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    Happy Wednesday, all. With the holidays behind us, it's back to business. Personal productivity. Bustle and hustle! No efficiency deficiency, or shirking of working! Perhaps it's time to organize those last two months worth of image files? I'm know I'm behind on that chore, and that got me to thinking about workflow. Which is when I noticed these guys, and theirs. The walk-about zoom was handy for this D300 shot, made at ISO 640 and 1/50th, using Nikon's 18-200 VR at 18mm and f/5.6.

    Please proceed (in an efficient, orderly fashion) and post a photo to show what you've been doing with your Nikon gear.
  2. Happy WeDNeSDaY everyone!
    So Matt is working until midnight again to get the thread going… Thanks a lot!
    I was just taking another look to last week's thread! Uhmmm! It was really nice! Thanks again to all those who mentioned my shot….
    I'm still working on all my shots from my last trip and I keep finding new stuff overytime…. I thought I should try something different… So this is the main gate to an old castle in ruins, "Castello di Prato" in Toscana, Italy….. I really don't know why I took this shot on the way out, but after looking at it I kinna like it…..
    So!? Let's start this week trip around the World…… Cheers!!!
  3. Well, Wednesday will be a busy day so thought I'd post just after midnight then hit the sack. In San Diego last week and watched the Carnival Elation slip the bonds of the dock and skim the inky waters of San Diego Bay. With a setting sun behind, the glow of the ship was captivating enough for me to park the car and grab a few shots.
    Happy Wednesday to all.
  4. Hello everyone
    Another fine week basking around the pool in Brisbane, slightly different to our Northern Hemisphere friends.
    I have photographed a piece of the stainless steel balustrading from my Bali Hut plus a couple of spider webs
    Also thank you to Dan and Greg for your comments on last weeks photo
  5. Happy Wednesday everyone!
    Hi Matt, thanks for starting the thread. I have a early start.
    Also, thanks to Dan S., Tiffany B., Gej J. Mark H., Benjamin s., Rene and Greg K. for your kind comments on my last week post.
    This photo was taken the week before. I named it “Early Worm”.
  6. What was old is new again

    Certain things have always bothered me in the back of my mind. One was what happened to all my black and white negatives from the 70’s when I started taking pictures. When I got married and moved out from my parent’s house they went crazy and about 6 months later they threw out my darkroom. I still have not gotten over it. I brought the house from my mother a few years ago and moved my family in. Trying to save Christmas decorations in the attic last week I found a box with about 60 rolls or 2000 of my negatives. Yippee
    I spent a few days and figured out how to make my Nikon coolscan ED4000 work with black and white negatives (thanks to some help in the Nikon Forum). Here’s one of the finds:
    In college I got to spend a game in the dugout press box at Yankee stadium.
    Sept 1976 batting practice – Billy martin #1 Thurmon Munson #15
    Nikon F FTn - Nikkor 85 mm f1.8 MF
    Tri-x negative film scanned on Nikon ED4000 scanner
  7. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    Little cute girl on a cold and wet afternoon in a small village in the northern Laos
  8. Joseph.... I have already seen that image! You have to play fair! :)
  9. Here's an image of a beautiful flower Tradescantia pallida from the Arizona State University campus.
  10. You got me. I was so happy that I put it in No Words also
  11. Forgot my tripod adapter at home, so I had to shoot this hand held.
  12. Here's an image of a beautiful flower Tradescantia pallida from the Arizona State University campus.
  13. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    From last evening.
  14. I've had this location pegged for months now, just waiting for the day with exactly the right conditions. Tuesday was that day consisting of hoarfrost and the sun poking out several times between mixed clouds.
    D40 @ ISO 200, 1/800
    55-200 VR @ 55mm, f/5.6
  15. Good morning and happy Wednesday everybody.
    At my place it is below 0 degrees Celsius and cloudy so I started a little project documenting interiors from today in a detailed way, starting at home and with friends. Here is an example.
  16. Thanks to everyone who commented on my photo last week. Here's another cold one.
  17. D300s with 105mm f2.8 AIS; image target: reflected and refracted light at water-air, water-glass and air-glass interfaces in a glass half filled with water.
    Beautiful Narayan!
    Great shot Matt!
    And Shane, I see an amazing shot coming from you in the near future : ) Wowzers - that's great!!!
  18. Looking forward to this Wednesdays offerings!
    Nikon as always.
