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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by leigh_mazion, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. After doing quite a bit of searching/reading and trying several software
    packages via trial versions, I'm stil torn as to the best workflow option.
    Some quick background. I'm getting back into photography as a hobby after many
    years. Going digital but need to re-learm some basic techiques. As such, I
    would like a workflow that allows me to see the camera settings at the time the
    shot was taken. I will be buying a new machine to run the software, but I would
    like to keep costs down (I use Mac, so iMac or MacBook).

    I haven't tried Lightroom, but after a trial with Aperture and Capture NX, here
    are my thoughts:

    Aperture: 1. I really like the interface and basic (global) tools 2. Would like
    the ability to modify a specific area of the picture 3. Would most likely need
    another editor and not sure how that will work and display changes and keep non-
    distructive 4. Takes a lot of resources to run. 5. I have to edit almost every
    picture to get what I expected from the camera (Raw Converter?)

    Capture NX 1. I get what I expected from the camera 2. I like the ability to
    modify a specific area 3. Not user friendly (at least for me) 4. Very slow on
    some tasks 5. File management is not very good.

    Is there a better option I haven't considered?
  2. Well you should try Lightroom, first of all. Have you tried Adobe's Photoshop CS2, or
    Elements 4 programs? Howabout Bibble Pro? or Capture One Pro?

    Have you looked at any of the Photoshop or Lightroom podcasts on iTunes?

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