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  1. Hello,
    The LCD on my D90 has stopped working. Otherwise the camera works fine. I took a few "blind" shots and uploaded them onto my computer and they are fine. It seems that the LCD has to be replaced. I contacted Nikon USA for an estimate and they want $224. I think that's very expensive so I am wondering if anyone knows a repair shop that would perform the LCD replacement ant lower price. Please help.
  2. Nikon decided a few months ago that they would no longer sell parts to repair joints, so your only reliable option is Nikon repair. Such a kind move it just warms your cockles eh?
  3. Try APS at :
    They are the USA's largest Nikon Authorized Repair Station (Nikon ARS) dedicated exclusively to servicing Nikon equipment.
  4. Yeah, I think I might try to do it myself. Get the parts from eBay and do it at home. $224 is just too steep ffor a sub $20 screen.
  5. Is the screen just black, no changes what-so-ever? No flickering menus, live view etc?
    Did it die suddenly or a slow lingering coloured death? If the former, I'd find a tech friend with some small screwdrivers to see if the body>screen connector has come adrift. Only about 10 screws to get to that low(ish) level of disassembly. ....:)
  6. Your camera may not need a new LCD at all. A complete fail of an LCD display module is quite rare. If the display goes down it usually shows stuck or missing segments or has an inky smear across it. Most likely it's the power supply or connector that's failed. Worst case the LCD driver/decoder chip. It could even be something stupid like just needing a two-button reset of the camera, or the battery removing for a while.
    It's probably worth getting an indepedent repairer to look at the camera to see if it's something simple like a connector or internal backup battery that's at fault. Some of them might be desperate for work following Nikon's kindness toward them. You might lose the estimate fee, but I doubt that it'll amount to anywhere near $224.
  7. The screen is not black . It shows some weird smear that
    runs horizontally across the screen.
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    Nikon decided a few months ago that they would no longer sell parts to repair joints, so your only reliable option is Nikon repair.​
    That is not at all an accurate statement. Nikon USA changed their policy so that only large independent repair facilities can quality and will continue to receive parts from Nikon. The small "mom and pop" type repair shops with 2, 3 people are now excluded, and of course those small repair shops were complaining loudly. Actually Canon USA has also introduced some similar policy.
    Still, there are many repair facility options outside of Nikon USA. Authorized Photo Service in the Chicago area as mentioned by Nick Sanyal is one of those options.
  9. The fact that Canon are now joining in with this overtly securest policy makes me all warm and fuzzy inside too.... Not!
    'If you can't beat them..join them', was not supposed to be a protectionist battle cry!
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  11. "It shows some weird smear that runs horizontally across the screen." - Yep, sounds like that's the LCD screen busted then. The smear is the liquid crystal material leaking out from where it's supposed to be hermetically sealed in.
  12. Nikon has basically decided that only they can determine who meets their criterion for repair adequacy, without actual historical regard for the quality of work. Vermont Camera Works, for instance, as a small "mom and pop" shop probably can't get parts from Nikon despite a stellar reputation for service.
  13. Nikon's churlish policy has also impacted their user base in other unpleasant ways--one reason we can't get the excellent KatzEye focusing screens for the newer FX cameras is that Nikon refuses to provide the parts to Mr. Katz so that he can properly design the screens to fit them (that information comes straight from him). If Nikon were providing optional enhanced focusing screens for their DSLRs that would be one thing, but to sabotage someone who was producing an item which enhanced the user experience of Nikon loyalists seems a bit mean spirited--and ultimately short-sighted.
    Best of luck with sorting out your screen.
  14. Have you considered using it as is without the LCD? On the occasion that my battery is running down faster than I have budgeted for I turn off the LCD for image review. Even if you have to wait til you get back to your computer still way faster than fim review. Might even cause you to shoot a little differently. Better to put the money towards your next upgrade where you'll still have the D90 as a good backup.
  15. Hi Emir,
    It's my company, so obviously I'm biased, but we employ two outstanding repair technicians. Estimates are free, so your maximum outlay would only be shipping if for some reason it's far more than the LCD screen (i.e. dropped in the ocean) and we can't fix it.
    I don't know off the top of my head what the LCD screen on a D90 would cost, but my guess is not too much. My roughest estimate not having seen it, would be around $75 less than the quote you received.

    Our website is and for a service request email us at

    Best regards,

    Illya Friedman
    President & Proprietor
    Hot Rod Cameras
    Hollywood, California

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