  19. Greetings to all! It's another terrific Wednesday thread! My only subject lately have been dogs -- it's raining here, so they are playing indoors, my golden retriever and his Yorkshire terrier friend. I've had a great difficulty over the years to render by dog's color correctly: he is reddish, but not as red as he often appears in photographs. Both the flash and often sunlight frequently make him look this way. Sometimes, though, I get the color right. This time it's just a little bit too red. Nikon D 90 50mm 1.8 AF-D 1/60 sec at f2.8 ISO 200
  20. There's not much story to go with my picture, except that it's time to tour some Universities with my son so he can decide where he wants to go to school. I just got my 24mm lens back from the shop -- it's 35 years old so it was due for some cleaning and tightening -- and it does OK. Never quite sharp in the last couple of mm from the corners, when focused at a distance. It does better when you focus up closer.
  21. Hello Everyone,
    I've been following this thread for several months now and have been very inspired by it. Here is my first submission, part of an experiment to see whether I could take my camera climbing and keep it out of my pack all day.
    Mike leads the way to the base of our climb on a deserted Ben Nevis in the Scottish Highlands.
  22. California surfing last week, bad weather always bring the best surf
  23. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    I didn't realize that dogs have life vests also.
    Nikon D3S with 500mm/f4 AF-S, 1/640 sec f5.6, ISO 200
  24. From an old Velvia slide. I probably used a Nikon FM with a 43-86mm Nikkor zoom.
  25. Lake View Cemetery - Cleveland, Ohio
    ISO 100
    f8 1/60 sec.
  26. OK. It's been awhile since I've posted any pics anywhere.
    So, I just finished fixing this photo that I took last weekend after me and kids had played with face paints. I had this nice mask on, so I tried my first flash umbrella and it was pretty nice. I had the umbrella on the left and winter daylight coming from a window on the right. Crop, vignette and little fixing made with PS. Hope this came out well?
    ps. Thrilled to have my new D200 today. =)
    Nikon D70, 50mm, f8.0, 1/360s + Nissin Di622
    -Self Portrait- (how do you center this text?)
  27. Hello everybody,
    Thank you Dan South and Greg Kowalczewski for your comments on my photo last week.
    Last Sunday I went to the city to do some street photography, and straight away in the parking lot I saw this beautiful Rolls Royce and I couldn't just look at it, I had to photograph it. Jose, sorry for shamelessly copying your idea from few weeks back, here is my contribution for this week. My 4 year old son loves it, so there is one happy viewer already :) The Rolls Royce also had mini wipers on the front lights, this provided never ending happiness to my little son, as they looked very playful.
    Shot with D700, 85mm f/1.8; ISO 1100, 1/160s, f/1.8
  28. Whittier Ca
  29. Hello all! My picture this week is from this past Saturday when we had sun for a little while here in the Pacific Northwest. I had just recieved my new Sigma 10-20mm they day before so I was really excited to get to try it out. This was taken at Mukiltio Beach Park in Mukiltio, Wa. I love this lens!! It has great contrast, color and sharpness.
  30. Nikon Wednesday Pic, where every contribution is a winner! :) I thoroughly enjoyed last week's thread!
    This is a Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo which appear in small family groups of 3 birds to to 20 birds or so our gardens for 9 months of the year these days, they eat mainly native tree seeds but love to introduced pine tree cones/ seeds too. I stalk these big birds in the garden with a handheld 300mm f/4 AF-S Nikkor they are quite private birds and rarely allow me within 20 metres, this one obliged nicely by taking off from a distance but flying right by me......
  31. Hi all , glad to be here again ! Mine was taken with D3 + 24-70/2,8G at 70mm , ISO200, F4, 1/125 :
  32. Thanks, Matt. For starting this thread so un-American early.
  33. My beautiful grandson Atticus...took this image after performing the "workflow" of a diaper change...posting early today
  34. What a great selection of pictures already on a foggy morning in Rotterdam, NL
    Thanks Gej Jones and Mark H. for you comments last week.
    Beautiful Woudrichem on a cold autumn morning.
    D700 135 AI 2.8 1/400sec at F2.8 ISO 200
  35. Not even midnight here in California - and already 35 entries. Thanks to everyone who commented on my image last week; very much appreciated. I felt like playing around with lighting this week - natural lighting through a window to be exact. This image of my trusty 28-year old Nikon F3 (originally with the DE-2 finder which I replaced around 2000 with a DE-3 (HP) finder) was created by directing and modifying the light with the wooden shutters in front of the large living room window. D200 with Sigma 150/2.8 at f36, 25s, ISO 200, -1EV exposure compensation.
  36. Downtown Los Angeles at sunset (ala The Little Price)

