in 1997. You never hear
    about CL-200. Is it still around? I don't know if the current VR-Plus sold in Europe is the same.

    Finally, I have a roll of old Fuji CZ-800 called "Super G Press". I shot some of it today, but rated it at EI 160. how old
    is it likely to be? I don't know if the oclor will be any good, but I do expect to get b&w images out of it at the very
  2. The GT-2 as about the same vintage as the PJM film. It was introduced in 1996 or 97 and was replaced
    in 2000.
  3. What are the current version numbers of rMax 800, 400, and 200?

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