Nikon Wednesday 2014: #34

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    Hello Nikon folk. A good Wednesday to everyone. Was just sifting through a folder of architectural detail material, including several shots documenting the stone and cast metal elements used in this recently installed piece in a memorial garden. There are other, cheerier shots and some that place it visually in context, but this one had a particular role in recording design features. Share what you shot, please!
  2. Well, not to seem too eager, but as I just happen to be here, I'll add one.
    I've been using my old 35/2.8 PC manual lens as a normal length on the D3200, figuring if you're going to go manual and no meter, it might as well be preset too. It is very sharp when carefully focused, but I have not gotten adept at doing it fast on that teeny tiny screen. This one came out not badly, though.
  3. Ray House

    Ray House Ray House

    Took my daughter in law to the weekly car show in town...
  4. And one more before fall asleep. It's getting late in the season and even the nastiest stuff is looking pretty.
  5. Yup, infrared again. I'm gonna keep doing this until I get it right.
    D2H, 24/2.5 Tamron Adaptall, a clot of red and polarizing filters for IR effect
  6. shot the world premiere of the coup's shadowbox at the yerba buena center for the arts. an amazing show/experience.
  7. [​IMG]This is one taken about 3 weeks ago in the Caribbean island of St.Vincent (Southern). It depicts the Atlantic coast and is on the North-Eastern side.
  8. Crater Lake National Park, southern Oregon. From The Watchman fire lookout.
  9. Crater Lake National Park, Wizard Island.
  10. Last one from Crater Lake. The rock formation in the foreground is known as Phantom Ship. In the distance is Mount Thielsen.
  11. A few shots from the Winnipeg Blues Festival
  12. Another of Romi Mayes and Jay Nowicki
  13. This one is of Big Dave McLean and Watermelon Slim
  14. Trying out sports, this race started with ambient light and then went into night time.
  15. Flash used is SB800 sitting on camera.
  16. last one, incidentally, the guy with the green helmet is my oldest son.
  17. This is Solan, one of my Siberian Huskys. Picture was taken in early July during our summer vacation.
  18. Young Amish boy and his sister selling their wares at the Ashland, Oh. farmers market on Saturday morning.
  19. A shopper at the farmers market.
  20. Dead Nissan
  21. Early morning watching this Oyster Catcher hunt for breakfast. Nikon D3X, Nikon 300 2.8, 1/800 sec, F/4.0, ISO 64
  22. Storm in blueberry barrens
  23. Hamish - nice shot of Solan. Reminiscent of a Rin Tin Tin shot, if you are familiar with that American TV series of the 1950's.
  24. More flowers for me this week. Deep Cut gardens NJ. Taken with Nikon d800 + Voigtlander 28mm.
  25. Friends' cat, Zebra, guarding the window sill.
  26. Thanks Edwin. Had not heard of Rin Tin Tin, but I just googled it. Found a picture that certainly bears a resemblance :)
  27. Sam I am.
  28. We spent last Sunday watching the USRowing Masters National Championships in Grand Rapids where a friend competed (and won) in the 70 year old category. I have never attended a rowing regatta and the activity on the shore amazed me. The various rowing clubs arrived with trailers carrying 20+ boats each along with with dozens of competitors. The process of preparing, launching and landing the boats was facilitated by the host club volunteers so what could have been chaos ran like clockwork. There was a steady queue of boats and sweeps carried to the launching docks and launched, with the reverse process on the takeout dock. Traffic wardens stopped pedestrians, bikes, and carts to let the boats cross paths so the competitors could get out on the water. Races were started every 4 minutes with up to 6 lanes used so there were probably 60+ launching and landings per hour throughout the day. Congratulations to all the rowers who participated in this regatta and theWest Michigan Sports Commission and Grand Rapids Rowing Association who hosted the event.
  29. These ladies just won their race.
  30. A lot of gear coming and going to the docks.
  31. Happy Wednesday everyone. Hamish and Rick, I loved your pictures this week.
    My first picture this week is our washing line......
    I met this Cyberman at the Dr Who Experience in Cardiff. Well worth a visit if you are UK based.......
    Lastly, another one of a kitten. They are now gradually starting to explore the garden - all senses maxed out and ready to run back indoors at a moment's notice.......
  32. There are some really nice photos here already. Tony, your island coastline shot knocks it out of the park! I just bought a D3300 kit, and have been working with the in-camera raw processing options. Here's a view from our back yard over a maturing cornfield in the afternoon. B&W, Yellow filter effect, Sepia +2.
  33. Carnival ride operator
  34. [​IMG]
    Chartres Cathedral Entrance. Nikon FE (1983) Auto exposure at f/8. Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 N.C. AI'd. Velvia 50. Shirt-pocket-tripod.
  35. Ike Woods of "Ike and Val".
  36. Saw this squirrel yesterday at Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin.
  37. Three favorites.
  38. Last week I dug out my old 28-80 G lens that I got with my very first Nikon, an F65, many years ago. It's a slow, variable aperture kit lens that's made almost entirely of plastic. However, if there is sufficient light to stop down a stop or two, it's capable of producing some nice images.
    D600, 28-80/3.3-5.6 G, 48mm, 1/30 sec @ f7.1
    D600, 28-80/3.3-5.6 G, 80mm, 1/80 sec @ f8
    D600, 28-80/3.3-5.6 G, 80mm, 1/250 @ f7.1
  39. Hello dear friends and have a nice Wednesday! Keep your beautiful shots coming...cheers!
  40. Test of early Nikon Autofocus camera: Nikon 2020 w/ Nikkor 35-80mm lens on Ilford XP2 (c41 process B&W)
  41. Shot a little while ago, a small lighthouse acting as buoy for the entrance of a bay/natural harbour.
  42. Little beach scene that's reversed in pp.
  43. Gup