    Nikon D700 w/ Nikkor 28-70mm f/2.8
  37. yoruba fortune teller, habana viejo
  38. I have followed this every week for months so thought I should join in...
  39. Hello everyone..
    We had a Go-Kart event organized by the firm I work at last night. In between driving the kart and watching the progress on the screen, I had a few opportunities to take some photos. This was the first time I got to take photos of a motorsport and was looking forward to it. With the poor lighting around the track, it proved to be quite a challenge but I managed to get a few decent shots. Here's a picture of one of the guys in the winning team.
  40. Taken early in the morning at the Jurubatiba Natural Reserve, near my town, last sunday.
    It is not a HDR.
  41. Great shots by all.
    Epp ... great mood.
    Arthur ... incredible DOF.
    Aginaldo ... great sky, looks 3D.
  42. [​IMG]
    New Year's Eve, Fukuoka - Japan
    D300 /50mm - click to enlarge
  43. WedNEsDAy PiC #3

    My shot is of Jelena Dokic competing in the first round at the 2010 Australian Open on Monday night. The match was played with the roof closed (raining, this time last week it was 42ºC) on centre court of Rod Laver arena in Melbourne.
    Camera: Nikon D300
    Lens: AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-200 mm f/2.8G IF-ED
    Settings: 155 mm, 1/1000 sec, f/2.8 and ISO 1400 (Manual, hand held, VR off)
  44. I had the opportunity of using my camera at a very interesting performance.
    D700 @ Hi2 (25600ISO eq.), 14bit RAW, 24-85AFS (62mm), f5.6 - 1/60sec. Processed in NX2, noise reduction applied. Actually the RAW file is impressive, I expected to get almost nothing under this extreme lightning conditions. The pic perhaps have somekind of "romantic paint" look, for sure I should have worked a bit more on it.
  45. Good morning all
    It's been a while since I've posted a Wednesday picture. Oh the shame - Futurama's Dr. Zoidberg voice
    Since the last time I posted, many important things happened in my photographic life:
    -Shot my first wedding and it went great
    -Started my own business as a wedding and commercial photographer
    -Put my website online
    -Started a Project 365, where I take a picture everyday, not every week! =)
    Anyway, one of the pictures this week was yesterday's self portrait.
    Marina framed and pressed the shutter.
    strobist info: SB28 @ 1/16 @ 85mm in an umbrella camera left | white 3ft reflector camera right | snooted YN460 @ 1/2 gelled green | setup here
    camera info: D700 | 50 f/1.4 AF-D | 1/250 | f/8 | ISO200
  46. I'm sorry I didn't have a chance to comment for last week. Many wonderful entries so lets just say I love all the shots. And to those who commented on Kyrie's photo - thank you so very much. Unfortunately tonight I've had issues with my internet connection - probably due to the rain....
    So this time I'm simply offering a bird again since that's what I do most of the time. This time I offer the most elusive Sora - bird hard to find & not cooperative at all. Tends to sulk in the reeds & not want to be photographed. It's only 8 3/4" or 22cm - which is large compared to many of the birds I've presented, yet a lot smaller than far more I've presented.
    Sora's are hard to locate & very reclusive. I was treated to a huge treat in this.
    D300, 300mm AF-S f/4, Kenko 1.4 TC, Handheld hanging over the rail of a bridge in a marsh area - yes this is a crop. Could not use the Sigmonster for this... Larger version can be seen here & I hope you'll enjoy.
  47. Another GREAT week! Love the pics so far!
    Winter Eventing in Ocala, Florida shot with D700, 70-200, f2.8
  48. This blue wheelbarrow sheltering from the snow in the entrance to an old stone barn caught my eye. It begs many questions I think.
  49. Well I'm new here but here is a shot of my oldest daughter
  50. This shot was taken in an evening during sunset with plenty of colors on the horizon and the same were reflected in the water.
    Equipment: Nikon D300.
    Lens: Nikon AF-S DX 18-135 f/3.5-5.6 G IF-ED
    1/160 sec
  51. Wow, 50+ already? I can't be up so late! So many beautiful photos.
    Here is my entry. "Saturday morning on Wall Street".
  52. Nikon N65/ Nikkor 28-80G
  53. Birkenhead Point, early morning, on Saturday
  54. Thanks to Francesco, Tiffany, Dallas, Dan, Paula, Benjamin, Rene, Greg, and Janne for commenting on last week's puppy pic.
    This was the view from my office window a week ago today, before the recent "January thaw" that wiped out most of our snow and the ice floes on the river. Coolpix L19, landscape mode.
  55. Matt, Aguinaldo, I really really like your photos! Very different, but very nice.
    Today I share something I wanted to do for a while .... be assured I was not driving :)

