Nikon Wednesday 2014: #3

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    Hello Nikonistas. Hope everyone got through that arctic blast in good repair last week. Don't often see sub-zero (F!) temps here in our area, so that was exciting. No big snow dumps for us yet, but some visually interesting evenings here and there, with some big flakes coming down. Here's one from the other evening. I was standing in the parking lot outside our favorite Chinese restaurant, waiting for carry-out, and looked up through the snow to see a construction crane looming over some steel work in a back-lit haze of snow.

    Turns out it's more of an abstraction than it is a useful way to depict what I saw. But maybe that's for the best. Let's see some no-context oddness this week, if it suits you. Share!
  2. Image taken during yesterday's beachwalk (75 Fahrenheit on the South Coast), converted to an "oil painting" in photoshop.
  3. A old logging mill for me this week. Nikon 1 V1 + Nikon 30-110mm lens. Enjoy.
  4. That pesky "Get it right in the camera" dictum seems to keep turning up like gum on a shoe, on every photo forum I haunt and even among some social media contacts. For an experienced photographer, this is akin to requiring advanced amateur pianists to play scales for the judges before they can move on to the actual compositions. That's why the Olympics eliminated compulsories in figure skating. At that level of experience, it's a pointless waste of time.
    So, just to say I'd done it, I decided to try it the other evening on a familiar subject I've been exploring under various sky conditions. This time the sky was spotlessly clear, with only the natural dusk polarization for a gradient.
    I set the V1 to raw plus JPEG, as usual, with the V1 set to b&w, red filter effect, maximum contrast and brightness, with sharpness dialed back a bit to avoid oversharpening halos - those don't always show on prints, but do onscreen. I knew from previous experience with in-camera filter effects and post processing the naturally polarized sky would produce a natural gradient, dark in the upper right corner toward the south from the deepening blue, lighter toward the westward lower edge at the sky took on red, orange and salmon hues. I added the in-camera sepia effect, which is risky for online web display since some sites recompress JPEGs and made a mess of delicate gradients, introducing ghastly posterization and artifacts.
    On this setting, the in-camera red filter effect produces really grungy photos as noise is exaggerated, even at low to moderate ISOs. It's an interesting effect but not one I'd use often. Normally I use the in-camera orange filter, which has a similar effect, only slightly less dramatic, and without the exaggerated grunge in continuous tones and gradients.
    No cropping, straightening, etc., just resizing in Lightroom with a wartmurk copydon't added. I'm pretty sure I turned off output sharpening too, but don't recall.
    I didn't even use a tripod - they won't reach high enough. To get these particular compositions, without any background clutter, I have to lift the camera overhead. Usually takes two or three tries to get the composition just right, since I can barely see the LCD. Yup, my next camera will have an articulating screen. And thank goodness for image stabilization - without it these photos, at 1/10th and 1/30th second, would be blurs. Lovely, artistic blurs, but not what I wanted. Aperture priority, something I rarely use, but I wanted these one stop down from wide open for maximum resolution, with a little minus exposure comp to darken the skies for a silhouette effect.
    And now that I've "gotten it right in the camera", I'll never feel the need to repeat this technical exercise, since I could have accomplished the same thing in Lightroom in a minute or two with less grunge.
    When I showed photos from "this place" on Facebook, one of my cousin's quipped "This is a 'place'? Looks like a bunch of sticks." So I've dubbed it the Stickplace Heath.
    The Stickplace Archer
    V1, 10-30 VR at 30mm, ISO 400, f/6.4, 1/30th second, handheld
    Wadjet's wink
    V1, 10-30 VR at 24.4mm, ISO 400, f/6.4, 1/10th second, handheld
  5. It's been a bit since I've posted. Lately I've been making some very sexy photos of some absolutely lovely models.
  6. Our 2 year old rescue cat Lizzie in a far-away place!
  7. #2 Nice sharp lens, but pretty slow AF!
  8. Dawn can be (is!) a cliché - but it's still a camera magnet. Pre-sunrise over the Carneddau, a few days ago.
  9. Winter finally came to Southern Finland. First, there was just cold with no snow; these icicles are in a rock face in Nuuksio National Park.
  10. Sunrise at Kallahdenniemi.
  11. Rocks were getting some snow cover, sheets of ice started to form, and there was some sea smoke.
  12. This may fit Matt's "no-context oddness" theme. D800E, 24-70, ISO 100, 1/200 @ f/5.6, White Lightning X800 with umbrella.
  13. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Last weekend, I stayed with a couple whom I have known since junior highschool. The husband and I were quite close when we were teenagers. They remodeled their house completely a few years ago, and the kitchen is beautiful.
    The Df is showing very respectable results at ISO 12800: Nikon 18-35mm/f3.5-4.5 AF-S lens @ 27mm, f4.5, and 1/40 sec hand held.
  14. Recent trip to Pawnee Bill's Ranch in Pawnee, Ok.
  15. another from inside different building. These are very old buildings, log built and dirt floors
  16. Experimenting with the silhouette setting.
  17. Go away, don't bother me.....
  18. Out of context? Try inverting
  19. [​IMG]Nikon F4
  20. Shun great DOF on your high ISO kitchen. Great Egret heading off at sunset to roost. Nikon D3. Nikon 300 2.8, 1/1000sec, f/2.8, ISO 1250
  21. Recent visit to Circle B wildlife preserve in Lakeland, Fla.
  22. Fun in the Snow!
  23. A walk in the park
  24. another one from the park
  25. on the way home
  26. cjk


    Definitely some oddness going on here, though not all of it totally out-of-context.
    Polar vortex in New York City…
  27. cjk


    and freezing outside...
  28. cjk


    Oops - photo attached
  29. cjk


    Still with the Polar Vortex theme...
  30. January thaw in Ottawa.
  31. Taken last weekend at a youth Rugby tournament; sometimes it doesn't seem to pay to be the one with the ball!
  32. Happy Wednesday. Three pics from our recent trip to London. All with D800 and 24-120 f4...
  33. London Eye...
  34. From London Eye...
  35. And the 3rd...
  36. München -Nacht
  37. Taken on a recent night drive
  38. I have an aunt that every year, in the second week of december, without exception, came to my office and give me a Xmas plant.
    And my goal every time is to keep the plant alive as long as I can, with more or less success... past year I even tuned it to be a bonsai, that finally passed in summer, due to the high temperatures around here.
    This year`s plant doesn`t liked to be outside the greenhouse, and it is hardly surviving the 2013. After two weeks it started to fall. I put extra care to make it happy, but no way...
  39. Some of my beach roaming w/D700 and Tammy 90/2.8.
  40. Before the thaw
  41. After the thaw. Acadia NP
  42. Nikon FM2 85mm 1.4 AIS TriX stand developed in Rodinal 1 hour scanned with D800 Macro bellows and 50mm F2
  43. Graffiti. D700 + Sigma 15 f2.8 EX macro.
  44. We've had some cold weather here lately in MN too. Staying indoors to photograph my granddaughter! Here she is engrossed in music videos. This is a good way to calm her down because she seems to really love music and watching the performers.
  45. This is a female purple finch going after mountain ash berries in high wind at about zero degrees. Nikon D300 with the older 80-400mm zoom at f6.3, 1/640 sec, iso 400 at 400mm.
  46. A pair of happy kids.

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