Nikon F2 Top Cover Removal Question

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by henry_finley|1, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. I've got an F2 body here where the 1/60 and 1/90 act like B, when all the other speeds are fine. Odd. So for my first cover to remove, I pick the top right hand (operator's side). I've got the shop manual with exploded diagram, but that doesn't give any actual removal procedure. Anybody have some pointers, other than telling me to send it to Sover Wong? Thank you.
  2. It's been some time since I dug into an F2, but from memory, I think I removed the top right plate with the help of a paperclip and a bit of rubber.
    First thing to do is dismantle the leverwind. The top cover of this can be removed with a friction wrench - i.e. a bit of rubber stuck to something like a stout lollipop stick. It's left-hand thread IIRC. Once that's off there are conventional slotted nuts to undo beneath it. The surround of the shutter release is held in place with a recessed nut, and this is where the paperclip comes in. Unbend the clip and form a loop of wire that reaches into the slots of the nut. Turn the wire loop with a pair of pliers, and with luck the nut will loosen before the wire twists up. You'll need a fairly strong paper clip. (Tip: Thicker wire like galvanised fencing wire can make many useful little spanners for recessed ring-nuts - just cut and bend to required diameter, and then file flats on the ends.)
    The rest is pretty straightforward. There are tiny recessed screws holding the shutter speed selector knob in place. However, removing the top plate gets you nowhere near to the shutter mechanism. You've a lot more digging to do before reaching that I'm afraid Henry.
  3. It would be nice for me to be surer about that left-hand thread issue. For the reason that I question it simply as a matter of logic. That is, a left-hand thread button would tend to be more self-loosening than self-tightening. Maybe not. But I don't recall it as being left-hand thread on other cameras. It's not on a Nikkormat, for instance. Thank you.

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