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    A good Nikon Wednesday to everyone! So, a commercial gig came up - and I needed to get in quick round of late afternoon shots of a 45-foot RV that had just been cleaned and prepped for sale. So, there were a lot like the one below. Lots of little details on a vehicle that size, and the interior lighting is at about half a dozen different color temps, not counting what comes in the windows. Sometimes the most mundane little projects can make for interesting challenges. What'd you shoot this past week? Share!
  2. Of course, I also had to get the roof of the vehicle, to show the three air conditioning units. Out came the camera drone! You can see where I have it hovering over the truck, doing some look-down shots of all of that surface area. Yeah, any excuse to fly the drone - but this time it really was the right tool for the job, since I didn't bring a 15-foot ladder with me!
  3. Some stuff from the zoo this week.

    Samangs are probably the most challenging friends to shoot.
  4. Cap des Rosiers Lighthouse near Gaspe' Quebec Canada. The tallest lighthouse in Canada.
  5. Colorful birds are relatively easy.
  6. Finally, one of the girls.
  7. Just bring me my coffee and nobody gets hurt.

    Nikon D2H, 50/1.8D AF Nikkor, ISO 200, f/2 @ 1/8th second.
    Usually I couldn't hold this steady at a slow shutter speed but I was leaning against the table.
  8. A impromptu shoot with friends just to stay loose before a paid business portrait shoot the next day.
  9. Good Wednesday, everybody! No interesting photos last week, so I am posting something from my vacation in northern California in August -- two shots of Darlingtonia californica, otherwise knows as cobra lily, an insect eating plant.
  10. Another from my warm up set. Love good window light.
  11. And one more.
  12. [​IMG]Good Morning. This was taken in Parc Tremblant in Quebec.
  13. [​IMG]Lac Superieur in Tremblant Quebec. It was taken last week at a subdued sunrise.
  14. :) nothing tastes better than a ...
  15. Hi,
    Now some pictures from a raptor show I visited past summer. All pics made with D300s and 70-200 f/2.8 VR I (the old one).
    Hope you like them.
    Regards, Miha.
  16. Next one
  17. Now the 100% crop from the owl's eye. You can see the audience...
  18. A misty morning... autumn is making itself known in the UK.
  19. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D7100 with 80-400mm/f4.5-5.6 AF-S VR @ 400mm, f5.6, 1/320 sec and ISO 400.
    My shutter speed was on the slow side for a moving duck, so some of the images in this sequence show a bit of motion blur, but this one is quite sharp.
  20. Going back a bit further than the past week, I took the D600 along with me on a road trip to Northern California and then back down the coast (and tried to use a non-stabilized lens to shoot from a moving car):
    Got a chance to see a friend's band perform (that's a giant dancing hot dog in the background):
    Got a chance to see Bonnie Raitt perform:
  21. Passed the time learning my new FE2...
    A portrait near a window, always an easy shot...
    Nikon FE2, 50mm f1.4 Nikkor lens, Kodak BW400CN
    A Monarch butterfly who visited a flower I was shooting. Serendipity!
    Nikon FE2, 105mm f2.5 Nikkor lens, Konica 100VX film
    And lastly, a lazy easy picture of a fallen tree.
    Nikon FE2, 105mm f2.5 Nikkor lens, Kodak BW400CN
  22. hbs


