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  1. Finland celebrated its 100th year of independence today. There was fireworks over the South Harbor in Helsinki. I tried to get some landmarks in the background but without much prior information about the fireworks it was difficult. D810, 24-70/2.8E.


  2. Last week I learned about Eyes in the Sky (EITS, , a Santa Barbara Audubon’s key wildlife education program since 2000. It features seven birds of prey that serve as education ambassadors. All were rescued and rehabilitated but, due to permanent disabilities, can no longer survive in the wild.

    Kachina - female American Kestrel, Nikon D500, 300/4E PF VR, 1/800, f/5.6, ISO 140

    Kanati - male American Kestrel, Nikon D500, 300/4E PF VR, 1/800, f/5.6, ISO 140

    Kisa - female Peregrine Falcon, D500, 300/4E PF VR, 1/800, f/8, ISO 1600

    Kachina and Kanati are hit-by-car victims, Kisa was found with a bullet in her shoulder.
  3. The mascot of Castleton State University (really a college but full of itself) is a helmeted Spartan, and on my way out of the gym I spotted this inadvertent nod to "Sparty" in the yard of spartan pump.jpg a nearby building.
  4. Sorry to be late to this, especially since I already had some photos of the moon posted this week. I have some interesting experiments that I ran out of time to try, so I'll follow Matt's theme instead. Like his, this is with a 200-500. I only have a TC-14, not a 17, and I couldn't be bothered to set up a tripod, so I'm not going to compete on reach - both these are without the teleconverter. This is 1:1 (hot tip: the moon is about the right size with the 200-500, cropped 1:1 from a D810, to fit the 1000px limit - how will I cope when I eventually get a D850?) but unlike the shots on the other thread, processed with DxO then Photoshop rather than out-of-camera JPEGs; hopefully they're a bit sharper, although something about crater rims makes DxO try to invent colour.

    I was clouded out on the weekend, so this is a slightly hazy shot from Friday. I can't claim this was my idea (I don't recall whether I saw it in Astronomy Photographer of the Year in the UK or on APOD), but here's the moon with a heavy saturation boost (and a bit of blurring in the A and B channels to get rid of false colour fringes). Arguably this is the colour of the moon's rocks... only a bit easier to see. (I'd claim you'd see this if the moon wasn't against a black background, but since I basically can't see colour if I fill the eyepiece of a telescope with the moon, I'm going to say that theory is rubbish.)

  5. I noticed tonight that I actually had a partly clear sky again (properly clear, unlike the high haze from Friday, although not for the whole sky). The moon was a bit lower on the horizon when I was out, so there's some atmosphere in the way, but now there's a bit more moon side-on to the sun - so the craters are a bit more visible. Here's another 1:1, with natural colours this time. I did have a stab at hand-holding a shot of the Orion Nebula too... but the results aren't worth sharing. I'll try to come up with something interesting for next week.

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    Dieter, nice images of (captive) birds of prey. While those are not pixel-peeping images, the 300mm/f4 PF can certainly produce very sharp images, especially at f5.6.

    While I grew up in Hong Kong and was already very much into photography as a teenager, I never captured any night image of the
    Hong Kong Harbour, among my favorite, until a trip back there 5 years ago. I could have used the base ISO 64 for the image below. The challenge is that the Star Ferry on the left side was floating around. Any multiple-second time exposure would certainly lead to a blurry ferry.

    Nikon D850 with 24-70mm/f2.8 E AF-S VR lens at 34mm, f5.6, 1/8 sec and ISO 1600, with tripod. VR is not of much help in this case.

  7. Am I allowed to be amused that, at the time of writing, several people have liked my traditional moon snap, but nobody likes the colour boosted version? I know the colour boost wasn't original despite being a little more unusual, but it was way more processing effort to get the effect to look half decent (and yes, it's still not perfect) - the other moon was just a sharpened snap with a minor curve tweak.

    It goes to show that getting the right subject in good lighting trumps clever post-processing efforts. Which is a lesson I should learn in photography in general. :)
  8. A little late this week! Here's my granddaughter playing with hair styles in the bath tub. She is 4 1/2 years old, and has a flair for the dramatic. Shot with a D7100 and 18-105 20171124_2590.jpg
  9. 20171124_2571.jpg One more 20171124_2571.jpg

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