    Gup Gup

    From Destiny's cockpit in Toronto.
  44. Gup

    Gup Gup

  45. Gup

    Gup Gup

    #3 Toronto Skyline
  46. Happy wednesday!
    scratched Ai-Nikkor 400/3.5 IF-ED at f/4, D3s, cropped
  47. I always love these red British phone booths, and there were 4 of them in a row. I realized I was in the right place at the right time when two lovely children began to play with the phone booths, and a passerby, in perfect posture, looked on.
  48. Shot of my (mostly) Boxer on our deck. She always keeps an eye on me when I'm out in the yard.
  49. John P. of Ashland. I live in Amish country in Perry County. I've taken several photos of the Amish around here (at farm equipment auctions, traveling down our State Route, etc.). I always end up deleting them from my camera due to the Amish aversion to having their photos taken. Did you get permission to take the pic of the Amish boy? Just asking.....trying to resolve my internal moral dilemma regarding pictures of the Amish. Especially with a face showing.
    Now to another dilemma. We own a just about 100% pure white Australian Cattle Dog. 100% purebred. AKC registered. One of our Blue Heeler studs is in the blood line. We have 3 adult Blue Heelers, 2 juvenile Blue Heelers, 1 juvenile Red Heeler, and the latest addition is a White(????) Heeler??????
  50. And another of White Dog. Prior photo was D300 with 70-200 f/2.8. So used to having the 17-55 f/2.8 mounted.
  51. [​IMG]Taken today in the Laval nature center - probably Grampa and Grandson.
  52. I'll throw in one more from my recent "fun with old lenses" exercise. I bought an ancient pre-AI 28/3.5 lens a couple of years ago for $20, even though I didn't need it and never cared much for the length, just because it's a Nikon, and well, you know, Nikon pixies live inside it. Come the DX digital age, and suddenly its edge softness cannot be seen, but its ability to shoot practically straight into the sun can.
    The picture itself isn't interesting, but I think the lens might be!
  53. My granddaughter sitting in her high chair waiting for supper.
  54. The Angel.

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