    D700, AFS50G, f/5, 1/80s, iso3200
  56. Shot yesterday, it was a dreary Winter day and I have a dreary photo. Back in the day, this factory was the lifeblood of our community and surrounding communities. Cheap labor elsewhere, time, and weather (a flood) all contributed to its demise. I wonder what will become of the smokestack, as it has been a landmark for several decades. But life does go on.
  57. Black and white january walk, classic camera used... Taken in Samobor, Croatia, Europe...
  58. Good Day to all. Lots of great pics so far. I was shooting a soccer game this week. I turned around to see this little girl was watching me. I love candids but i knew I was using a small aperture, night time, stadium lighting and high ISO but she was so cute I couldn't resist. I love my D3. Can't wait to see the rest of the todays posting. Nikon D3, Nikon 80-200 Ed 2.8, 80mm, f/2.8, 1/250s, ISO 6400
  59. Good morning! First, thank you to all who kindly commented on my image from Kauai last week. This is also from Kauai, with my D300 and the micro nikkor 105 mm f2.8 VR at f3, 1/400 sec, iso 200, handheld.
    Have an excellent week!
  60. There are some great looking photos posted already this morning!
    One of the few advantages of this time of year, in my opinion, is you don't have to get up all that early to see the sun rise. Here's what I saw yesterday morning.
  61. Good Morning!!! My second post, I'm still learning.. D5000,f/8,ISO200,18-55mm VR DX,SB600
  62. little friend
  63. Happy Wednesday everyone !! There are some great pictures today.
    Here is my contribution. Have a happy shooting.
  64. Hello Nikonians and Happy Wednesday to all! Quite an amazing mix of photos once again. I can't wait to get back to view them all w/ a little more time, later in the day. This weeks shot was taken this past Saturday at Hacklebarney State Park, here in New Jersey. It is one of my favorite places to get away to and I have been coming here since I was a kid. My mission this time was to get some high contrast images that I could play around with in Photomatix, so what you see is my second attempt at an HDR image. Hope you like it.
  65. Good morning all from SE Ohio USA!
    I had my submission picked out along with most of this text written before Matt started the thread. Believe it or not the text in italics was already written.
    The weather here in SE Ohio has been pretty dreary the last week so I haven't been out shooting much. Instead, I went back to October of 2009 for a much more cheerful shot. We completed construction of a couple concrete creek crossings on our farm last fall. This is a shot looking over one of the new crossings up towards our center field.
    Naturally, a SE Ohio farm photo would not be complete without a 4WD truck, a cattle dog, hills, and curvy roads and lanes.
    If anyone is interested, I've documented this project on our web site at . There are so many photo opportunities on our farm I have a difficult time leaving it to go exploring. My favorite pictures on Wednesday Pic are those of other photo.netter's back yards, neighborhoods, and workplaces from all over the world.
    Kent S - great winter shot.
  66. Happy Wednesday around the world from cold Michigan. Photo taken with Nikon D300 Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 lens.
  67. What a wonderful start to another wonderful Wednesday thread! Lovely photos everyone!
    My niece came for a visit this weekend and we spent the day at Bentsen State Park/World Birding Center Saturday. A rare bird sighting had everyone excited (Rose-throated Becard). I shot a bunch out there, but decided to post one of the rarest birds of niece. She's the sweetest, smartest 15 yr. old I know. As with many 15 yr old girls, she loves having her picture taken and had fun posing for shots, even though she had forgotten her makeup (which I don't think she ever needs to wear). I got quite a few during the day, but this was my favorite. We spent the "golden hour" down by the Rio Grande River looking across at Mexico. We were both tired by this time and I shot this when she wasn't "posing"...just enjoying the moment. Talk about a golden light. It was a perfect ending to a glorious day. In our busy lives, these are the moments that will last for a lifetime. (D90/Sigma 150: 1/1000, f.3, ISO 800)
  68. Cattle Egret from the Collections. I love the "mustache" on him, just under his beak. It makes me laugh.
    Thank you everyone for the comments last week, as with most of us, this is growing to be one of my favorite things to do.
  69. [​IMG]
    Nikkor 28-105 f3.5-4.5 at 28mm and f11
  70. Wonderful photos again. I really look forward to Wednesday. Sorry, I did not get to comment on the photos last week, time just got away from me.
    It has warmed up down south , so went out to a local park to try out my 70-300.
    I was trying different focal lengths and saw these 2 white ibis . I did not notice the screw sticking out of the one at the bottom at first.
    Makes me wonder how this happened to this bird and if it will survive.
    D300 ISO200 70-300mm @195mm f/10.0
  71. Happy WedNEsDAy. After the coldest weather the Gulf Coast of Alabama had seen in nearly twenty-five years, the weather returned to warm and pleasant. I spent a good deal of time shooting a marvelous sunset only to discover the view to the East was equally pleasing. I hope you like it.
  72. Happy Wednesday from Texas.
    What a change in the weather. Last week it was 9-degrees and this week we have already reached a high of 74-degrees. My contribution this week is a gull I captured on my daily walk a few days ago.
  73. I am, by far, not a portrait/people photographer. But, as a 'resolution' to myself this year, I am going to push myself to shoot more people...candid, portraits, what here is an attempt. This is my friend Lisa. She suffers from Meniere's Disease. She has a terrible case of it and struggles daily with these awful attacks. She is a full time/24 hour a day mom to a 4 year old (who is so impressive to watch while she is having an attack). She told me she wanted just one photo of herself that made her look 'half way decent'...I did my best. Being new to people photography, and reading up on all the info and looking at all the portrait galleries here at PN, I see many, many flaws with this photo (and am totally willing to admit this). BUT~ Lisa loves it and it's a start for me, so that's what matters right? I thank all who have previously commented on my entries here, enjoy your day.
  74. Great images this week. I ran across this vehicle in an antique yard. I thought the front grille area looked interesting.
    Image taken with Nikon D200 with Nikon 105 f2.8 VR lens. Shot at f8, 1/60 second, ISO 100. Thanks for looking.
  75. Got my D3000 a couple of weeks ago, but due to crappy weather I was limited to shooting only indoors. Finally a day came by with a bit of sun in to add some colour to the world. I went out to grab some photos and this one I like the most.
  76. Dubravko - Very nice composition, the high contrast of the Diafine developer looks great.
    Here is a shot from Saturday, it is a crop from a larger image converted in NX2. D700, 80-200 2.8.
  77. Saint Andrews Catholic Church, Pasadena, CA. D700, 14mm.
  78. Hello All
    I love the "tilework" or "Trencadis" simil of this lizard skin.
    D300 + Tamron 90 mm - 1/1250 - f 3.5 - ISO 1000
    PS. Thanks to Gej Jones for your kind words about my last week pic.
  79. Hello this is my first post here!
    Thanks for the comments
    D40x 1/500 f2.8 20mm ISO200
  80. Welcome Pete Raw
    but be aware that there is an only pic per person per thread rule.
    Surely 2 of your pics will disappear soon!
    But again be welcome here
    (Raw is your real name??)
  81. He was hounding me for more food -
  82. Saw this little guy at the garden center while buying my spring planting supplies.
  83. Happy Wednesday, Since a while I have been following this thread. Every time I am amazed by the beautiful pictures that are posted here. Today I decided to post my first contribution. The picture was taken during a very cold skiing day in Switzerland.
    D40, 18-55mm @ 18mm f/8.0 1/800 ISO 200
  84. Holy Wednesday my dear Nikon colleagues,
    I appreciated dear Dan South, Tiffany Brook and Greg Kowalczewski's valuable words to my post last week.
    Dear Bogdan, I wish I was there... Your photo improved me to post an old photo taken in Turkey almost two years ago. Unfortunately not have enough time to access original NEF file, so posting from my JPEG previews. Hope you like it. Thanks for stopping by and many cheers to you all. Regards,
  85. This was taken Oct 2009 in Julian, California. Being from South Florida, it was nice to see fall colors.
  86. Another wonderful Wednesday! My offering is from my recent trip to Copenhagen -- this is the tree in a large municipal park where children come to say good-bye to their pacifiers. The tree is festooned with "binkies" and ribbons and scribbled farewell notes from 3- and 4-year olds. It's a sweet and comforting custom, but I've never seen anything like this in the U.S. -- is this common in other European or Scandinavian countries?
    Too many terrific offerings -- I hate to pick favorites, but I have to say that Jeannean's portrait of her niece is too lovely to ignore. Other faves are Paula's inchworm and Eric's fortune teller. Kudos to everyone, though...
  87. 3sh


