Nikon old school DX images

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  1. Nikon D200, Tamron 28mm - 200mm f3.8-5.6 lens (571D)
  2. Love it!
    In response, here is Simson in 1980s.
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  3. D1H-105mm

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  4. Old school DX D1H+17-55 @1.5*35mm=52.5mm

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  5. 1.


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  6. 5C1C876C-2540-45CC-A774-4B1B2FD11BEC.jpeg
    Climbing hydrangea.
    24-120mm Mk1

    Still using my D300. Love the build and reliability:))
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  7. First shot I took with my D70s w.18-70 kit lens, (well, not including the dog)

    Lake Ontario 2005-05-13-0001.jpg

    Doesn't look quite the same as it did in Lightroom
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  8. I like my old camera bodies, D100 and D200. Probably going to upgrade to a new to me D300 sometime soon. I still like my D100, but mostly use D200 now.

    This is from D100 in about 2004 Nikkor 300mm F4 wide open.

    Gloria xmas03-fixed.jpg
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  9. D100 can do action too... 300mm F4 with 1.6 converter f5.6

    Adam 1-23-Tic.jpg
  10. And one more... I joined PN just now because I came across this thread from googleland and it made me dig back to photos I've not seen in 10+ years. Thanks for the memories!

    Another D100 in Mexico high desert, searching for "medicine", hehe!

    Nicole-First evening-las margaritas.jpg
  11. Welcome on board Suckleyi :)

    It would be nice idea to combine things together. I will probably attach my chubby boy on D1H to see how it work. Stay tuned.
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  12. Welcome:)
  13. Nikon D2X 20mm f2.8 Lens

  14. Misty Medway Morning

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