Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC 2010: #4

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    Happy Wednesday, all. Here on the US east coast, we've had a few wet and gray winter days. We're still six or eight weeks from seeing fresh flora, so I've had to settle for something man-made that I found sprouting from the wall of a construction site.

    Please post a photo, and connect us to what you've been up to with your Nikon gear.
  2. Seagulls stay around in the Winter

    Glad I got this one as I’ve either had no time to shoot, it gets dark before I get out of work or the weather is not cooperating.
    Just a quick stop at Hudson Park in New Rochelle while running around and this fellow seemed intent on posing and staying put for me. This shot caught my eye in post because of the way that the d300 preformed. This was just one of those shots that make you love your equipment. The camera hit the nail on the head perfectly. Just a little crop in post and that’s it.
    Nikon D300 AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED
    Shot at 135 mm Program AE, 1/800 sec, f/14, ISO 640

  3. Here is an infrared picture I made of Kiwanis park in Tempe, Arizona. Even though the image conveys the cool feeling of a winter landscape, in reality it was a hot summer afternoon with a temperature of about 110 deg F.
  4. It's WeDNeSDaY everybody…..
    Well, I am not happy with the results I got but I gave it a try…
    There is a little story behind this image…. My youngest son collects all kinds of stones. He spends all his money buying them. So I was in The Czech Republic and I found a big amber with a bee inside of it. It's about 6 or 7 cm long. I was with my costumer and she said that the stone was beautiful so I decided to buy it. I paid around 4,400 Czech Crowns for it. I was really happy, I thought it was really cheap. In my mind it was just around 2,400 Yen (22.00 USD). At night at the hotel, I started putting all my credit card bills together and adding them. That is when it hit me….. The silly stone wasn't 22 USD…. I was missing one "0"
    Next day I asked my costumer why she didn't tell me how much the stone was but she just replied…. "I didn't think 220 USD was a problem for you" :) Since then, I never leave the calculator at the hotel… even if I look silly I find out the real price even of a drink before I get my credit card out of the wallet! So my son got a very spensive stone…. and I decided to take a picture of it before he looses it!
    Macro shots are more difficult than what I thought… this is the best I could do….
  5. Hello to everyone from a warm 34 celcius in Brisbane
    My photo this week is from a walk around shooting in a light industrial area on the weekend.
    A very simple photo which i hope you like
  6. My neighbor and pal Elvis. Always brings color to winter.
  7. Narayan Kovvali that is a fantastic photo!
    I was out this week playing with my Christmas present, a Nikon 200-400mm f/4 lens, at the Sepulveda basin bird sanctuary. Got this photo of a Say's Phoebe (Sayornis saya) with a monopod. This is a huge crop, but it came out pretty well and it was a lot of fun walking in the park.
  8. Hello Nikon Wednesday! Looking forward to seeing what everybody offers up this week. Last Wednesday was fantastic!

    Gasworks Park Seattle Washington USA.
  9. Happy WedNEsDAy. Thank you to all that commented on my post last week. I appreciate your kind words!
    I had worked all week trying to find and post a picture that I was pleased with. Had it narrowed down to three and decided to go out and shoot another sunset. Suddenly this beautiful bird arrived. It was absolutely magnificent. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thanks for looking.
  10. This is a hand held shot while testing out the 35mm f/2 lens.
  11. Sorry, I didn't get back to comment on last weeks postings... I saw lots of great work as usual.
    I really like the nice light in the city on clear winter days. Here's a shot from earlier in January. The subject is a favorite test subject, the Cheers Pub, downtown Boston. It's the most requested tourist spot in the city! During fall and spring, we get nice grazing light on the facade. In January, it's a little more direct. I wanted to see what the D300 would do with the dynamic range, from the highlights on the awnings to the shadows at the front door. I am pleased with the results.
  12. Hello Everybody,
    Joseph and Renee, thank you for your very kind comments, Joseph, I would certainly add your name to your list, that's for sure.
    My photo today is an abstract, I found this colourful lollipop and my good photography friend lent me his wonderful macro lens to photograph it. I tried all different settings, but the one I liked the best was the lollipop out of focus, so only the colours and swirls showed and I've decided to make this my Wednesday photo.
    Renee, when I've read, how much you paid for the stone (beautiful, by the way, they are quite valuable with the bees and flies in them and this one seems to be a large one, so not all is lost, it will hold it's value), I thought, that's a lot of money to spend on a present for a son. Wow, Renee must be rich (I know the value of Czech Krowns, so I was surprised). Now you know as well :)
    Nikon D700, Tamron 90mm f/2.8; ISO 400, f/18, 1/40s
  13. Happy Wednesday everyone!
    Thanks to Peter R., Lil, Mark H., Joseph L., Janne K. and Rene for your compliments on my last week Macro flower-worm pic. I am flattered.
    Rene, when I travel in Europe, I am always looking for old doors to shoot. But nothing came out as good as the one you posted last week. I am not giving up though. I‘ll continue to find “THE DOOR” on my next trip (whenever and wherever it will be).
    Now, about this week posting-
    While taking a walk at lunch time near work, I came across this little guy. Luckily I had my D300 with me. I did not know what kind of bird it was at first. I looked him up in my bird book, (Lil, I got a bird book) and found out its called Yellow-rumped Warbler. It’s such a cute little thing. I have to show it to everyone here. Hopefully you’ll like it too.
  14. bms


