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Discussion in 'Nikon' started by hugh_sakols, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Hi
    Last week I could find Nikon D800's in stock, but now they don't seem to be available. Anyone have any idea when stores will get them again? A month? Anyway it sure does save me money, yet I was hoping to sell my current set-up so I can upgrade.
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    A week ago on Saturday (June 2), I went over to talk to my local camera store again. They told me that D800 shipment has further improved. Three weeks ago they said that their waiting list was down to about 2.5 weeks. At this point, it looks like the waiting is very short so that some stores will occasionally have it in stock but when those run out, you need to wait another week or so for the next shipment.
    You can take a look at this recent thread:
    The estimate from some UK dealer provided by Rodeo Joe is at least consistent with my estimate. It'll probably be July before we see the D800 continuously in stock at multiple stores. We are not very far from that point now, but if you want one as quickly as possible, it is still best to put down a deposit at your local store. Also check stores such as Best Buy, etc. as they occasionally have some in stock for a short while. I hate to say this and need apologize to Helen Oster and Henry Posner in advance: avoid pre-ordering from Adorama, B&H, and Amazon. Their waiting lists are the longest and they have a lot of frustrated customers. Those stores are noramlly great, but not for getting the D800 in this time frame. I am sure they'll be fine again when the shortage is finally over.
    In the mean time, I am still waiting for the D800E I ordered back in April.
  3. I'm surprised that you found one in stock last week. The D800 and D4 have been and still are heavily backordered since they were announced in Jan/Feb. I would guess it will continue that way until the winter.
  4. As of last Friday 2 out of 5 national camera exchange locations in MN had the D800 in stock.
  5. I cancelled my initial order with Amazon after they delayed it and changed my mind at that time anyway. I still have some interest and reordered through Amazon last month and, a couple of weeks ago, got estimated delivery dates toward the end of this month or early next month. I ordered both the D800 and D800e just to see what would happen time wise between the two (still not sure I am going to take either). But it appears even they are indeed catching up sooner rather than later just as Shun predicted a short while ago.
  6. I know someone who ordered a D800 from B&H on Feb 8 and still has not received his camera or any estimate when he might see it.
  7. Believe it or not, a friend of my oldest son found a D800 in stock at the Nikon Store. They do not take pre-orders but apparently get them from time to time and you have to be lucky enough to be checking their site when they are in stock.
  8. Just for the cause......
    Both D800s are out fo stock in Tokyo,Japan as of the day before yesterday and they won't have any in stock until the first couple of weeks in July.
  9. Have to comment. I did as some have suggested...went to local camera store. I had ordered the D800 from Adorama on Feb. 27 and only got e mails explaining that it was still on back order. Tues of this week I cancelled that order and went locally. I was told that I would be number 8 on the current waiting list. They receive a shipment about once a week of 10 to 15 cameras. Today, Thursday, I received an e mail that it was ready to ship, just two days after my order. I called and asked them to hold the camera there and I went and picked it up. So, it appears that the big camera supply houses have long pre order lists and the small and local camera stores have these cameras available or a very short wait. The demand is currently at the big places. Good luck on getting yours.

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