    Again birds! Very good pictures so far. Mine was taken last saturday at Ipswich Mass Audubon sanctuary. I played with the curves tool and cropped.
    Details - D300, 70-300VR, at 300mm, f/8, 1/1000s, ISO 200, handheld.
  88. Leviathan's debut at the Owosso MI steam festival July 09. This locomotive, and its sister locomotive Jupiter, are modern reproductions of the Jupiter locomotive in the Promontory, Utah golden spike celebration.
  89. Happy WedNEsDAy everyone!
    This one was taken on Saturday, at a local Goth club's "funeral" party.
    Nikon D50 + Nikon 35mm f/1.8G (@ f/1.8, 1/160 sec, ISO 1600)
  90. One from recent band night at the local pub Nikon D80 + Nikon 50mm F/1.4 ISO400 1/125 at F2.2 0EV
    Adjusted in Photoshop
  91. Nikon D90, 28-85 f2.8-4 @f2.8, ISO 800, 1/400 sec.
    This one was in the Everglades, Arthur Marshall Wildlife Refuge......
    Great shots......Everyone. I enjoy this thread so much.
  92. Thank you to those kind enough to mention my effort of last week. Matt, indeed you are so right to mention backlog of images. I know exactly what you mean. Pictures taken during one day can take weeks to sort out and process. Sometimes i think it was indeed quicker when we processed film, and got the prints in our hand and that was the end of the matter.
    This again harks back from Christmas Day. There's nothing quite like landing on a Troodos mountain top landing site, jumping out 'Vietnam style', snapping a few photos, and then jumping back in to carry on. Great fun. My friend Moss keeping the engine running waiting for me to take photos. D700, iso 500 1/125sec, f/14, 62mm on my Nikkor 24-120mm.
    On hindsight maybe I would have used a slightly slower shutter speed, but in these rush-rush situations I usully forget something or another.
  93. Good morning! It is finally sunny here in Seattle and here I am at the computer...I must be hooked on this thread!
    Matt...Great many shapes and directions..would love to see the color version too.
    Ray...Lovely...a great way to start the day.
    Epp...I agree...your patience paid off and you nailed it. looks like you managed to not disturb the tenant at all!
    Steve...Great capture, lovely light.
    James...Simple and in texture and color
    Matthew...Wow...that's quite a bird...I have never seen anything like it...very nice work.
    Aguinaldo...What can I say?...sensational.
    Lil..great capture of a secret place with a beautiful the reflection and light animal...your picture is a great study of grace.
    Kent...Another great the use of bw to show off the crisp lines and shapes
    Jeannean...Beautiful portrait...lovely light and model
    Alejandro...Super shot...he is really watching you!
    Peter...What a terrific shot..I LOVE the story that goes with it!
    Here is my contribution... my husband and my son...this is one that really fills me up
  94. This was taken last week with my D80, and my new Nikon 70-300 VR.
  95. Industry in Harjavalta; browser problem prevented me from uploading the image.
  96. F-16 Greater Binghamton Airshow
  97. Crisp Sunday Afternoon here in London.
    D80, tokina 12-24mm, f11, iso220, 1/100s
  98. [​IMG]
    D700/ 20mm/2.8 at f8 / iso 6400
  99. D700, SB-400, 85mm 1.8D....
  100. It's been a difficult week, so a few moments spent with the WedNEsDAy thread is a special pleasure today. The photo below was taken two weeks ago during our snow, but a recent discussion about photo-editing has inspired me to do some extra post-shot processing, which I think rather suits the content.
    Even so, I've a way to go when compared with Epp B's wonderfully elegant capture of a similar subject.
  101. Hello everybody around the world!
    It's nice to see so much great photos this week as well.

    Let me start by saying thanks! to all of you that liked my shot. It's flattering and obligating me to do better this weak.

    My favorites for this week are:
    Matt Laur , I really like the composition.
    Epp B , i think I mention your name almost every weak, i really like your work!
    Shane Srogi , be at right place at right time, and make a photo with great story and composition.
    Aguinaldo de Paula , I'm in love with wide angle, so... :)
    Dubravko Grakalic , Samobor is always nice, i like the composition.
    Roberta Davidson , :) Why o why, I really like it.
    Gej Jones , love the blue color and composition.
    Tiffany Brook , really warm photo, it shows you love ones on it.

    I've took my photo in city Ogulin in Croatia. Part of abandoned old building. Partially desaturated in capture NX.
  102. A Shell. Nikon D50. Kiron 105mm Macro. Natural light from a small window.
  103. Hocking Hills, Ohio in HDR. Nikon D300-18-200mm last Monday.
  104. Brookshire Texas Sunset
  105. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    To Tiffany Brook, your photograph of your husband and son is beautiful. Charming subjects and beautifully accomplished.
  106. Hocking Hills, Ohio in HDR. Mikon D300-18-200mm last Monday.
  107. Thank you Filip and thank you Tony! I am delighted that you like the image.
    Sam...oh, oh,oh....what a great shot! congrats!
  108. A shot from last summer at the National Bison Range in Montana.
  109. Hi Alejandro
    oh I see, well I'll keep the others for other occasions.
    (And no is sort of nickname I've been using)
  110. bmm