    Narayan , wow.
    Happy Wednesday.
    Nothing special this week, I was back in film mode. Last Saturday, I was asked to teach some local girl scouts something about cameras. I gave them a little tour through camera and film history (after 30 min their attention wandered and had to be recaptured with some instant Fuji film), but I still had some Ektar 100 loaded in my F3.
  15. Off to a great start for Wednesday! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has been shooting this week. My contribution is the companion to my coyote two weeks ago. I went back to the same wetland area this past Thursday and found him running around through the bushes. I finally caught the Roadrunner in between darts. I had to tone down the highlights a bit in NX2 (still struggling with post processing). It's hard shooting in shadow and bright sunlight at the same time, not to mention a bird that runs this fast (at least for me). Anyway, here's The Roadrunner. I didn't see Mr. Coyote that day..Beep Beep! ;-)
    (D90/150mm 2.8 Sigma, 1/1250, f.5, ISO 200).
  16. Hello all...I will mostly be posting shots from the past few months as I have an ankle issue and it's hard for me to hike and shoot :( This was taken at York Beach Maine...left my Vermont cabin at 2am and drove to York for this sunrise...with 2 members...good times...the Nubble Lighthouse beacon is in the far left background...
  17. Nikon D300, 18-200mm Nikkor Zoom
  18. Good morning all, and Happy Wednesday.
    My image was taken earlier in the week at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas. Lots of geese and all wanting to be fed.
  19. Happy Wednesday everybody.
    It seems like the winter will never end. After what seems to be weeks of cloudy weather the sun finally broke through Saturday and I got this from the local harbour.
  20. We had a nasty blizzard over the past weekend that left many major roads impassible. The strong winds and frozen precipitation also reformed snow that had softened over the last two unusually moderate January weeks, and left it hardened against many surfaces such as this ratty old fence.
    I biked half a mile out of town in -25C to get to this fence. It was totally worth it: this is quite possibly my very favourite winter photo so far.
    D40 @ ISO 200, 1/250th
    18-55 @ 38mm, f/16
    SB-600 @ 1/4th power -0.3EV, fired off-camera to the left
  21. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    I've got a bunch of artifacts that I want to photograph and this still life arena is new for me. My first attempt, I've got a lot to learn!
  22. Portrait in blue
  23. Good morning all,
    this lucky shot was taken Saturday last at Palo Alto Baylands Park, I was just taking my camera out of my car trunk when I captured this fleet footed character, I would call him a Hare but I think the correct term Stateside is Jack Rabbit, please someone correct me if I am wrong. BTW Jeannean that Roadrunner is so cool, do they really make that sound?
  24. Bit of a bird theme going on this Wednesday - and before seeing the thread, I had decided on a bird image as well. D300, 300/4 AF-S with TC-17EII, ISO 1600, f/6.7, 1/1600s, +1 2/3 EV. Little bit of photoshop work - et voila:
  25. Last week I got my new (used) camera Nikon D200. I have to say that I'm more than pleased to it, even though it's not so good in low light, but I'll manage. ;)
    This is a picture of my youngest child bored at the dinner. B&W convert and added grain with PS.
    D200, 50mm, f/2.0, 1/90s, ISO400.
    -boring dinner-
  26. [​IMG] Lovely work by every one as usual: Shane I loved the foreground on your image and Dieter you have a great bird image - lots of others but can't mention all. I had been processing images from a Fall trip and finally had to get out take some winter shots. This one was taken in Laprairie Quebec this past Sunday afternoon and I am actually standing on a combination of snow on ice on a well frozen (i hoped) St.Lawrence river. The track in the foreground belongs to a car and there were no cars breaking through the ice, I figured it could hold me.
  27. Doing some slow shutter speeds,
  28. Good morning! Mine is a winter shot, too. I just liked the effect of light through this piece of iced pond that I held with my left hand.
    D700 @ 200ISO, 14bit RAW, 50AFS (1/4000sec. - f2.8) near its minimum focus distance. NX2 as usual.
    Have a nice WedNEsDAy... !
  29. Paula - you have me confused - are you saying this week's bird is a Yellow-rumped Warbler? What I'm looking at is a lovely little Bushtit....
    I don't have anything ready..... We'll see if I'll enter any of my shots I took the other day or not....
  30. Hello everyone..
    Many thanks to Joseph Leotta for this comments last week.
    I went to Sommerset House last thursday hoping to get a shot of the ice rink, people skating and the building as a backdrop but unfortunately, I wasn't able to use my tripod. Nonetheless, I took this shot handheld.
  31. edit: Sorry, double post due to server hickup!
  32. Aaah, its Wednesday again. Thanks to Lil, Joseph and Alejandro that pulled me out of my hibernation mode earlier this week!
    This time, a photo taken on Sunday. The dance school my daughter attends, devoted their annual New Year Show to a tribute to Michael Jackson. 2,5 hours of freestyle/discojazz, hip hop, music and fun stage lighting. Luckily, the lady in the seat next to me did not get too annoyed of the 555 shutter clicks I did that evening - the music was loud, and you quickly got into the fabulous dances.
    D300, Nikkor 50/1.8 @ f2.2, 1/200sec, ISO6400, and a tiny bit of Neat Image denoising added.
    edit: Strange... After posting I see that the highlights are partly blown out on this monitor - They weren't so on my profiled monitor at home....
  33. [​IMG] Downtown San Francisco, CA D700- 17-35
  34. Something urban from me this week. D300 + Sigma 30mm 1.4
  35. Good morning everyone,
    This photograph is about dissapearing places. At least here in Holland. It is a small fisherman's wharf in Yerseke, The Netherlands. It is not a spectaculair scene. Some drying (handmade) nets, some rope and some plastic jerrycans. The smell of seaweed and diesel oil in the air. An empty packet of strong, black cigarettes on the floor. An empty can of beer. This workplace stands for a local culture that no longer exist as it once did, and probably will be gone in about five years.
  36. The Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco) is one of the most typical birds in the subtropical jungle around Iguazu Falls. I would have loved to see them in their habitat but I had no luck. In 4 complete days spent in the Parks, I couldn´t see a single one specimen of this F**antastic bird. ( The same that Aguinaldo seems to find easily and in abundance!)

    The only one I could find is this one. Inside Guira Oga, a bird sanctuary near the falls. Most of the birds that are here had been seized by Customs from smugglers or found injured in the Park.

    Acording to our guide, is not fit to be release into the wild so will be kept in a cage for breeding, only they have not found a female toucan yet.

    Everybody loves him....till we are shown the incubators with hundreds of chicks that have just hatched their eggshells. This is the toucan food... aghhh....Nasty toucan, Nasty!!!

    PS. Thanks to Joseph Leotta and Gej Jones for last week words about my pic.

    D300 + 18-200 VR @200mm - 1/50 - f 11 - ISO 2500 + Noise Ninja in PS4
  37. Here it is
  38. still going through my pics from Havana Cuba...this one is from the entrance to a Yoruba temple in Centro Habana. i think i used a tokina 12-24, along with my trusty d300.
  39. It's been gray gray gray here for weeks. The sun peeked out for a few minutes late yesterday but that's been it. Otherwise, life pretty much looks like this every day. Blah.
  40. Hello everybody..., nice pictures already..., lots of birds inthis thread, so I want to post one more . Maybe somebody can tell me the name of this guy !?. I live in Europe and is Hard winter outside (-12 Celsius).
  41. I was lucky enough to enjoy the warmth of San Diego the other week, so with all due respect to my fellow snow belt photographers I offer this picture as my WedNEsDAy PiC submission.
    Nikon D700, Nikkor 28-70mm f/2.8, SB-800
  42. Hi,
    Been a fan of the forum for many months. Here's a contribution.
  43. Steaming umbrella??
    Taken in a very hot sunny morning at Búzios beach, last saturday.
  44. I really look forward to this forum and hope it will spur me onto better photos
  45. I'll try again
    Nikon D200 50mm F1.4
  46. Saturday night. A two minute exposure with the D300 and 10-24.
  47. The winter is at its peak here and I decided to try some snowflake photography, which I have never done before. Catching the snowflakes is fairly straightforward, getting a good one is harder. At -12 C there is little risk of the flakes melting, but they do evaporate, so one needs to act quickly. The flakes are tiny, 2-4 mm in diameter, which requires a totally ridiculous magnification ratio and all the problems that come with it. Playing around with flash is not that convenient in these circumstances, so I got my best shots with natural light.
    Rene, nice looking amber. Of course it's expensive, it's big and has an impressive looking insect inside! ;-)
  48. I have been sorting my most recent snow photos - for one day in the UK we had fresh snow and blue skies, which is always a bonus for the keen photographer. This scene shows a footpath on the outskirts of my home town. Whilst it (the footpath) is in the countryside, the compression of the 300mm lens pulls in the suburbs beyond.
    I used my Nikon F3, Hoya 300mm f/5.6 and Fuji Reala.
  49. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    We were in Santa Cruz last Saturday, and Surfing America's 18 and under competition was held there. We talked to this participant and her monther for a little while.
    Part of the problem with an FX body is that even with a 500mm/f4 and TC-14E, it was still a bit short, and I had to crop this image quite a bit. A DX body would have been almost perfect for that day.
    D3S body at ISO 400 with the lens wide open at f4 for an effective f5.6 with the TC-14E, 1/1600 sec.
  50. Oh, Wednesday again! Having missed last week (credits to the migraine from hell....), here I go again: having a coffee among friends. These two gentlemen are strangers in a strange land - they're Greek, but live in Switzerland, and have their photo taken by someone who's German and speaks Greek... a truly funny coincidence. They were SO nice. :)
    Nikon D700, 24-70 2.8
  51. Spotted at Australia Day, 2010 using D700 1/200sec f8, 70-200mm f2.8 @ 125mm ISO200
  52. WedNEsDAy PiC #4

