Nude photography magazines?

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  1. If this is posted in the wrong forum, I'm sorry but I couldn't find one where it would fit!
    I started shooting nudes recently and I wanted to find some nude magazines that I could (in the future) possibly submit to for publication. I've been searching on google for a while but I guess my keywords are wrong so it's hard for me to find them -
    Can anyone suggest any nude photography magazines or even contests that I can take a look at?
  2. Black & White, pucblished in the USA has nudes, though it is not a nude photo magazine.
  3. Thanks a lot, I'll check them out.
    I'm not entirely looking for nude-only publications.
  4. "Community Zoe" is exactly what you are looking for.....
  5. When I was a kid, photo magazines here in USA were considered by the general public to be borderline porn. During the 70s, nudity in most general photographic magazines here sort of trailed off, and by the latter part of that era, even Gowland's ads were under fire, and any nude picture tended to bring outraged letters.
    The French photomags I see here, on the other hand, still feature a lot of nude photography, talk about stereotypes!
  6. Just send them to me. I'll be sure they go to the proper place (under the bed, where everyone keeps their "art" magazines).
  7. good pornography is hard to come by.
  8. Check out Carrie Leigh's Nude magazine. This is certainly a non-slutty magazine that is female driven. I believe it is just B&W but I've only seen a couple of issues. It is sold in Barnes and Noble.
    I really love your work. I'll contact you on MM and Flickr as well.
  9. The French photomags I see here, on the other hand, still feature a lot of nude photography, talk about stereotypes!​
    JDM, hate to disappoint you, but that French print magazine "Fine Art Photo" is actually German.
  10. Ach, du lieber! Kann es so sein?
    All I know is what I see at the local Barnes and Noble.
    Actually, in the long ago times I was initially talking about, Porn was usually advertised as "European art magazines".....
  11. Try for natural beauties.
  12. +1 on
  13. The French magazine "Photo" typically has a lot of nudes, other French magazines frequently feature nudes too. German magazines also feature a lot of nudes, but the quality of their nudes was as well as I remember not as good as in the French magazines.
  14. Is it pornography in colour and art if it is B+W.?
  15. Just got back from a figure photo workshop at the Kim Weston property in Monterrey, CA. Check out the figure photography; it quickly becomes obvious that this is not pornography. The models typically pose for painters. The models do not make eye contact with the lens, there are no "crotch shots" or blatent images of genetallia, and ther are no inappropriate gestures. (Breasts are not considered genetallia and are common to all mammals - humor). Some of the images are truely outstanding and definitely not pornographic.
  16. Playboy France and NUDE magazine are both excellent..but you need to be selected to be in, some amazing photographer still have to knock at there doors to be able to send *free* images to be published..
    Create your own with MagCloud ; )

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