    Wow! Wednesday comes so fast... means I'm getting old :)
    Totally unprepared again this week so here is another image from my Hong Kong trip late last year. These are the wonderful little cardboard and wood signs used to mark out different herbs and spices in the markets up near Mong Kok.
  111. Rincon Point, California sunset.
  112. [​IMG]
    Nikonos II, 35mm f2.5 Nikkor
  113. Taken at Rocket Park on the grounds of Johnson Space Center in Houston.
    Nikon F100, Nikkor 50mm F1.8
  114. Its one of the wonders of the world, the only one from India - Taj Mahal.
    For more info:
  115. Well - it's pouring "dogs & cats" to quote my daughter today, so maybe I'll have a chance to comment today. :)
    First up - to Dan South, Tiffany Brook, Gej Jones (yes they are toys. :) ) & Mark H . Thank you all for commenting on Kyrie's photo. We're enjoying her a lot. :)
    For this week - this is what has caught my eye....
    Rene' - I love old doors so this one qualifies. :)
    Paula - love this macro shot. It's wonderful :) The softness & tones. :)
    Joe - nice walk down memory lane.
    Erik - adorable candid of the little girl
    Narayan - lovely shot, the colors/tones & play with dof - beautiful framing.
    Epp - - stunning. :) Simplicity to it's best.
    Hamish - I so remember those cold days....
    Shane - stunning shot - love the colors & framing - - stellar.
    Shun - fun shot. Oh I remember being about 18 years old & buying a life vest for our cat. We were going sailing on our new boat for three weeks bringing along the cat. He was forced to wear the vest & he could not stand it. Poor boy....
    James - great door - - love the colors.
    Matthew - love your Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo in flight. I love the Black Cockatoos. Do you know that bird is worth about $ 20,000 in the US.....
    Greg - I love when babies get to the point that they start discovering their toes & feet. Too cute. :)
    Eric - that fortune teller has character. ;-)
    Aguinaldo - love your landscape. Love how the clouds reflect in the water.
    Ray - love the light & colors
    Michael - excellent shot of horse & rider in Eventing - the most dangerous of all equestrian disciplines.
    Pedro - welcome to posting & you have a lovely daughter.
    Robert - beautiful landscape.
    Ken - great candid you got on Wall Street.
    Dubravko - great winder capture.
    Rick - great candid of the little girl
    Richard - great shot of the Bougainvillea - love the colors
    Ron - interesting play on dark & light on this shot of the rose.
    Gwen - love your landscape of the wetlands. :)
    Jeannean - that's just a great candid of your niece. Lovely & she's beautiful. Well done.
    Dallas - great shot of the Cattle Egret.
    Carey - great shot of the winter landscape
    Roberta - great capture of the White Ibis. Have you considered calling the closes wildlife society & telling them the location of the bird. They're good at catching them & rehabilitating them after things like this....
    Gej - love you landscape - - beautiful colors.
    Doug - great B&W conversion.
    Alejandro - great play with dof on the lizard.
    Ernst - been there & dealt with that. Great capture.
    Paul - love your CA landscape.
    Peter - I left Sweden almost 29 years ago so I don't know what happens currently. But I've not ever seen that before. Could be Danish or simply something new....
    Tiffany - great shot of your husband & son. Love the warmth & joy in it.
    Colleen - lovely landscape
    Sam - the winner of cuteness of this week's thread. :) You win by default.
    Peter - love your B&W winter landscape.
    Mike - nice HDR waterfall
    Jeff - lovely sunset.
    Debejyo - love your shot from the Taj Mahal
    Tiffany - thank you for your comment on my Sora shot. You are always so kind & generous. :)
    Now - my question???? Where's Lex & Ton??? I haven't seen anything from either of them for a while..... Anyone know what's going on? I miss them both.
    Lil :)
  116. Washington Monument over Christmas.
    Oh wow that is tall, how do I edit an uploaded image?
  117. Try this again with less tall.
  118. bms


    Almost belated Happy Wednesday. Still playing around with Macro after a week of almost no pictures.
  119. OK, so here goes my first Wed. pic. This is a full water reflection of a tree and some foliage D200, Nikkor Ais 300 4.5, tripod, MLU, ISO 200. It is as is no manipulation. It's at my carp fishing hole. Enjoy!
  120. First time...
  121. In honor of the big Saints game this weekend here is a photo taken of a co-worker while we were tailgating a few weeks ago. We were located a few blocks from the Superdome. Taken with Nikon D80. Geaux Saints![​IMG]
  122. Well now here we are a few hours later, good work everyone. A few the touched me this week.
    Grant tanner - I like it. Maybe the color, the simplicity, I dont know. I like it.
    Epp B - the wait was worth it.
    Shane Srogi - Nice Composition. The frog is gross, I dont like frogs but the photo is nice
    Paul B - the bars make me feel bad for the sheep
    Aguinaldo de paula - Love the movement, I feel like I am moving a really fast
    Joe Elrod - Life goes on, we are so small.
    Doug Santo - Lovely
    Peter Giraudian - they are beautiful birds, kind of a aeronautical geek myself. Nice capture
  123. Mike L Long - nice shot of the falls. Do you live in the area?
    I can't believe I've had my D300 for 16 months now and have yet to go to Hocking Hills since I got it. It's a real crime because my farm is an easy 20 minute drive due north of Logan.
  124. Oops try again...[​IMG]
  125. Haven't posted in a few weeks, busy busy busy.
    D80 50mm 1/200 @ f/1.4 ISO640 Handheld
  126. At a park near our apartment. Pressed the button with my camera hanging in front of my stomach. slightly cropped.
  127. D90 / 105MM F2.8 VR / SB-600 with Fong Defuser
  128. mbh


