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    Hello Nikon people - a good Wednesday to all. It must be late autumn, because our local government has sent around the special machine used to turn curb-side lawn rakings into a giant toxic plume of powdered, lung-burning, eye-watering, weaponized leaf mold. But soon we'll see the other special machine that sprays that experimental new beet juice brine mix that's supposed to make the street asphalt hostile to winter ice... but which also coats everything within a hundred meters with a corrosive, salty film of thoat-attacking sodium dust. I'm not sure what they have planned for spring, but I bet it'll involve a truck spraying something poisonous to save us from mosquitos carrying West Nile virus. The county truck fleet stays busy year-round.

    Photographed any recurring signs of the season? Share!
  2. hbs


    Good Morning All:

    This shot taken at the Louvre back in September gives the illusion of the museum viewers being part of the gathering depicted in the Wedding Feast at Cana by Caliari (a.k.a. Veronese).
  3. This is an old shot, but someone wanted it printed as an 8 x 10, so I rediscovered it.
  4. hbs


    To address Matt’s topic, here’s a shot taken back in the spring at the start of a logging operation near my home with a similar feeling of polluting the air with bits of organic matter. I’m sure these machines can be used in most any season unless heavy snow limits their mobility.
  5. [​IMG]Mine was taken on from the beachfront of Lac Munroe this past October in the provincial park of Tremblant - Diablo sector.
  6. The last bit of Fall color up in WI earlier this month...
  7. Some portraits of Shira (our lively 1 year old Siberian husky) taken a few weeks back.
  8. This week did some shots in the woods.
  9. Number two.
  10. Number three.
  11. Conventional autumn, now being blown away.
  12. Late day at the train station. Taken 1 week ago.
  13. Alice Walker. D300s, sigma 50-150, sbv600.
  14. Good morning everyone. My two shots are from my deck where I live in SW Michigan. Sunday we had some severe thunderstorms pass through the area. The first shot is of the sky about an hour after the storm passed through. The second shot is essentially the same area of the sky about 10 minutes later.
  15. Sign of season now sadly past: turtle racing in Nisswa, Minnesota. Humans must stay within inner ring; first turtle to outer ring wins. To spur their beasts to glory, humans may pour water on them and, of course, cajole, cheer, threaten with soup pots, etc.
  16. Here is my second shot.
  17. Very gloomy rainy day yesterday but the birds didn't care at all. Nikon D3, Nikon 300 2.8, F/ 6.3, 1/1250 sec, ISO 800
  18. Lexie posing for a photo
  19. Lexie's Spider Monkey taking a break from all the rough playing. She loves this thing.
  20. I'm on a roll this morning. Here is one more posting that I just shot about 10 minutes go. It's taken with a Vivitar 650-1300 zoom lens.
  21. First, a sign of fall
  22. First snowfall
  23. Citadel mascots General #9 & Boo #9 retired & were succeeded by General #10 & Boo #10. And they participated in reviewing a parade in theirs & other dignitaries honor. There was also a flyover.
  24. Flyover at parade
  25. Early morning down at the boat ramp.
  26. F6, F3HP, FM3A, FM shots this week... what is this, the film forum? Woo hoo! Way to go guys, we'll keep Kodak Alaris, Fuji, and Ilford alive yet! Oh, and nice shots too!
  27. Hi dear friends, have a nice Wednesday! Very good contributions for this week as well! Keep them coming!
  28. Here are some more from Edwin B Forsythe wildlife sanctuary. Nikon D800 + Nikon 28-70 f2.8 and Nikon 70-200mm f2.8. Enjoy.
  29. A 26-foot-tall traveling statue of Marilyn Monroe, currently in Palm Springs, California.
  30. Sunrise from Vista Point outside Palm Desert, California.
  31. My wife warming up after taking the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to high elevation. Mount San Jacinto State Park, California.
  32. 35/2.8, tri-x
  33. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    The Koi and Shubunkin in our pond are hunkering down for the winter. Here's Mini Pearl, Spotty and White Lips down at about the 4' level. I liked how the water above them turned out in this shot taken 10 days ago.
  34. Here they are today.
    We call someone 'cold blooded' in a derogatory context. Here's the reality. These fish will go through the next 6 months oblivious of what's happening above the ice. They won't have to shovel snow, put on coats and boots, nor will they have to drive through a blizzard to get to work. They don't even have to eat. Maybe 'cold blooded' should be a compliment!
  35. The reason they can stay in the pond all winter is because we run a waterfall that provides the necessary aeration. Here's some new ice caused by splash from the waterfall. I converted to B&W w/ Silver Efex Pro.
