Nikon Wednesday 2016: #26

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    Personally, despite stomping around in many a farmer's field, I've never run into a hop yard. Common in many places, but not 'round these parts. These particular few acres of hops were being grown for local use by a relatively new brewery in Northern Virginia. We tasted our way through some of their hard work (the Irish Mahogany Ale was my favorite). So, here's a young-ish hops vine, climbing its way up a network of 12-foot high suspended ropes, soon to be harvested for its bitter but beer-vital cones. Shot something you've never seen before in person? Share some photos!
  2. A couple of years old now, but here's something I had not seen until then....
  3. I may have to go on another trip, because I think my sooper seekrit hideout has been spotted!
  4. But I'm ready to go off hunting the wild beasts. Oh, there goes one now!
  5. Midsummer festivities in Seurasaari. f = 36mm.
  6. Midsummer bride and groom. f = 165mm.
  7. More traditional dancing.
  8. I had put this image in the critique forum; here is take 2.
  9. I ran out of my Nikon battery...this is from the i-phone, sorry. Long shadow...
  10. Austin Symphony does a free concert in the park every Sunday.
  11. A capoeira demonstration from a while back
  12. One of our biggest employers here is Quaker Oats. We are its world headquarters. Interestingly, they've never hired a single soul that I've ever met. Someone basically has to die for there to be an opening. My wife worked there on a temp job contract and remarked that the culture is very close-knit and regimented. Good gig, if you can get it.
    Anyhow, Quaker gets grain from all over the world. Here's a recent hopper car / billboard, taken on a recent biking expedition near the Quaker plant.
  13. Street performer in the park
  14. Peony in bloom
  15. American Robin while hiking in the forrest
  16. This one I had seen before, but not so early in the summer. The creature is about 15 mm in length.
    Better size, another try.
  17. Another try with resize.
  18. [​IMG]At a BBQ in Candiac Quebec, there was a flame to chase the the bugs away. Managed to grab a shot. I underexposed.
  19. Male Eastern Blue Bird enforcing the No littering law.
  20. Matt that is a very cool way to grow hops.
    That Irish Mahogany Ale sounds pretty tasty.
    I take it you'll be going back to the brewery. Ha Ha.
  21. Hop harvest in the Československá socialistická republika in fall, 1972
  22. I hopped to the nearby island and spotted some color. No brewski :<)
  23. ...
  24. Restaurant downtown Montreal on Mountain street
  25. Yes, John, I'll be back! And JDM: that was exactly how this brewery had their hop yard rigged. Some things just work, apparently.
  26. Thunderstorm - South Padre Island, Texas. June 27, 2016
  27. Fireworks here in Milwaukee

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