    My shot is of Rafael Nadal competing at the 2010 Australian Open (in the process of changing his grip while setting up for the backhand).
    Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    Settings: 170 mm, 1/500 sec, f/2.8 and ISO 720 (Manual, hand held, VR off)
  53. So many nice photos already!
    Well, as I am busy with a project 365 I have now always something to share. Even if I need to admit that winter coupled with work makes this project very frustrating in getting something decent every day!
    What you see here is the Aremberg Castle in Leuven .... in a rare moment of sun in the last freezing and gray days!
    D700, AFS50G, HDR
  54. Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: Nikon AF-S DX 18-135 f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED
  55. Already so many wonderful images. I tried something a bit different this week. A 'still' life, if you will.
  56. I thought that the late afternoon sunlight and shade did something interesting.
  57. My picture two threads ago of Audrey got some helpful suggestions so I decided to photograph her again. Availible light D3, Nikon 80-200 ED 2.8, 2oomm, f/4.5, 1/80s, ISO 1000, +0.3 step
  58. Nikon F, 50mm f/1.4, Sunpak 522 bounced off ceiling, Kodacolor film, Coolscan 9000.
  59. D90 VR 70-300 1/50S F/22 200 ISO 300MM
  60. Good Morning!
    Thanks to Lil Judd and any others who commented on last week's shot. The weather here has been lousy and I have been busy with other things, so here is another shot from Kauai. This fellow was perched on a construction fence when we were out for a stroll. It was taken with a D300, 80-400 mm VR zoom at f8, 1/1000 sec, iso 400, 400 mm, handheld.
    Have a very good week, everyone!
  61. Good Morning WedNEsDAy :)
    so many beautiful pictures...
    Mine was taken couple of weeks back on a model shoot with strobes. I was part of the group who had organized this shoot. It was wonderful experience and since then I liked my 70-300mm VR so sharp....
    Camera: D90
    Lens: 70-300mm VR
    Exposure Time = 1/125"
    F Number = F11
    ISO Speed Ratings = 200
    Focal Length = 95mm
    Ray G
  62. Hello Folks,
    Happy Nikon Wednesday! I have been busy with work and have not shot a frame in more than 3 weeks! After seeing Per-Christian's image, I was encouraged to post this. Taken in October of last year. This guy was awesome paying his tribute to MJ. Nikon D200, ISO 1000; 80-200, 2.8 AF; f=2.8 @ 116mm; 1/100s; hand held in existing stage light. Converted to B/W.
    Enjoy, Murali
  63. @Murali,
    glad to be able to help you! ;)
  64. Hi all,
    Happy Wednesday and good morning, good evening and good night to all of you...
    My contriburion for this week is again a pigeon.
    Nikon D300 and 70-300 VR @ 300 mm, ISO: 400, 1/320, f/9
  65. Here's a pic of the stalagmites, taken inside the "Olympon Cave", about 60m deep, in Chios island, Greece.
    D200, handheld, 18-200mm @ 1/6s, f:3.5, ISO: 1600, 18mm.
  66. Good morning/afternoon/evening all!! First off thanks Joseph, for your kind mention of my name on your list of contributors, late last week. I truly appreciate it and as w/ the others feel that your name needs to be there as well. This weeks photo was shot around Christmas, when our cat Stormy decided to pose for me on our kitchen floor and then show the utmost in restraint as I fiddled and fumbled with the SB600 flash, playing with various bounce angles trying to get the light just right so I didn't blow out his eyes. Can't wait to travel the world!!
  67. It was foggy last Sunday so I was forced to go out and take some photos.
  68. Taken on the 6th of this month this Airbus A320 of Aegean Airlines, had just landed before us, at Larnaca International, and we were hover taxying in behind it in the helicopter, while it was taxying in to the terminal, which gave me a most unusual view of its backside for a while until we banked off to the right to our landing spot. The sun was almost directly in our face, which gave me horrendous flare, but with some post processing I kinda like the result. D700, iso 1250, 1/500, f/18, 70mm on the Nikkor 24-120.
  69. Taken Yesterday. Here at a local Wetland Park. It is truly amazing the human eliments you see when you sit back and watch animals for a while. This Male Great Blue Heron was collecting pieces for the nest and the female would take them from him , and make their "home" pretty.
  70. Happy Wednesday everyone !!
    Great pictures. Here is my contribution for today.
  71. Here is my post for this week :)
    Portrait of my friend Dragan Pesic (WK1 World Champion)
    S: 1/125, A: f/9, IS0-100
    Nikon D60
    18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 ED-IF AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor
    3x600Ws Flashlight (made in China) :)
    Flashes are fired by pop-up flash set to Manual 1/32
  72. [​IMG]
    D70, Nikon 35mm/f2.0 at f/2.8 Converted to B&W using Lightroom.
    Taken at Loretta Chapel in Santa Fe, NM
  73. Happy Wednesday everyone !!
    Great pictures. Here is my contribution for this week.
    This image was taken back in the fall in Vermont. I used a Nikon D200 with Nikon 60mm 2.8 micro lens. f11 @ 1/8 second ISO 100. Thanks for looking...
  74. Wintry Colorado scene
  75. Happy Wednesday to photo contributers and viewers around the world. Saturday Bill & I went to Plymouth, MI to see the annual Ice Carving Festival. There were some fine carvings already finished and some in the process for the Saturday competition. There was an exceptionally large crowd early this year due to the rain forecasted for Sunday. Here is my personal pick taken with my Nikon D300 Tamron 17-5- f/2.8 lens.
  76. Great start this morning.
    I am still trying to get the hang of the 70-300. I was trying all kinds of settings just to see what would happen. I was trying to see the limits of trying to get a sharp picture and well found how to get a really soft one.
    While this was not what I was going for, I kind of like it as it looks like a painting to me.
    This is a crop from the jpeg no special effects to make it look this way.
    D300 70-300 at 300mm f8 s/640 ISO 1600 (in very low light)
  77. Here's an image made at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last week.
    Nikon D90, Nikkor 18-200 mm VR II @ 200 mm, f/11, 1/400.
  78. First Lutheran Church, Pasadena, CA. D700, 14mm.
  79. this is one of my favorite photo hangouts, a lunch hour haunt where i won't see any people, but maybe will catch a deer or turkey if i'm lucky. this day, i went downstream in search of a place to cross the water, and finally made it back to work after an hour and forty minutes. it's not like i minded...
  80. Rotterdam, being a large port, sees many vessels come and go. One of the ships had a very bright red color. I happened to have my camera with me.
    D700 Tokina 28-80 ATX-Pro 2.8 ISO 200
  81. Nikon D300S with 400mm f3.5 lens ISO 2000 f4 1/160 second
  82. A scene from a rental cabin outside of Gatlinburg Tenn last week. The clouds and fog moved in and out of the valley below us. This is a vertical pano of 5 different images. The camera was on the tripod and the lens may sound unfamiliar as it's an old manual focus 400mm.
    Nikon D300S with 400mm f3.5 lens ISO 2000 f4 1/160 second
    Pictures that got my attention;
    Narayan Kovvali: Wonderful color IR. Very nice.
    Jana Hughes: I love the colors and richness, very nice abstract.
    Jennifer Meighan: Nice landscape, reminds of an image from an old Sierra Club book.
    Murali Palangat: Very good control of shadows.
    Tim Holte: I like of course the monochromatic with red. That always works for people.
  83. Here is my Wednesdays chick.....It was a nice warm early morning sun in the Everglades. This chick was in a naughty mood.....playing with its siblings. The lichens made the water look illusory..........she was so fast that it just plops in when I am about to click and appears else where. But luckily in the same area roughly. Ant then........Ahhh....I gotchya!!
    D80, 80-400 @ 400mm, ISO 400, f6.3, 1/1250 sec.
    Wow!! Some lovely pictures ye'all.
  84. Street shot from Zagreb, Croatia - January 2010.
  85. I attended a Confederate Concert in Murray, KY this past Saturday and the band was made up of kids from 8 to 65 years old. Singing and playing songs from that era. Everyone was in costume.
    This is a picture of me taken by me and of course heavily processed in Photoshop and other tools to try and give it a real old tattered look.
    A Nikon D90 with a Sigma 24-70mm and Sb-600 Flash.
    It is wonderful to look at all of the beautiful Photos from around the world in todays WedNEsDAy thread. Many thanks to all that submit as this is the highlight of my week.
    phil b
    benton, ky
  86. Looking good!
    Haven't shot much this week, too busy at work (no chance of slipping away from the office) and too tired after I get home. And on top of that, I went to the gym first time for over year and a half - and now every muscle in my upper body is so sore I hardly can pick up a camera! :) But I just enrolled to a dark room course on next Saturday, really looking forward for that!
    Anyway, my shot for this week was taken yesterday, I went detail hunting in our apartment with a macro lens, looking for something interesting I had not shot with macro lens before. And here's the result, a detail from our bedroom lamp:
    Fuji S5 Pro + Tamron 90mm f/2.5 Macro (52B) (@ f/2.5, 1/320 sec, ISO 100)
  87. ***HaPPy WedNEsDAy***

