Nikon Wednesday 2013: #33

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    Hello Nikon people, and a good Wednesday to all. Have been swamped with all sorts of projects, and am still wrapping up a bit of post from last week's GSP litter shoot. Came across an out-take I shot while my long-suffering wife, the ace puppy wrangler, was working with one of the litter's subjects. She's got a nearly magical hand with the little creatures, and seems to really tap into that inbred desire they have for a tight relationship with us humans. Even at 7 weeks old, you can see it in their eyes. What did you study this last week? Share a shot or three!
  2. After-show photos from a reprise of "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" at Hip Pocket Theatre. The last time I photographed this show in rehearsal was exactly 10 years ago at the previous location for Hip Pocket Theatre. Nice to see so many of the same folks again (although many of the cast and crew were new to me). Also got to see Loli Kantor again, an outstanding photographer who did the promotional photos for this show.
    Frame-grab from V1 video at ISO 3200 (yup, it was that dark).
    Crew cleaning up after the Queen of Hearts' game of 52-pickup.
    V1 w/ 10-30 VR, 1/20th @ ISO 3200
    Musician John Dyer (who also provided hilarious sound effects), with a couple of cast members.
    V1 w/ 10-30 VR, 1/30th @ f/4, ISO 2200
  3. Playing with the in-camera HDR of the D800 as an alternative to ND grads. Not yet convinced! Crib Goch.
  4. Happy Wednesday everyone.
  5. [​IMG]Happy Wednesday. Mine is a late sun hitting a house in the town of Laprairie.
  6. [​IMG]This one is combo of two images. The one in the middle was shot in close quarters where I held my hand up as high as it would go and then I leaned the camera down and hoped for the best. It did come out a bit crooked so I came up with this arrangement attempting to "straighten" the image.
  7. Last one - Candiac Sunset
  8. Was hoping for a meteor photo, but that camera failed. Used the backup to get these star trails.
  9. Happy wednesday everyone!
    Jonathan, your fine star-trails-shot makes me dizzy ;-)
    Here's a picture from a sailing event. An old steamship caught my eyes:
    D7000, Ais 105/1.8 at f/5.6
  10. Some summer seaside photos, to mark the season.
    All D700, 70-300 AF-S, ISO 400, taken two weeks ago.
  11. A local
  12. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Nikon D7100 with 200-400mm/f4 AF-S VR @ 400mm, f5.6, 1/1250 sec, and ISO 240.
    At 400mm, f5.6, depth of field is shallow.
  13. I just can't pass up an old cemetary in Scotland.
  14. Daphne in the sprayer.
  15. Rowing at Town Lake, Austin, Texas
  16. Great start to the morning everyone. I went to a car cruise here in Ashland, Ohio this past Saturday and snapped a few photos.
  17. I thought the reflection in the old Buick hubcap was nice.
  18. As a former Pittsburgher and still a huge Steeler's fan living in Ohio I couldn't pass this one up.
  19. Pittsburgh hosted the USA Masters 1 Mile Road Championships last Friday. It was great to see the women and men giving it there all.
  20. Have a nice Wednesday folks! Just an abstract that caught my eye. Love your photos, keep them coming! Cheers!
  21. Here are some pictures from Longwood Gardens again this week. Enjoy. Nikon d800 + Voigtlander 28mm sl2N.
  22. I went off with my Macro lens to take pictures of the smaller bits of the world
  23. And a second small piece
  24. this is the third guy
  25. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    Becky has some persistent garden assistants.
    (All three photos taken with D7100 Sigma 150mm)
  26. She tries to distract them.
  27. Harry charges the photographer
  28. Store display that caught my eye -
  29. Saw this orange dragon for the first time had to shoot him. Nikon D3, Nikon 300 2.8, f/10, 1/400 SS, ISO 800
  30. From a recent backpacking trip
  31. Wishing all a good Nikon Wednesday, my compliments to all the great work today! This is an image taken from back in the film days, feeling kind of retro today. A little different perspective of the Empire State Building.
  32. My little backpackers
  33. The hummingbirds have finally returned!
  34. A photo from my first airshow (RIAT)
  35. Another one of the BA A380 & the Red Arrows
  36. Richmond Park - England.
  37. Stunning shot Matt ! John , love Harry's charge :)
    The Ruby Throats are coming back. They seem to like coming out in a light drizzle or right after the rain. It sure cools things off a bit for them.
    Hope you enjoy,
  38. Go Nikonians! Enjoying all the great images over lunch.
  39. Fog...
  40. Results from some testing last weekend. Testing out a recently acquired Nikkormat EL (with Nikkor-H 28mm f/3.5), some old (10-years past expiration) TMAX 100, and my first batch of Caffenol-C-M film developer. The negatives came out ok, a little dense, but low grain and sharp (in spite of my cheap flat-bed scanner). Overall, a successful experiment. Oh yeah, the subject is operating gear on Lock 10 of the C&O Canal outside Washington DC.
  41. Georg S,
    I really like your old steamship shot, clean simplicity for an old stinker. Well done.
  42. Jim, I was just about to comment on your very interesting testing. Thanks for your kind words and for sharing your Caffenol-shot. Is the lock still working?
  43. Last weekend was the Viapori Trophy sailing contest in the waters around Suomenlinna Fortress in Helsinki. I took a few pictures from the ferry.
  44. Uinuva Duo at Esplanadi Stage on Saturday afternoon.
  45. Finally, large soap bubbles in Esplanadi Park were very entertaining to children.
  46. from a photo walk a couple of week ago
  47. Supersize is a big trend
  48. [​IMG]
    D800 - 180 f3.2 1/800th ISO 640
  49. [​IMG]Nikon D90 ISO 200 50mm f1.4 1/4000sec
  50. One big floral smile at you.
  51. My first post to
  52. Georg S,
    Thanks. No the locks and the canal haven't been in operation for probably 100 years. Now there's a national park stretching the whole 186 miles of the canal tow path. I was somewhat surprised there were still any of the equipment remaining.
  53. Where our dirt road ends and the pavement begins...
  54. Egad, here's the photo
  55. In the 100 + year old Chinese settlement in Locke, CA
  56. ...another from Locke, CA

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