    So many incredible images, it’s a joy to run through this thread. Workflow by Matt Laur reminded me of an old “I Love Lucy” episode, but Matt shot his scene from a better angle. Again, Paula Wang stunned me with the beauty of her macros, the small worm dancing from one petal to another held my gaze far too long. Eric James’ Over Easy, Kuskokwim River is one of those wonderful abstract pieces that sends my mind spinning in different directions as I plug in different possibilities of what I might be seeing, nothing so easy as a river. Shane Srogi’s little frog tucked away between leaves delighted me. Steve Hughes’ surf shot caught my eye, perhaps because I spent part of the day out on the beach enjoying SoCal’s bad weather. I quite savored the beautiful capture by Matthew Brennan, such crisp detail and colors visible in the feathers and, well, throughout his Cockatoo. Adorable portrait of Greg Jones’ grandson, babies always make me think of my own children when they were young and then wipe a sigh of relief that I’ve got a few years yet before I get to enjoy my own grandchildren. Speaking of children, something about Pedro Claro’s shot of his oldest daughter spoke to me, wonderful smile and eyes. And so many, many other wonderful shots that I get to enjoy, but can’t comment on this time.
    My own image was taken with my D700 and an 80-200 Nikon lens at the beach this morning. It was lovely with only three people out, each of us with our own camera.
  129. Not sure why my pix was so small....can anyone tell me how to upload correctly? Thanks!
  130. Cathi, your picture's dimensions in pixels determines how big it will look on a computer screen. Yours is quite small—100 x 100 pixels. The widest ones you see here are 700 pixels wide, which is the maximum allowed on this thread. There's no official limit on height, but it's generally best to keep height to no more than about 700 pixels also.
  131. Mid-Morning on a Monday at Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Often cited as one of the busiest intersections in the world. My daughter decided it was time for a rest! D40, f7.1, 1/200.
  132. The Sultan Abu Bakar mosque at Johor Bahru. The flare looks like a plane. D40, 18-55 VR, 15 seconds, f/5.6.
  133. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Cathi, you need to first determine the URL for the actual JPEG image itself you want to display, not just the URL for the page you see that image. In your case it is this:
    It should have the "jpg" suffix at the end.
    When you are at the page where you see the image, put your mouse cursor over the image and right click and select properies; it should display the URL for the actual JPEG image as one of the properties.
    After that, please follow's FAQ to link to your image:
  134. Thank you Lil Judd for commenting on my photo of the wetlands. You made an old woman's day a little brighter.
  135. Lil, I did call the Audubon Zoo who referred me to a bird rehabers. Unfortunatley no one will go out and catch the bird. If it were on the ground injured then they would help.
    So many great photos, will be back later and try and comment.
  136. I'm surprised Roberta -
    here they would try to help.... Well at least in most of the places.
    Thanks for checking - I appreciate it.
  137. This is maybe not the best picture I've ever taken, but the great thing about it is that it was taken with my "new" 200mm f4 AI that I received today. It's amazing that I can slap a 30+ year old lens on my d50 and start snapping away.
  138. Ray Yeager, Tiffany Brook, Filip Luci, Lil Judd and Dallas McVicker,
    Thank you very much for your kind words.
    best regards for you all.
    Looking forward for the next Nikon Wed pic.
  139. Lil, I even emailed everyone I spoke to a copy of the picture hoping for some sympathy, but no luck. :(
  140. I'm sorry to hear that Roberta, but sometimes that's the way they do things....
    Aguinaldo - my pleasure.
  141. Thank you for the info Kent and Shun. I will try it again next week.
  142. Thanks to Mark H., Peter R., & Lil for your kind comments on my Macro pic. of the week. I was touched by your kind comments.
    Like all the entries. My most favorites of this week are:
    Epp B – Cold and Lonely
    Steve H – Surf
    Matthew B – Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo
    Mike C – LA at Sunset
    Aguinaldo de Paula – Morning at the Jurubatiba Natural Reserve
    Dallas McVicker – Cattle Egret
    Gej Jones – The Gulf Coast of Alabama
    Debejyo C – India –Taj Mahal
    Lil, hope I have the luck to find the elusive Sora up here in the north.
  143. I shot this last sunday while walkin by the "Vrbas" -7 :)
    D60, Nikkor 18-135mm @18mm, Cokin Circ. Polarizer, Cokin ND4
    1/10 sec.
  144. Happy
    Nikon WedNEsDAy PiC 2010: #3

    First off I was really struck by Joseph Leotta's "dug out" picture. That one is a classic!
    For this week I'm also diving into the archive. I dug this picture out from three years ago. I took it with a D200 camera.
  145. Images that really caught my eye and inspired me this week are:
    Epp - Good eye, your planning paid off.
    Eric- Your abstract images have beem amazing, especially when I think about what you are shooting.
    Shane - Beautifully done. So whimsical.
    Mike C.- I love it. Such an interesting shot.
    Aquinaldo - Beautifully done!! Reminds me of when I was living in southwest Minnesota.
    Dubravko- I love the sense of place that your shot conveys.
    Jeannean - Lovely portrait. You are going to have to rethink your obsession w/ bugs! ;-)
    Tiffany- What a wonderful shot of the males in your family. I can understand why it fills you up!!
    Have a wonderful week, everyone.
  146. Friday is the new Wednesday XD a bit too late
    Christmas in Bogotá D80 f/5.0 1/50s ISO400 Kitlens 18-135mm @18mm
  147. Thanks Tiffany ! and again a Lovely family portrait yours.

    Thanks Lil ! and congratulation for your Porzana carolina catching! .. by the way ...if you know of a bird as valuable as the Cockatoos, but around here, in South America, tell me so, please. It would be an interesting way to finance a D3x and new prime lenses !! ;-)

    About Ton Mestrom, his last posting here was around week 42, and it was an empty post, no pics no words. It was after the discussion about sizes and pixels. I thought it was a way to say he was no longer posting here. Hope to be wrong, I miss also his fantastic images here.

    But he is very active posting and commenting in others forums Link and Portfolio

    by by
  148. Alejandro.....
    Hyacinth Macaw - worth a lot of money, but very illegal to smuggle into the country. ;)
  149. Thanks for the kind words Lil Judd. Can't wait until next Wednesday!
  150. Thanks Lil

    So to Bolivia I'll go! And don't worry, we Southamericans, know very well how to smuggle tons of illegal substances into USA without much problem! So a parrot is not big deal!

    I'm joking of course.
    While in Iguazu Falls, I visited Guira-Oga, a Santuary for birds and small animals seized at customs. Is incredible the level of stress of these poor creatures. They found them stuck inside soccer balls, cans of food, radios, etc. Some may never recover. And surely they found only a small part or the total traffic.

    I'm practicing with Noise Ninja on some pics I took there. I'll post one next Wednesday.