    Here's another waterworld shot taken with a D300s and a 105mm f2.8 AIS; image target: reflected and refracted light at water-air, water-glass and air-glass interfaces in a glass half filled with water.
    Great image Janne!
  88. Happy Wednesday, everyone! Fantastic shots as always. Here is a candid snapshot of my neighbor sitting in his makeshift blind. I recently found out he had Nikon gear and wasn't really using it. I invited him out a few times and I think I've reignited his passion for photography.
  89. On a recent trip to London, I was in Picadilly and took this picture
  90. Hi there, have been watching the forum weekly, however, due to office work could not produce any good pictures. Last Monday, however, while driving my daughter to school, noticed this place and decided not to let this opportunity go away. Actually, this is a place I want to make pictures in all seasons - it has its own beauty to it ..
    It was Nikon D70s, 12-24 Tokina set to 24, aperture priority set to 9.5, shutter speed 1/30
    Please do comment ..
  91. This is Sasha, AKA "Kitty", she's about a 2 year old adopted from our garage about a year ago, she has those cool thumbs, which can't be seen now. Anyway, she's a real bright in charge type kitty, and I saw her hangin' on the bed fixated on something, so I grabbed the D200 and 50 1.4 and just shot a few in the dull light to catch her mood. Hope you enjoy, she's a sweetie!
  92. Holy Wednesday my dear Nikon colleagues,
    I appreciated for Joseph Leotta's great words and adding my name on his list. Many thanks Dear Joseph, I'm a simple photographer only. Thank you.
    I was busy to fix a place for my exhibition at The Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation (IVCC) in Paramaribo yesterday. I saw this guy on my car's front window after the meeting but let him stay there. He stood cool, don't panicked and saved till to my home. Then I captured some shoots with reflection of cloudy sky on glass. Hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by and many cheers to you all. Regards,
    Nikon D2Xs, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4D AF, Aperture Priority, f/3.5, 1/500sec, ISO100, ExposureBiasValue -0.67
  93. Hi all,
    Great photos today, but have to get back to work so just dropping in for a minute. Notable is Narayau's shot, very "cool" looking.
    Here's a US Coast Guard helicopter, just taken off at sunset, flying over San Diego Bay. That's not smog in the background but the marine-layer, a wall of clouds that was creeping in over Coronado Island to the west, producing a foggy morning the next day.
  94. 3sh


