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    A Nikon Wednesday to everyone. I'm going to guess I wasn't the only person pointing a long lens at this year's only "super" moon this month, as the moon was both full and at its closest to us. Happily, we also had some clear, still air for a change. Didn't have to get off my front porch for this one, as the moon rose at a civilized hour just over the trees to the east. Popped the D810 on a tripod-mounted Nikon 200-500 with a 1.7x TC. This makes for an 850mm that I used at f/14 and 1/400th and ISO 500. Pretty casual arrangement, actually, but it worked fairly well. Anybody else? Share some photos! super_moon.jpg
  2. Good Wednesday, everybody! Not much time for photography these days. (I missed the full moon sitting in front of the computer.) So here are a couple of photos from the old days. This one was taken in London, in July 2008, with my D50 and Nikon 18-200mm: "A face in the crowd." Just standing in front of the Covent Garden Tube station. 20080727DSC_0736.jpg
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  3. And this one was taken in Venice, in May 2009, with D90 and Nikon 18-200mm: "A young love." 20090511DSC_2507_bw2.jpg
  4. And this one was taken last week, with D7100, Sigma 17-50, and SB-700 bounced off something: "Empty Nester: the portrait of my wife." 17_12_02_5905-Edit-Edit.jpg
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  5. erik_christensen|3

    erik_christensen|3 Self-employed

    view from the beach road on Con Dao -cfbDSC_1491-5.jpg
  6. Nikon_17_35.jpg Tulip leaf.​
  7. Imortelle flowers
  8. No "super" moon, but last month's full moon nonetheless lighting up a Fiat 500.


    Nikon D800, AF-S 16-35/4 VR
  9. Christmas spirit on a farm in CT 2017 Castle Hill Farm 15 x1000.jpg
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  10. It is hard to portray the size of this monster in a photo. It is about 10cm long, has a wingspan of a sparrow and can leap like Superman. I'm glad it was solitary when it landed in our backyard here in Uruguay. D7100 Sigma 150mm macro. Hop and Fly.jpg
  11. DSC_2402.jpg Driskill Hotel, Austin, Texas.
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  12. My Super moon image. Captured with a Nikon D500 and Nikon 600mm lens, from Sparta, NC. Full frame, not cropped.

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  13. ThanksgivingBryce-302.jpg ThanksgivingBryce-336.jpg
    D750, 24-85. I am learning lots about night shooting these days, but I never get tired of red rock, blue sky, and old junipers. And shooting into the sun...
  14. Monday morning's super moon setting Canada Geese in Full Moon.jpg
  15. How I feel in the morning Black necked stilt with head in water.jpg
  16. Sandhill crane Sandhill Complaining.jpg
  17. The last bit of fall foliage, little left of those splendid colours by now.

    FM2, AiS 35mm f/1.4, Agfa Precisa CT100

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  18. For the last year I've been photographing industrial tubes, rusted and coated, at Mare Island, CA in a series I've called "Horizontals." This photo is a continuation of the series, showing the underside of some of the rusted tubes.

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