  36. A line up of Case steam tractors taken at Andover, South Dakota. D7100, Nikon 17-55mm f2.8.
    Kent in SD
  37. Perfect big dipper, Kent.
  38. D200, 80-200 mf Nikkor
  39. Wonderful shots everyone !
    Still some from the beach.
    Hope you enjoy
    The Painted Sky
    Reddish Egret
  40. Visited Westonbirt Arboretum last week; optimum conditions for autumn colours amongst UK's largest collection of Acers
  41. The North Road gas pump on Martha's Vineyard (Veteran's Day weekend) -- gas price reads 49.9 cents
  42. My image this week was taken in the Great Smoky Mountains. I was waiting to get the classic jump over the fence shot. But, this 11 pointer had other ideas. Instead, he put his head down and made room for him to sneak under the fence. :(
  43. Happened on these guys when out for a late fall stroll. Big guy didn't seem very pleased about the ducks being in his fishing spot. D-800, 24-85 Nikkor
  44. Little bit of Fall and Winter at the same time. This was in Denali on 9/15 and balmy 24 degrees. But, one can always turn this into a photo opportunity....
  45. Street art on the Asphalt at the, Italian Festa in little Italy San Diego. After 30 years with my 55mm 2.8 Micro, I had just got it back from a CLA, giving it a whirl.
  46. Hamish, great shots of your beautiful dog !
  47. Reflections from Bodie .
  48. My fall-colour pictures will have to wait, as many others in this thread this time, they're on film. And it's not developed yet.
    So, will have to make do with a digital light-evening stroll impression....
  49. Memory of the Summer...
  50. In recent weeks it has been typical November in Finland ... darkness, wind, rain.
  51. On another night I went for a different angle of the power plant in the background, one where the camera is sheltered from the wind.
  52. Not much of a winter yet here in the deep south albeit we had one day dip into the thirties. Shot today of the on going construction of the seating expansion at the LSU football stadium.
  53. Black Bear Glacier National Park
  54. Last weekend, we took a day trip to Big Thicket National Preserve. A promise to show my kid what carnivorous pitcher plants look like. Perfect weather for hiking too. All taken with D800 and a 105mm AFS micro. This one has a honey bee inside, still alive. I can't stick my big lens inside the plant. Guess what? My son's iPod did.
  55. A mushroom.
  56. Hiking in Big Thicket National Preserve
  57. [​IMG]
    Not much in the way of fall foliage color in my area, so I had to settle for clouds the other evening.
    D2H, 18-70DX
  58. Is there a way that you can look up what pictures you've already posted on here?
    Here are a few more from Arkansas.
  59. Arkansas
  60. Last one, Arkansas
  61. "Is there a way that you can look up what pictures you've already posted on here?"​
    Nope, and it does get tricky, trying to remember what we've posted before.
    You can use Google image to check - it sorta helps sometimes. Open the Google image search window, drag and drop your photo into the search box. Not only will it try to find your photo on previous threads, it will also help discover whether your photos appear elsewhere online, with or without your authorization.
    I'd like to see a better system on, akin to Flickr where photo submissions to groups are tracked to prevent inadvertently (or deliberately) uploading the same photo multiple times.
    I've also suggested using our existing portfolio spaces to host photos, which can be dragged and dropped into these weekly photo sharing threads. That way if anyone wishes to critique or comment on a photo they can click on the photo and be taken directly to the photo page. This would help encourage more comments and critiques. It may also help encourage more folks to subscribe, since subscribers get more portfolio space.
  62. Bristle Cone Pine
  63. [​IMG] My second one taken and a late fall day and reminds me of the song with the words "all the leaves are brown" for those of you old enough to remember that 'dreamy' song.

    When I took this one, 90% or more of the fall colors were gone except for some brown leaves. It was taken in Highwater Quebec, which borders Vermont (USA)
    D300 70-300mm nikkor 1/250s at f5.3 - Overcast conditions.
  64. I took whatever looked different while hiking on the street. Very very few actually.
  65. My camera "portrait" series.
  66. Old San Juan Capistrano.
  67. Old San Juan Capistrano
  68. Few from the D800 and 50mm 1.8g
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    ShunCheung Administrator

    I have the same problem identifying images that I might have posted before, but there is no easy way to look them all up.
    My "solution" is to post images I captured within the last week, so those are all new.

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