    From the riverside.
    Details - D300, 70-300VR, f/6.3, ISO 450 at 300mm, 1/400s.
  95. Aloha Wedndesday.
    These Mai Tais looked so inviting! Unfortunately I was shooting a wedding, and could only imagine how tasty they were.
  96. Happy Wednesday everyone. This is always such an inspiring thread!
    Tim Holte, I love the red umbrella, it just lifts the fog!
    Shane, it's a very original impression of Seattle! It's hard to make an unusual photo of Seattle skyline because it's been photographed so much, but you just did it.
    Narayan, simply breathtaking. Next time you take a space ship to that planet, take me with you, please?
    This photo is made somewhere in Taiwan. Nikon D40x, Nikon 18-200, f5.0, 1/60s, ISO 1600.
  97. Falko - A friend of a friend who is just starting out on his body-building hobby. He is a long time practitioner of martial arts.
    Nikon D80 Nikkor 50mm F/1.4 at ISO 500 0.0EV F/1.4 1/125
  98. Happy Wednesday everyone! Another wonderful thread. I don't have my usual hour to look through all the images, so a few that I would like to comment on are
    Narayan..Wow! It's all in our perspective, isn't it?
    Douglas...Beautiful..natures artwork
    Shane...I know it well. Terrific angle and inclusion of our beautiful city skyline
    Jeannean...Fabulous job with your shadows and highlights. Gorgeous bird.
    Dieter...And yet ANOTHER beautiful bird. Lovely colors and detail.
    Mike...Great shot. They don't seem to approve of whatever you are doing to get their attention, but it certainly is effective! almost looks warm in there!
    Ray...Lovely portrait...great angle and light.
    I must leave now...wish I could comment on more...maybe later. Here is my contribution.
    "Hearts and Wings are Magical Things"
  99. Trying out my fisheye lens at the local State Park on a cool sunny day.
  100. I will also have to present a technically lesser than usual crop of an icicle picture. The connecting thread is a mystery to me. It was swaying wildly with the slightest wind and this is why I had to go to ISO 1600 and I didn't bother to use my bellows to get a close-up. I regret it now - I think with some luck I could have gotten a better result. Of course, it was roughly - 24 C so I was quickly freezing up and so did my lens which is now in service.
  101. The above is roughly a 2x crop from a shot taken at 1:2. Location: Nuuksio national park.
  102. Good Wednesday evening!
    So may great photos again. Few that I liked the most:
    Narayan - Great, surreal feeling in the picture
    Dieter - great capture of the hawk
    Mike C - those Giraffes are hilarious
    Oskar - amazing macro shot
    My photo was taken last saturday. It was -22C here, but someone seemed to think it was a perfect day for a swim in the local river.
    D700, 24-70mm @29mm, f/5.6
  103. taken at National Auto Museum in Nevada US with D100 and 24-85 2.8-4 AFD.
  104. Narayan Kovvali , my favorite for today, way, way of above everything. And there are many, many great photos today as any Wednesday...

    Thank you Gej Jones , Joseph Leotta and Janne Kaakinen for mention me. It's great to bi noticed among 100s of photos.

    As I said, lot's of great photos. I'll mention only few of you:
    Jeff Lipsman , nice Christmas present, must say. :) And a good use of it, nice photo.
    Jana Hughes , I love such abstract games, good job!
    Epp B , great photo! (nothing new about that, right? :) )
    Mike C , your photo really made me laugh. :D Great one!
    Oskar Ojala snowflakes are one of the wonders of world, you did a good job photographing them.
    Dubravko Grakalic , good catch, love the position of a person against camera above!
    Janne Kaakinen , great job, clean, nice, simple and good lightning.
    Ertugrul Kilic , good shot, nice contrast between lizard and blue window...

