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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by uplandlife, Aug 6, 2013.

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    Hello Nikonistas, and a good Wednesday to everyone. It's been a while since I shot a litter of German Shorthaired Pointers, but I can't stay away for long. Have a familiar type of subject matter to which you always return? Share!
  2. I keep returning to fireworks, but here's a new take. All in-camera, nothing fancy in post. Yes, these are single-frame still photographs of fireworks. No compositing, no Photoshop, no cropping, no fiddling with the camera during the exposure. Just imported into Lightroom, played with global tone controls, and uploaded. I will leave the mystery open for a while, and will eventually post more details; feel free to guess!
    Nikon D700 + 180/2.8D, ISO 200, ƒ/8, 3.2-5.3 seconds. See more on Flickr.
  3. Matt, that is one awesome shot! Really a wonderful lead shot for this week, I love it! Yes, I am going back to a familiar and favorite subject of mine!
    Lil, sorry for not responding sooner, only saw your comments on my horse pictures from last week a few minutes back. Yes, I would love to know the names of those movements. Your shots are always nice, my fav from last week is your first one. Tony Hadley, thanks also for your kind words last week, and what a beautiful tone you got from the reflections of the sky. John DeMarco, loved your landscape. Dallas McVicker I really liked the atmosphere in your pic from last week.
  4. Matt - all puppies are adorable, are they not? :) You certainly capture them very well! Excellent image.
    Sasvata, that's a nice flower shot, excellent detail.
    My kids are my most frequently-returned-to subject, along with my dog. I have a crackerjack dog photo this week but it's a Canon shot (see tomorrow!) so for this thread, it's my daughter, telling us how easy it is to learn to ride a bike...
  5. Black Sea coast with WWII pillbox, Kodachrome rescan
  6. Happy Wednesday all!
  7. Attachment here....
  8. [​IMG]Good morning - Matt the puppy image is really good and cute. Mark - love the in-camera fireworks abstracts especially the third one. All of the other images are very good also.
    Mine is taken in Laprairie Quebec. The city has a welcome sign and there is a wooden structure in the shape of boat with some lovely flowers. It is these flowers that I used in this image. It is a 3 image HDR with an objective of not looking like an HDR image.
  9. [​IMG]Candiac waterfront Park in Quebec - late afternoon.
  10. A building (Post Office?) in the town of Laprairie Quebec taken yesterday (Tuesday) I found te foreground interesting.
  11. My shot this week is a still life to see what the new Sigma 35mm f/1.4 is capable of when paired with a D800E. Seems plenty sharp!
  12. And here's at 100%
  13. My daughter's dog, much loved but now very sick. A puppy once.....
  14. Umbellifer.
  15. Northern Shoveler.
    D300 w 300/4 and tc-14e
  16. Oklahoma sunsets! Strangely enough this was a trip to photograph the super moon.
  17. Same sunset
  18. last one
  19. Once again a beautiful line up of photos.
    Spent a few days at Wachapreague, Va. Here is a dock at the marina.
  20. An old wooden boat along the barrier islands at Wachapreague, Va.
  21. Just back from a brief trip to Marvao, Portugal. Dawn shot, looking across the Spanish frontier.
  22. Door Hinge at Texas State Capitol.
  23. Just for interest, a photo from the evening of the same day, pointing in the same direction and with the same lens (except handheld and with VR on). Very different feel!
  24. Heron fishing in a channel between lakes, northern Minnesota.
  25. Greetings from the depths of northern Ontario.
    Our garden statue decided to get into extreme bee bearding.
  26. The nest developed very quickly.
  27. They were white faced wasps (hornets). Each is 1/2 to 3/4 inches long. They are known for being aggressive. They were no match for a wasp blaster though. This one died instantly yet still got its stinger out to intimidate.
  28. Here are mine for the week. All taken at Longwood Gardens, PA, USA. Nikon D800 + Voigtlander 28mm sl 2 N. Enjoy!
  29. I recently purchased an F5 and and F2 both mint in their boxes. This picture is of our Boston Terrier, Cedric. Taken with the F5 and 50mm 1.8G lens. Don't remember the settings. Film was Fuji ASA 400.
  30. Wishing all a happy Wednesday, great work today! Looking through some car show photos, this one just stood out to me for some reason.
  31. Hello All, Great shots overall today... Nice shot of a 1971 camaro John. I used to restore those so that brought back memories. Anyway, here are my submissions for this week...
  32. pge


    Great shots this week everyone. Tony H, really nice work.
    My shot this week is a Bluejay picking up his morning peanut.
  33. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Young Forster's tern in flight, Radio Road, Redwood Shores, California.
    Nikon D7100 with 200-400mm/f4 zoom @ 350mm, 1/1600 sec and f5.6.
  34. ShunCheung

