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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by blurrist, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. All of your D60 photos are very good, and your market photos are lovely. I like the subjects, composition, dynamic range, color and exposure. This camera should serve you very well. I had a D80 with the same sensor, and loved it. Good travels!
  2. Hi!

    Thanks for the positive comments. I'm in a real quandary about what to take - I know the D60?18-200 is antiquated; there's much better AF, sensors, and lenses out there. But I'll be backpacking and traveling light. Here's another un-cropped image from the D60/18-200 (much maligned lense), taken this past Sunday 12/15/19 at the fl Vendor flea market small.jpg ea market where I'm practicing my subtle un-noticed street photography.
  3. My grand-daughter’s cat,called Honey that we are looking after while she moves house.
    D300+Sigma 28-70mm f2.8 iso800 f4 @ 100sec
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  4. The D200 makes a perfect "beater" camera. I bought a low shutter count specimen that was having command dial issues for a hundred bucks, then repaired it at no cost. Now I have a great DSLR that I'm not afraid to take with me anywhere. Lenses are a bargain, too.


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