    My photo for today is from last Saturday, it was cold and gray winter day. Shot of water mill on Mura river, here in Croatia.
  105. The Attic. Nikon D50. Tokina 12-24mm f2.8, at 24mm, 1.3 seconds, f6.3
  106. My 95 year old Grandmother, enjoying her coffee and "listening to the universe."
  107. The Attic. Nikon D50, Tokina 12-24mm 2.8. Taken at f6.3, 1.3 seconds at 24mm. Natural light.
  108. Cool shots, especially all the great birds this week. For my entry: Snow returned to the High Desert of Central Oregon, and I've got a new AWD Land Rover (new to me). I realized that all the equipment in the world didn't matter if I couldn't get to where I wanted to go. My Hasselblad 80mm lens let me down in the severe cold, so it will be off for a CLA. Meanwhile, my trusty D200 captured this shot with a 50mm f/1.8 AF.
  109. Mark Gordon: i love it, i love the perspective and the pose. the light is great also.
    Tiffany Brooke: i like the processing very much, the model is an angel.
    Michael Axel: a bit too cluttered for me, the idea is great but there is a lot of detail in the shot.
    Filip Lucin: lovely winter shot.
    I took some pictures of a friend, Cristina, a few weeks ago, but only last night i managed to add a touch of photoshop to this particular one:
  110. The French Quarter was jumping this weekend (Geaux Saints). This was taken at a biker bar down there. Probably a bunch of dentists and architects. 8)
    D700 24-70
  111. New York sunset from Hoboken New Jersey
  112. [​IMG]I've been following this forum for months, but this is my first post, with my brand new D700!
    Really awesome shots this week - my favourite has to be Andrew Fedon's picture of the Aegean Airlines Airbus... great light, and an interesting point of view - well done!
    My contribution this week is of groynes at St. Clair Beach, Dunedin, New Zealand, shot handheld, Nikon D700 and Nikkor 28/2.8.
  113. Another sunny day on the mountain. Well at least the morning was. The clouds closed in and I was very pleased to get a few shots against the blue sky. This is in the terrain park off one of the huge jumps. I'd say this fellow was about 40 or 50 feet off the ground, going very fast. I'm glad my D2x has a high frame rate, I got off about five shots on CH before this guy zipped out of sight.
    Nikon D2x, 80-200 AFS at 200 mm
    f/2.8 at 1/2500th
    Spot metered at +.3
  114. Hmm. That didn't work at all. Here's another attempt with a lower res version. Sorry for the mucking about... this is my first time!
    Shot with Nikon D700, and Nikkor 28/2.8, wide open to get the vignetting. Shot in RAW+JPEG(Fine), Raw processed using Adobe Camera RAW, and saturation and exposure adjusted very slightly using PSE8,
  115. It has been relatively warm in Maine this week....
  116. a lovely evening in a Taipei Buddhist temple,
    Nikkor 50mm f1.4 AFD at f1.8
  117. [​IMG]
    Just an old bridge i found in some wetlands here in the middle of the desert :)
    Nikon D60
    iso 1600
  118. [​IMG]Ready for the Superbowl! Nikon D80
  119. Coming home across Mobile Bay
  120. Allow me to introduce myself to this wonderful forum with three submissions. This first photograph was taken early in a modeling session. Throughout the shoot, the subject was brimming with big, bright smiles. Her Puerto Rican ancestry gives her dark eyes and a beautifully warm skin tone. Just about every face and full-body shot was a treasure. But then there was this photograph, taken early on. No smile, no pose. Just an extraordinary portrait of unpretentious maturity with a disarmingly impassive, child-like quality. The observed was observing. More pictures should be taken of beauty at 40.
    AF-S Nikkor DX 18-135mm ED-IS f/3.5-5.4 lens mounted on a Nikon D60
  121. Matilda
    The second photograph in my submissions today is of my manx named Matilda. She and her brother, Gabriel, share my place. Among the many unusual characteristics of this cat is that she knows when I am going to photograph her. When she first started posing for photographs, I didn't grasp that she was actually posing. Only after a few times taking pictures of her did I realize it. When she sees me with my Nikon and I am looking right at her, she will go to an elevated place and seat herself, moving from one position to another from shot to shot. She won't do this if I'm taking pictures of people. She's been quite happy since I started using a Gary Fong Cloud I Light Sphere on my SB-600, since the flash isn't as harsh on her eyes, now.
    AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens mounted on a Nikon D60
  122. Self-portrait, pulp grunge
    My last photograph of this week began as a failed flash shot. I was doing some self-portraits with a green backdrop so I could try to make a Photoshop action for keying. My SB-600 repeatedly failed to fire (note to self: don't use regular Boom-Boom Bunny batteries), so I got a bunch of RAW images that seemed to be useless. I found, though, that the lack of flash had sent the ISO sky-high, creating very warm, darkly colored captures with my 50mm f/1.4G lens. I took the RAW version of this image, converted it in Photoshop to Black and White, and then leaned into the light and dark curves (Image > Adjustments > Curves) to sharpen the differences between the light and dark areas. Having removed the green backdrop, I then added an industrial grunge background slightly blurred for a 3-D effect on the foreground subject, and the portrait you see here is the result.
    AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.4G lens mounted on a Nikon D60
  123. Welcome Alan. but 2 of your photos will soon disappear. Their excellent shots, but there is a one photo per person per week rule. Check the rules at the beginning of the Thread. A photo net elf will soon be by I'm sure, and proof 2 will disappear.
  124. There is a huge wasteland near our apartments. People walk there with their dogs, and I, with my camera.
  125. Good morning,
    My own favourites in this weeks (very nice) series - the ones that really touched me:
    - Richard Abston
    - Oskar Ojala
    - Monika Epsefass
    - Andrew Fedon
    - Dubravko Grakalic
    - Hayley Karl
    If I had to choose a number 1, that would undoubtedly be The Granny from Hayley. The power and the energy of that portrait are enormous. With The Snowflake from Oskar and The Airbus from Andrew on an shared honourable second place.
    Good light,
  126. "... undoubtedly be The Granny from Hayley... "
    One of my favourites too. And I love that term, "listening to the universe".
  127. Hi!
    My first post, I hope I can do it.
    Nikon D300, Sigma 150-500 OS.
  128. Lots of great pictures again and here's a list of my favorites this week:
    Narayan - just awesome!
    Jana - nice colours
    Jennifer - very calm atmosphere
    Dieter - best bird picture i've seen for awhile
    Mike - this image makes me smile everytime! =)
    Aguinaldo - beatiful sky and nice colours
    Hamish - i just like this.
    Oskar - best macro shot of a snowflake seen this winter
    Janne - looks like the image is made with computer not with camera...i'm impressed!
  129. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Sorry I only had access to my photos now
    A litte "watchlady" at a familyshop
  130. Contributors whose shots I found to be particularly interesting this week WedNEsDay 04
    Narayan Kovvali – wondered about all the ‘frost’ and then read. Really like the shot.
    Shane Srogi – like the colors reflected off the glass, already did research on the site
    Jeannean Buglady – so sharp and crisp. Beep Beep… I’m smiling
    Jens Frederiksen – you captured the cold and frozen harbor. I like it.
    Epp B – well worth the effort, terrific reflections
    Tony Hadley – great color and the clouds are perfect
    Jose Angel – color, refracted light, this is a great photo
    Barry Fisher – you captured the mood Special shot
    Alejandro Held – another great shot! The colors are wonderful.
    Amy Zlatic – I like it!
    P Watson – the Bear is tells a wonderful story, one that bears repeating…
    Hamish Gray – the moon, tent and light all play together wonderfully
    Oskar Ojala – very nice, I’m glad that the photo will live on.
    Paul V. Gorky – I wonder what he’s thinking, great shot!
    Tim Holte – just the right touch of color sets it off so well.
    Peng Wichakool – great fence, the lines, the snow, the perspective all work.
    Roberta Davidson – hands down, my favorite!
    Thomas Burden – love the shot, which subject is more fascinated? ;-)
    Sankha Hota – looked at it over and over, really like your captured motion of flight
    Eugene Anikin – a shot that made me pause and look again, yes, even the smoke is clear
    Tiffany Brook – such a wonderful shot of a child enjoying life…. A real keeper!
    Filip Lucin – the tree surrounds the subject, I jump to the people and then back again
    Michael Axel – I’m a sucker for B&W winter scenes. Thanks!
    Vineet Rajasekhar – no ‘mucking about’ in your shot, it’s terrific!!!
    Erik Christensen – the “watchlady” Great shot. Beautifully captured.
  131. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    For those who are new to and/or to the Wednesday threads, as Matt posted at the beginning, you can find the guidelines to the Wednesday image threads here:

