Nikon Wednesday 2017: #16

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Matt Laur, Apr 18, 2017.

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    Oh, we're definitely in the pleasant-evening-out-with-the-camera season, now. While waiting for a dinner table just before sunset the other evening, I took a moment to try out a different lens/body combo (the 14-24/2.8 holds up just fine under the D810's withering high-resolution stare, it seems - even if I'm hand-balancing it on a fence for an almost 2-second exposure!). Sure, the long exposure merry-go-round shot is a cliche, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. What's been in front of you this past week? Share!

    D810 at ISO 100 and 1.7s with a Nikon 14-24/2.8 at f/22 and 14mm.
  2. 0021aaa Colchón Abandonado-NAFS85G.jpg Nikkor AF-S 85 G on Nikon D2X
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  3. ere are some incredibly small pink flowers that I found in my lawn. Nikon Df, DF0_2260.jpg DF0_2261.jpg DF0_2262.jpg
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  4. Cliches are fine as long as we put our own spin on it :) my version from last year.
    D600 24-85 VR handheld @ 1/2 sec f11
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  5. Flying bee from last week.
    D600 70-200 f4 VR
  6. Mockingbird
    D600 70-200 f4 VR
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  7. Just a dog, enjoying life as a pampered pooch. :)


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  8. hyde christmas wreath.jpg Spring is on its way, and the snow is melting.
  9. Last year's cattails are blowing away....

  10. cycling family.jpg
    But you really know it's spring when the bicycles come out.
  11. Nikon D7100, Micro-Nikkor 105mm/2.8
    Rain Flower-5841a-sml.jpg
  12. Fishing on the Milwaukee River where it enters Lake Michigan sunrisepierhead5-copy-2.jpg
  13. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    This is my flower.

    Hummingbirds with 80-400mm AF-S VR @ 340mm, f16, 1/200 sec and ISO 320, flashes

  14. Porkkala, D5, 300/4 PF with TC-14E III, 420mm, f/8, 1/250s, ISO 3200.
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  15. Interaction ... plenty of food for everyone. 420, f/8, 1/640s, ISO 4000. por36wed.jpg
  16. 420mm, f/5.6, 1/250s, ISO 6400. por33wed.jpg
  17. Ferris Wheel
    Nikkormat EL​
  18. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Moderator

    Green Breasted Mango hummingbird, 300mm/f4 PF lens at f4, 1/1250 sec, FX body.

  19. April 2005 D70 18-70 16x20 stumps in crosby lake.jpg
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