    ShunCheung Administrator

    Tony Hadley writes:
    Mine is taken in Laprairie Quebec. The city has a welcome sign and there is a wooden structure in the shape of boat with some lovely flowers. It is these flowers that I used in this image. It is a 3 image HDR with an objective of not looking like an HDR image.​
    Tony, that is an excllent image, but sorry, besides that, my first reaction was that it must be an HDR merge.
  35. Good day fellow Nikonistas! Hope you are enjoying your week so far...Here are 3 photos taken at The Park Of Lost Souls, Parnitha Mountain, Attica, dedicated to those who perished from tuberculosis in the clinic which is situated directly across from the statue park. The sanatorium was established in May 1912 and was closed in 1960, after the discovery of antibiotics.
  36. MMA, La Mirada
  37. Wonderful shots everyone! Matt that is a gorgeous portrait. Mark , love your fireworks. Are they some sort of reflection? Tony, love the first 2 shots. John, that is some hive!!! Love the last shot. Shun, been enjoying your tern shots here and on the Nature postings. Still far to hot to wander far. Gulf Fritillaries visiting my garden.
    D800 105mm micro with 12mm extension tube
  38. Living along a Great Lake (Michigan) again, I'm hanging around wharfs on the Wisconsin side these days.
  39. gdw


    As a widower I eat out frequently. I almost always take photographs. It began six or so years ago photographing my wife when we ate out. To an extent this is a continuation of that project.
  40. Another Wednesday of beautiful and interesting photos; it's such a pleasure to see everyone's work each week. Mark, your fireworks shots are spectacular; I'm going to guess, along with Birdie, that they are reflections, on gently moving or agitated water. I have an abiding love for the old fences on many of the old ranches in our vicinity. I took this one during a recent, long walk on a foggy morning. I hope it pleases.
  41. Great Blue Heron on the Olentangy River in Delaware County, Ohio this past weekend. It's hard to hold a camera steady in a kayak bouncing up and down in the wake of numerous motorboats.
  42. This forlorn VW caught my eye. Been sitting here for almost two decades, poor thing.
  43. Got my unlocked Nexus 4 updated to Android 4.3 OTA (over the air) by Google & took picture of android graphic which displays after 4.3 files are downloaded & installation occurs. Picture taken with unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 which is now awaiting its OTA push of 4.3.
  44. 2nd: Had opportunity to see and take pictures of former presidential yacht "Honey Fitz" which served 5 presidents.
  45. While staying in Pensacola Beach, Florida, we dined at a restaurant that had an old truck sitting out front with a Budweiser sign in the front seat. I went back late one night and photographed the sign and then played around in Photoshop until I got the result that I'm posting.
  46. Here the cracked windshield is more pronounced.
  47. Not sure what species this guy is, but he sure loves my Azaleas. D3s & 28-70 AFS F2.8D handheld. My excuse for the blurriness.
  48. Thanks for the comment Pascal, I really like your image. Makes me wonder, "what's around that corner?" Very nice.
  49. Pictures from a family reunion a week ago.
  50. Brothers
  51. Two guys
  52. My daughter and her cousin at the beach over the weekend.
  53. Matt -- I love your dog shots. I've got an upcoming shoot of a beagle for a calendar, and I just perused your gallery for inspiration.
    Shash -- the sense of depth in your flower photograph is fantastic.
    Tony -- I didn't think HDR off the bat, I just thought "low contrast, no blacks". Had you not mentioned it, I don't think I'd have gotten to HDR. I love the late afternoon ducks, it looks like they're struggling upriver towards the light, helped by the fact that the trees on the far bank appear to be leaning towards the right.
    Roberta -- the butterfly photographs are amazing, especially the second and third, which are comparatively uncommon views.
    Gary -- the backstory on your "table for one" series is quite moving and that particular photograph is quite emotive as a result. A series of them would make a moving show.
    And thank you to Roberta and Young James for the guesses on my abstract fireworks -- yes, I shot straight down at the river below, inspired by photos of the same show back in May, from the same location with a fisheye. I went from 16mm to 180mm to capture the detail.
  54. Here's a better shot of the juvenile Green Heron identified on this forum a week or so ago. This was taken at my office in Pataskala, Ohio last Saturday looking out through the back door. Hand held. Thanks to everyone that identified the critter.
  55. Happy Wednesday everybody, couldn't post yesterday. Here's a shot from the Truck Nationals. Some rain and clouds spoiling things, I used D200, ISO-400, 18-55 kit, SB24 -1 stop fill.

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