    And you can find's general Community Guidelines here:
    • The Community Guidelines specify that attached images should be within 100K bytes, but since a lot of members who post to this thread would like to include larger files, we feel that 300K is fine.
    • Each member should post no more than one image per week.
    • And please don't post the same image week after week.
    • Since this forum is read by a lot of different people around the world, including children, please make sure that your image is suitable for all audiences. I am glad that this really hasn't been an issue so far, but please keep it that way.
    • If you make a mistake or your image does not load, please repost with all your text. It is rather straight forward for moderators like me to delete the entire incorrect posts. It is a lot more work for us if we need to transfer your text from one post to another.
    Matt is drafting an improved version of the guidelines. When that is ready, we'll share it with everybody.
    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
  132. Another great Wednesday. So many wonderful photos. To all who commented on my photo last week thank you
    Gej, thank you so much for your comment this week. It made my day!
    Matt, thanks for starting us once again. I like your electrical wires and caps . I especially liked your story about the guard on another thread!
    Joe, thank you for including me on the list , you are very kind. The sea gull looks so cold and wind blown Nice shot
    Narayan, this is a great IR so cool yet inviting
    Rene - That is a great piece of amber , don't let your son lose this one
    Enrique - So cute
    Grant, very interesting
    Douglas - Beautiful freind you have one of my favorites
    Jeff - Lens envy aside , beautiful shot
    Shane - Beautiful Seattle shot
    Gej - I am enjoying this and the bird makes it complete
    Raaj- Nice shot and nice lens
    Richard - Cheers to you for such a crisp beautiful shot
    Jana - a fun shot
    Paula - Very nice love the colors
    Benjamin - Looks like you kept them entertained.
    Jeannean- Not only are you great with the bugs, but now with the birds. Last week the great coyote and now the road runner !
    Jennifer - Hope your ankle gets better soon. Beautiful colors
    Sanford - Very nice
    Bill - Love the goose and the light
    Jens - Very cold looking with the ice
    Epp - The ride was definitely worth the ride
    Ray - Great first attempt and interesting artifact
    Bogdan - Very strong photo
    Steve - Such a fun shot and great capture
    Dieter - He looks almost mystical.
    Juho - Looks like you are enjoying your "new" camera. Very nice
    Tony - Long cold trail
    Richard - I have yet to attempt the slow shutter speeds
    Jose - I love the light shinning through the ice . Very nice
    Lil- We miss your post :)
    Anish-Very nice night shot
    Per-Christian - Lovely and fun shot
    Barry - Nice contrast
    Abib - I can not see your picture
    Cees- Ashame how things have to disappear
    Alejandro - I love this picture.
    Eric - Have enjoyed your pictures from Cuba these last few weeks
    Amy- Hope the sun comes out soon
    Paul B - I am really loving the bird pictures this week! Beautiful colors
    Mike- Such a fun shot
    Jeff - Welcome ! Beautiful sky
    Aguinaldo - Beautiful
    P Watson - Great photo
    Hamish - So cold and yet the warm tones of the tent.
    Oskar- Beautiful detail
    Ian - Very nice
    Shun - Your surfing shots are amazing
    Monika - Great shot and story
    Eddy- Looks like fun was had my all
    Greg - great action
    Francesco - So clear and sharp Good luck on your project 365
    Robert - Interesting
    Joe - great color on that whiskey and a still life you can indulge in
    Ken- You are right the sunlight is very interesting
    Rick - Beautiful
    Kent - Love the baby shots
    Peter - The beautiful grand bald eagle. I always feel they are joy to see
    Richard - Beautiful
    Ray - Very nice
    Murali - Great capture
    Kemal - Great color
    John - Very interesting shot
    Paul - Such a great subject and shot
    Tim - Love the shot of red in this foggy shot
    Andrew - Very different
    Dallas - Beautiful and nature is truly something to watch
    Maurice - Fun shot, makes me smile
    Boris - He would scare me
    Peng - I love the lines
    Wayne - So peaceful looking
    Greg - Very nice
    Gwen- Amazing ice sculpture - Can't image carving something like that
    Thomas - Love the look on the childs face
    Doug - Nice shot
    William - If I had place like that around work, I would never make it back
    Arthur - Very interesting
    Don - So nice
    Arun - Great capture
    Dubravko - Very nice
    Phil - It does look old , very nice
    Janne - Very nice
    Eric - When I realize what I am looking it , amazing
    Paul Howard - Good shot and you are a good neighbor
    Paul D- I don't see your picture
    Anand- Beautiful winter scene
    Dave - Cats are fun to shoot
    Ertugrul - Another wonderful shot
    Tom - Nice shot
    Sankha - Beautiful birds
    Barry - They do look inviting
    Eugene- So interesting
    Mark - Nice portrait
    Tiffany - Nice
    Donald - fun fish eye
    Ilkka - Beautiful and delicate
    Juhani - Wow he is brave
    Jay - Nice shot
    Filip - Very nice winter shot
    Hayley - wonderful capture
    Mark - spooky looking
    Michael - Another nice winter shot
    Nicolaie - Nice portrait of your friend
    John- The quarter will be jumping for weeks to come now! Will you be out Sunday at the parade with all the men in dresses?
    Adam - Nice sunset
    Vineet - Welcome! Beautiful shot
    Michael - Great capture
    Carey - Very nice
    Nick - Very interesting
    Cathi - Go Saints - Who DAt
    Laura - Nice night shot
    Alan - Welcome and three great shots
    Wenshu - Beautiful place
    Markku - Very nice
    Erik - Beautiful capture
    If I missed anyone it was not intentional and my apologies. Thank you all for sharing these shots
  133. Roberta, John D - I hope one of yall will post a shot next week of Bobby H in his dress! Who Dat!
    Awesome shots everyone! I just received my D90 so maybe I can get some shots over the weekend.
  134. Another wonderful collection, thanks to all!
    For a few reasons I have not been making any photos for a few weeks, so nothing to post here. So only a few photos that stand out for me.
    Glad to see Cees Maas is back...! I was missing the typical Southern Netherlands photos. I'm from that region, and it's nice to see home here, and usually captured so well!
    Peng Wichakool, lovely simple winterscene, very effective.
    Monika Epsefass, great capture, you can almost hear the understanding silence between them.
    Tim Holte, I love this photo. The (very?) dense fog, it gives lovely mysterious mood, and the red umbrella tops it off perfectly.
    Ertugrul Kilic, quite different from your "usual" posted photos, but just as "wow"!
    Hope to be back with some own production next week!
  135. Tiffany, Roberta: Thank You for commenting on my portrait photo. It was fun with strobes, initially I though it would be easy just click-click but later with the help of experience photographer realized that model's expression and their pose is more important.
  136. Thank you all for sharing your photos! I really love all the diversity, styles, and stories. Also, thank you to those who commented on my Roadunner photo, and to Roberta for taking the time to comment on all the photos. It's appreciated by many. :)
    Steve H (and anyone else wondering), they don't actually make the "beep, beep" sound. That was recorded by Paul Julian and are the only "words" ever spoken in the cartoon. They coo more like a dove does. Looking forward to next Wednesday's trip around the world!
  137. Love the Kickboxer portait!
    Here is my contribution, I am doing some shoots for a DJ friend that needs some photos for promotional purposes.
    D40x 85mm f2 1/3200 @ ISO200
  138. It is always a tremendous fun to see all those photos from around the world. Not only like a fun trip around the world but also very inspiring pile of examples to learn from. Also, it is really an honor to get any comment. Thank you, Roberta!
    See you next week - I have hurt my back this week and I may not be able to walk around with heavy equipment bag this weekend, though..... The problem was and still is my neck and now the lower back, too? Sigh....
  139. Another Wednesday has come and gone and once again, some truly inspiring work. Those that caught my eye this week are:\
    Narayan- Great job on the IR! It is SO wintry looking.
    Jennifer - Your efforts to get up an going at 2am, certainly paid off. Beautifully composed.
    Hamish- Your image looks so warm and inviting, especially knowing the temperature is anything but!
    Oskar- BEAUTIFUL snowflake!! I have always wanted to try getting a photo of a snowflake, maybe this will be the inspiration for me to do it.
    Tim- I love it. What an evocative capture. Of course the red umbrella really makes the shot pop.
    Roberta - WOW, what a beautiful shot. Far and away my favorite for this week. Well done!
    Janne - Good eye.............beautiful abstract capture!
    Ertugrul - Nicely done. Part of me wants to crop the shot but then I look again and realize that the "white space" really makes it work.
    Tiffany - What a fun shot. Your title really helps bring it to life.
  140. Paul, thank you very much.
  141. mbh


    I was slow in posting this week. This does mean I have the pleasure of enjoying a prodigiously lovely Wednesday collection of photographs. The first photograph that caught my eye was Narayan Kovvali’s infrared winter scene with those lovely trees and that awe-inspiring swirling sky. I liked both Rene' Villela’s amber-trapped bee and his story; I’ve done the same thing with yuan.

