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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by armin_seeholzer, Feb 21, 2003.

  1. Hi all

    Does anybody have some links for LF nude shoothers.
    I'm thinking about a shooting with 2 modells somewhere in a landscape
    or an old house etc.
    Or have some expirience?
  2. Steve Anchell has experience in that area from what I understand. He is the editor of Photovision Mag. He also does a workshop called the Nude at Big Sur. Hope that this helps.
  3. Jock Sturges<P>
    Richard Avedon<P>
    Irving Penn
  4. Peter Gowland, of course, but that doesn't sound like your aesthetic.

    Edward Weston is maybe a little closer.
  5. I know he's already been mentioned, but Jock Sturges is probably about the best example I can think of. Controversy aside, I think he's a phenomenal photographer and definitely worth a look .
  6. Wynn Bullock...
    Man Ray...
    Judy Dater...
    Bill Brandt...
    Someguy named Weston ;-)
    Bet I've missed 50 good ones

    It takes great discipline and patience from both model and photographer to make it work with LF. But if this is your methodology and you both are comfortable, it can be very rewarding.

    I prefer MF for this work, but that's just me.
    Best to you.
  7. I work with models fairly frequently, but I've only found a couple of them who could hold still long enough to maintain tight focus in the studio. Depending on the patience level of your models, and your planned compositions, that may be your largest hurdle.
    one of mine done with a 4x5 Toyo.
  8. You could take a look at my site - I work with 8x10 (and previously 4x5) with the Nude. My site is only 1/3 of the size it was a month ago for traffic reasons, but there are still 300+ images on it, along with documentry photos and commentry. I often work with multiple models, and while it complicates the composition/posing issues, it certainly can generate striking imagery. Best of luck.


    Eric Boutilier-Brown
    Halifax, NS, Canada
  9. Thanks to all of you!
  10. I photograph nudes as well as portraits with my 8 x 10 all the time. I find that the slow moving nature of the view camera helps my work, and the built in serendipity of not being able to see at the time of exposure lends a sense of reality to the photograph. I work in the studio with natural light so the exposures tend to be around 1/15 @f/8 and I am still able to make my work. you can have a look at
  11. Armin,

    Much as I shudder to mention such a thing in the sanctity of this
    hallowed forum it is important not to overlook the fact that ALL
    Playboy centrefolds are captured on 8x10 and always have been.
    This with inexperienced models many of whom use the
    magazine as a launching pad for expanding their careers and

    I shoot 8x10 nudes, in fact one studio set was produced purely lit
    by candle light. I use a 300 Apo-Symmar and a 450mm Nikkor-M
    but my favourite lens for nudes is a 1949 Kodak 12 inch
    Commercial Portrait lens. To use the inherent aberration the
    optimum shooting aperture is f6.3.

    Once you've tried 8x10 figure shooting there's no going back
    because absolutely nothing else can give you the range of
    beautiful tones and description. To compare two quite disparate
    styles of a similar subject reflect upon the silky smooth glow of
    Jock Sturges and the preternatural 'snapshot' style of Sally Mann.

    Walter Glover
  12. Kim Weston -

    His dad and grandpa were prolific nude LFers, too (Cole and Edward)

  13. Armin,

    I have been shooting the figure with LF cameras since 1990. I work in a studio environment and also outdoors. I have worked with a range of formats such as 4x5, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14 and 8x20. There is nothing like seeing the image on the ground glass during the shoot.

    LF has some limitations, the biggest being speed during the shoot. I have always seen this as LF biggest advantage actually.

    Another is that some people not being familiar with a LF camera think I'm finished making the shot when I come out from behind the camera. But usually, after a couple of images they start to understand what the process is.

    The second important thing to remember is depth or field. Just as with traditional landscape work the same types of things to apply. They only thing that is different is that you have a living breathing human in the image. I like to shoot at f32 or f45 so this has meant that I normally work outdoors with slow shutter speeds, down around 15th or 8th of a second. On some the time has actually been as long as 2 minutes. When I work in a studio environment, I work strobes.

    What type of experiences did you want to hear about? What type of work are you looking to do with the LF? If you want to ask any question offline I'm at .

    George Losse
  14. I tried "nude with lf" some time ago but the idea of where I would put the dark slide was just too much, especially when its cold outside....

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