    About missing ones, where is Per-Christian? I want to see the Sigma 150-500 in action!

    by by
  151. Winter light on the Massachusetts State House.
  152. Contributors whose shots I found to be particularly interesting this week WedNEsDay 03
    Matt Laur – wonderful workflow!
    Joseph Leotta – thanks for the memories…. Billy Martin!
    Epp B – great texture. I really like it.
    Hamish Gray – Spectacular! I can feel the cold.
    Abib Bocresion – I like the sun at the top of the photo. Nice shot.
    Sanford Gerald – Wow!
    James Kazan – something about doors that interests all of us. Most impressive.
    Juho Niva – You did well. I don’t want to meet you on the street at night!
    Eric Arnold – I smiled as soon as I saw it.
    Aquinaldo de Paula - Another awe-inspiring shot.
    Ray Yeager – Nice!
    Lil Judd – I enjoy it. Crisp, sharp and draws you in.
    Ian Rance – great contrast.
    Ken Yamamoto – you captured the reflected light exceptionally well.
    Kent Shafer – my favorite!!!
    Joe Elrod – makes you think of what was?
    Dubravko Grakalic – off to school, the retired teacher in me is smiling.
    Jeannean Buglady – a special young lady. Nice shot.
    Doug Santo – another WoW picture.
    Alejandro Held – hope he was friendly. You really captured great colors
    Ernst Verloop – memories of whiteouts in Vail. Thanks!
    John Harper – your shot has convinced me to attend next year.
    Tiffany Brook – terrific father and son shot. Frame it!
    Filip Lucin – the window is excellent.
    Mike L. Long – Nice!
    Steven Ford – this one is easy to notice. Well done!
    Mitch Hammes – in coming years, she’ll say she was chillin’
    DadRaden Munim – terrific night shot.
  153. Never give up! Hamburg, Germany July 2009
  154. [​IMG]
    d300. 17-55mm.
  155. Thank you, Gej, Lil, and Joseph (I am so honored!) for your mention. I learn a lot every week here (I will someday have to take up your offer, Lil, about IR photo techniques!). I just go out every weekend and take as many as I like and pick one that may be good enough to show here (although it is getting a bit harder to expand my subject horizon without a car :).
    Those that caught my eyes this week are:
    Matt Laur, Joseph Leotta, Narayan Kovvali, Epp B, Shane Srogi, James Kazan, Arthur Richardson, Dieter Schaefer, Aguinaldo de Paula, Jose Angel, Lil Judd, Robert Premkumar, Eddy Furlong, Kent Shafer, Bryan Davis, Jeannean Buglady, Dallas McVicker, Carey Moulton, Roberta Davidson, Doug Santo, Tiffany Brook, Peter Heritage, Mike Long, Jeff Lipsman ,,, and many more.
    See you next Wednesday.
  156. Thanks Joseph, but I think you forgot to put your own name in that list :)

    Thanks also to Gej and Lil for the comment.
    I can't pick a favorite cause there are too many good photos. Here are three that stood out for me.
    Matthew's bird
    Doug Santo's wide angle
    And Tiffany's portrait of her son and husband.
    See you all again on Wednesday...
  157. I NEED A BREAK!
    I'm working so hard on WeDNeSDaY PiC #4 that I need a break…. So what better place than here…..
    So? Besides Lil no one else liked my door? OK! That's it! No more doors shooting! hehe Oh! I am sorry Joseph! I see now that you squeezed my name there too! :) Well thank YOU and EVERYONE else for taking the time to participate.
    So? I like very picture but there are still some that somehow turn out to be more interesting to a particular person….. so here are mine:
    Paula Wang - Joseph Leotta - Narayan Kovvali - Epp B - Shane Srogi - Jana Hughes - Matthew Brennan - Cees Maas - Aguinaldo de Paula - Ray Yeager - Jeannean Buglady - Dallas McVicker - Roberta Davidson - Gej Jones - Doug Santo - Peter Heritage - Mike L. Long and Debejyo Chakraborty.
    Let's meet again next week! Cheers!
  158. Thank you for the comments about the photo of my niece. She really is lovely inside and out. (I'm trying to photograph things other than bugs, although I can't resist sometimes. ;-)
    As usual, the Wednesday "trip around the world" was fun and inspiring. So many wonderful photos and so little time to comment on each one, but I enjoyed them all. I see we have quite a few newcomers this week, so would like to extend a welcome to Abib , Juho (you can't center the text if uploading from a hosted site including PNet; you can if uploading directly from your computer...something I'd like to see change), P Watson , Pedro Claro , Ron Hartman, Pete Raw, Ernst Verloop, Dave Wilson, Alyson Dietz and any others I might have missed as being new to the thread. The more the merrier! :D
    Peter Rafle: what a great story along with the photo. Thanks all for sharing...see you Wednesday! (Yes Joseph, you need to add your name to the list. :)
  159. René, I liked your door.
    "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." William Blake, The Marrriage of Heaven and Hell.
  160. Aaaaahh, I see that I am missed...... ;) Thank you Alejandro and Joseph!
    Hello, everybody, and thank you for sharing all those wonderful images this week, as well as last week.
    I have been in hibernation mode the last 2 weeks. I think you all have experienced the feeling in which you ask yourself "why do I take these "#**"¤ photos - I don't know what to do with them?" Well, that has been my problem lately. Nor have I posted so much here at as I have used to do.
    However, I am slowly defrosting. luckily... I will not promise anything, but I think I will be posting an image in the Wednesday thread tomorrow. Time will show...
    And Rene, I liked your door too!
    @Alejandro, I must get used to the 150-500, but the images will surely come some day.
  161. I enjoyed this week's PiCs tremendously and I especially liked photos by Matt Laur, Paula Wang, Epp B, Eric James, Shane Srogi, Sanford Gerald, Juho Niva, Mike C, Eric Arnold, Kent Shafer, Jeannean Buglady, Tiffany Brook, Filip Lucin, Lance Noell & Andrés Arteaga. And big thanks to Joseph Leotta (I'm honored, and I agree that you forgot your own name from the list :)) & Jeannean!
    Until tomorrow then!
  162. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    So Rene is showing us the door? :)
    Until tomorrow indeed.

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