    Jana Hughe’s lolipop made me smile. Those colors form such a wonderful abstract. Paula Wang’s lovely little bird also captured my attention; her lenses create such beautiful out of focus backgrounds, her photographs are a delight.

    Epp B’s after the blizzard shot definitely works, the sun and icy snow work together to create such a delightful nature scene. I also got a kick out of Juho Niva’s daughter; perhaps, because I recognize that expression from seeing it far too often on my own daughter’s face. And I got a kick out of Tony Hadley’s own snow scene, which really looks like something I’d buy in a shop to send home with a scribbled note about how beautiful it is here.

    Speaking of winter shots, Jose Angel’s frozen leaves tickled my fancy: quite beautiful. So many beautiful bird shots and then we have a cat in a bag by Paul V. Gorky, very cute. Tim Holt’s might have been my favorite this week, that red umbrella.

    I also quite liked Doug Santo’s shot of the First Lutheran Church, the wide angle worked great there. And so many, many more great shots.
  142. Juhani, Filip, Cees, Juho, Gej, Roberta, Paul -- thank you for your kind comments! I much appreciate the feedback.
  143. Thank you to all of you, who commented on my photo this week.
    I find something beautiful or interesting in every photo posted here, but I don't have the time to comment on all of them (well done, Roberta, I admire your effort), so I will limit myself to just few.
    Matt Laur: Fantastic picture, there is something very disturbing about exposed wires in the rain.
    Rene' Villela: I love the way the insect shines in the amber.
    Grant Tanner: Love the texture and the simplicity of the photo, just my kind of style.
    Jennifer Meighan: Simply stunning.
    Epp B: Your photo makes me homesick, the atmosphere is beautifully captured.
    Jose Angel: I look and look and look. Can't get tired of this one.
    Oskar Ojala: Like in a fairy tale. Perfect.
    Ken Yamamoto: Great street photography. I had a go at it last week, and failed terribly. You've done it very nicely.
    Tim Holte: Every week you give us a photo full of mood and feelings. How do you do it? I love it.
    Peng Wichakool: A real Winter feel. The snowflakes make your photo truly stunning.
    Don Harper: A rather scary scene, so full of atmosphere, I kept looking at it for a long time. One of the photos, that will stay with me.
    Janne Kaakinen: Now, that is fun and beauty in one photo. Great abstract, I am a big admirer.
    Ertugrul Kilic: I love your work and this is another fine example.
    Tiffany Brook: Precisely the type of work I praised last week on your website. You've done a wonderful job here.
    Erik Christensen: Lovely scene. What a cute little girl.
    Till next Wednesday, have a great week everyone.
  144. First, all the bird images are great to see this week. Thank you. Very nice work by all, and stimulating as usual.
    I'll just mention the images and photographers who most caught my attention this week:
    @Matt, the electrical wires say "Cold, wet, dreary" to me.
    @Narayan, this IR image is another world. An image that looks different catches our attention, but then it has to deliver. This one delivers. Very nice.
    @Jeff Lipsman, your isolated bird (Say's Phoebe) is wonderful. Nothing to disturb the connection to the subject. The bird looking back into the frame is a very nice touch.
    @Jennifer Meighan, the warm sunset and cold water at York Beach.
    @Dieter, the red-tailed hawk against a fabulous colored sky
    @Amy, grey, grey, grey except for the traffic signal
    @Paul B, wow, what a feisty little winter bird!
    @Oskar, your snow flake... Very cold blue. Terrific.
    @Ken Yamamoto, the street and AX storefront, nice light.
    @Ray, nice studio portrait
    @Murali, great shot of the MJ tribute
    @John, I like the Olympon Cave photo
    @Paul V. Gorky, very cute cat, very well lit and exposed. Cooperative cat you have!
    @Tim Holta, the fog and red umbrella
    @Janne, beautiful curves in the nice macro B&W of your lamp.
    @Eric James, this whole series has been wonderful. This one is alive and scary.
    @Mark Gordon, the Kickboxer is strong and dramatic.
  145. Thank you Roberta,
    It's nice to be missed..... I'm still a tad "off". Maybe next week.... And yes I do know I have material to post.....
    Lil :)
  146. Catching my eye
    Matt Laur -
    nice find, but Id be careful around wet wires
    Narayan Kovvali interesting IR, what frequency is that IR taken at
    Rene' Villela – isn’t that how Jurassic park started
    Jana Huges – love the way you presented the pop
    Jeannean Buglady – the work ypu pit intp that shot was worth it.
    Epp B – caught my ete
    Bogdan NicolescuLove the way you just work in film. Rich colors
    Dieter SchaeferI really like the way the background came out
    Per-Christian Nilssennice dance shot – no more down time
    Barry Fishervery interesting, nicely done
    Alejandro Heldwhat great colors
    Mike Cfun perspective
    Aguinaldo de PaulaNice beach shot. But its only 10 degrees in NY
    P Watson – classic
    Hamish GrayDo you ever go abywhere warm?
    Oskar Ojala - my favorite of the week
    Monika Epsefass – missed you last week, you name belongs on my list of Wed masters
    Ken YamamotoAlways a classic NY shot
    Paul V. Gorky - a classic cat shot
    Tim Holte - that umbrella gets around
    Wayne Wrights – I love Vermont
    Roberta Davidson – great soft colors
    Janne Kaakinen - it works well
    Hayley Karl – excellent

    Lil Judd
    we all miss you
    Till next week
  147. Roberta and Joseph: Thank you for your kind words. I'm fighting my way back now...
  148. @ Roberta, Richard: Thank You for commenting on my photo.
  149. Here is one from Amsterdam. It is a door knob. Really.
  150. Thanks to Gej Jones , Roberta Davidson and Joseph Leotta !

    Good to see Per-Christian we "lost" Gary Mcghee ...well he is famous now! ;-)

    Tomorrow I'll cross the River Plate towards Uruguay for my 2 weeks Summer Holidays. I'll try to post from there, but if not, see you all in 2 weeks, by by
  151. Thank You! Richard Karash, I am glad you liked the studio portrait picture. I am looking forward for doing few more studio portraits.
    Ray G
  152. Great thread again, such beautiful photos from everyone! And thanks to Eric J., Filip L., Juho N., Roberta D., Paul V. G., Jana H., Richard K., Joseph L., & Jeannean for your kind words on my this week's PiC & to Alejandro for the comment on my last week's PiC.
    I especially enjoyed photos by these photographers in this thread: Rene' Villela, Grant Tanner, Jana Hughes, Jeannean Buglady, Epp B, Dieter Schaefer, Jose Angel, Oskar Ojala, Monika Epsefass, Boris Miljevic, Thomas Burden, Don Harper, Eric James, Ertugrul Kilic, Ilkka Nissila, Hayley Karl & Juhani Vanhala (it was great to see a familiar scene from my old home town - and water on that beach is cold even in the summer! :) ).
    See you tomorrow then!

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