Nikon D90 images won't open in camera raw (bridge)

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by april_hollingsworth, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I have Adobe CS3 (photoshop and bridge). My RAW images from my Nikon D90 won't open from Bridge. I just got the camera today. Is there an upgrade for Adobe Bridge that I need or what? Please help!
  2. upgrade to CS4, or use ViewNX, or use Adobe DNG converter or some other recent raw converter.
    CS3 is too old for the D90 and it'll never be updated to it; thats how Adobe makes $$
  3. Isn't there an Adobe Camera Raw update that will work with CS3 and use D90 files? Like, from this page ? I'm 80% sure ACR 4.6 supports both Photoshop CS3 and the D90 NEF's.
  4. you are correct. I didn't think ACR 4.6 supported the D90.
    April, download and install that update and it'll work.
  5. did you run an update on your PS I had the same prob with my D300 but after an update it works fine.
  6. you wont be able to install Camera Raw 5 because that's for PHotoshop CS4 only. you can't mix and match like that.
  7. I have Camera Raw 5.0 on Photoshop CS4, and it doesn't work. It seems that it works only with updates beginning with 5.1.
  8. That is my major gripe with photoshop. As expensive as it is they should update it longer than they do. It looks like they haven't had an update for bridge since 2007. I have seriously considered learning another program like Aperture. It is frustrating to have to buy another copy of photoshop every time you buy a new camera.
  9. You need Camera Raw 5.2 SPECIFICALLY.
    LOADING CAMERA RAW 5.3 (without loading 5.2) WILL NOT FIX THE PROBLEM!!!
  10. On a side note - you will need to search Camera Raw 5.2 on the Adobe site, as it will NOT be listed in the recent updates.
    I sufferred through this issue for weeks until I found the 5.2 download.

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