Nikon SP RF Camera test Report

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  1. Modern Photography magazine, in their November 1957 issue, takes a look at the Nikon SP camera.

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  3. Here is this month's What's Ahead column.

  4. Here is a look at the Polaroid Land Pathfinder camera.

  5. Here are this month's camera equipment ads.

  6. Here are this month's dealer ads.

  7. Some enjoyable reads, Marc. Thanks for sharing.
  8. A real service to the community. Thanks
  9. Thanks for posting these, Marc. I wonder what happened to the Leica School, they would have a market these days too.

    I loved to see an ad of FP3, one of the first films I shot, and another of the Konica III. Nikon SP, Ricoh 500, 4x4 Rollei -- quite a crop.

    It is amazing that many cameras of the period, 60 years later, still give excellent service.

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