    Good Morning All:
    I just returned from a business trip to Paris. A great city for photography, although it was overcast nearly all week and little chance for blue skies in any photos. I've never seen so many people with DSLRs but it seemed that Canons outnumbered Nikons by at least 3 to 1.
  23. When in NY we rode the Statton Island Ferry to see this fine Lady. Between the waves and a not fast lens I was having alot of trouble getting an in focus shot. 6400 ISO wasn't fast enough. So I pushed this shot to 25,600. Had to still bend my knees and try to steady camera in between the bouncing boat. Got a couple in focus. Surprised it came out this good it was around midnight. Nikon D3, Nikon 28-300 f/3.5, 160ss, F/5.6, 250mm, ISO 25,600
  24. Howdy Nikon Buds!!! Was at Niagara for a Conference last week. Got a few decent night shots without a tripod bracing myself.
  25. Dancing at State Fair of Texas.
  26. Good Wed. morning all. A large metal sculpture in a local park. I'm calling it "Dancer".
  27. Old pilings in a bay on Lake Superior last Sunday
  28. Image of one of the embassies off DuPont Circle in Washington, DC.
  29. Daphne and the bubble machine.
  30. And another one.
  31. Happy Nikon Wednesday everybody, more great images today as usual! I was going through some of my older black and white prints when this one jumped out at me. Shot from the Staten Island ferry, i remember the equipment, but have no clue as to exposure info.
  32. Spent a week or so in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan chasing down the best fall colors and early one morning was treated to this at sunrise rainbow created by the sun peaking through a hole in the clouds at the horizon, was a completely awe inspiring moment.
  33. Snow Leopard Kitten
  34. A leaf pattern that caught my eye on a walk over the weekend.
  35. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    We spent 3 weeks in Sept. touring the north and south shores of the St. Lawrence River and Gaspe Peninsula. Today I would like to share 3 perspectives of Perce Rock.
    Early records describe 2 openings in the rock created by wave action. Apparently, the second opening collapsed in 1845 leaving the 'obelisk' at the end.
  36. There are 5 vessels in this shot: a tour boat, a fishing boat and 3 kayaks.
  37. When we arrived in Perce, the fog was so dense that only the house at the left was visible. We had to wait for the fog to clear before taking the shot above. It was a dull hazy day, though.
  38. Hello dear Nikonistas! Wonderful shots so far, thanks for sharing them. Mine nothing special a kitty that was enjoying sunset...Cheers!
  39. Santa Cruz, CA
  40. Unusual shoes, unusual location (Ubehebe Crater, Death Valley National Park)
  41. Wow so many great photos entered today. Your shots inspire me to keep shooting.
    My first one is Lexie playing "catch me if your can". I can't!
  42. The bright colors and light shadows on the front of this small shop in the small town of Vermillion Oh. on the shores of Lake Erie caught my attention.
  43. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Matt, that is a nice living room inside the RV. I can't imagine all the gasoline cost to move all that luxury and weight around.
    Mark Paterson, beautiful rainbow. I have never seen something like that before.
  44. Matt Laur - Great interior shot of the RV. Great lighting.
    Tony Hadley - I love your sunbeam rays with the foliage. Another great light shot.
    Here are mine for the week. Local sunset. Enjoy. Nikon d800 + Voigtlander 28mm SL2N.
  45. Took this the other night, our Lighthouse on Kentucky Lake.
    Hope that you like ....
    phil b
    benton, ky
  46. A technical shot today.. a slot cut into a piece of pipe.
  47. Enjoying new Sigma 35 f1.4: First, inside Citadel Chapel at f1.4 and 1/20th
  48. 2nd, Street photo
  49. And, 3rd, at the museum at f1.4
  50. Good Morning Everyone, There are so many striking photos displayed today, I want to mention them all--birds, dogs, cats, lighthouses, sunsets. Mine for the week is of one of my friend's children looking a bit glum.
  51. Hike from a few days ago
  52. Good evening, fellow Nikonistas! Great shots once again from everyone, especially Mark, amazing rainbow-shot! No dog photo from me this week (thanks for your comments on last week's thread!), only a quick grab shot from last Saturday's Photowalk.
  53. My first try at a senior picture. A friend asked me to do a senior picture of his daughter-and with no small amount of hesitation I agreed. Fortunately, they were happy with the result.
  54. Nikon Buddies,
    It's been months since I've posted, but I never miss looking. So many excellent photos, today! Matt, truly a lighting challenge which you nailed; also, Tony (Parc Tremblant) , Tim W, Tom, Tim H, and Mark, you've all delivered on the atmospherics. I feel calm...
    My posts are from my wonderings during a brief sunshiny moment in the late afternoon: Fall meets golden hour.
  55. And the next one.
  56. Pepper from the garden. Shot on a piece of matte board on the stove, using the stove light as the main light.
  57. A little high school football action in Northern Virginia - giving the offensive tackle (my son) a little camera love.
    D4 + AFS-300, ISO 12800, 1/1000s @ f/2.8
  58. We were outmatched and this guys lit it up in a 42-0 route. Ouch.
  59. I was trimming some trees this week. This is an old pine tree in our back yard. Nothing remarkable, but from this angle I just like the colors and forms.
  60. I had to cut some large branches from this tree.
  61. Hey, better late then never. These photos are from a shoot last weekend.
  62. 2nd from the shoot.
  63. Last one. This was her first time modeling and you can see some of her nervousness which thankfully disappeared.
  64. One of my first B&W photos from a couple of years ago.
  65. Hi everyone. Late again I'm afraid! Great stuff once again. I particularly enjoyed Martin's elephant, Alex's couple in the sports car, and Mark's sunrise rainbow.
    It was my birthday this week and I my wife bought me a lensbaby composer :) It's a bit tricky to get the hang of, but here are some of my first experiments taken at the beach......
  66. and another.....
  67. It was so warm that the girls went for a swim. Quite unusual for October in the UK.....

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