Nikon D70s "ERR" error message

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  1. I experienced a problem with my D70s that I heard reported round these parts. I was clik'n away at an audition when the mirror froze mid-flight blanking my viewfinder and generally freezing my shutter and displaying "ERR" on the top-left corner of the LCD screen. Nothing would release it. Not powering down, not removing the lens, not removing the memory card, nothing. I switched bodies and my brother took my camera and as he was looking at the "ERR" message, it cleared of it's own accord. I did a search here and found another person who experienced the same problem. However, this other person waited until it happened several more times.
    I called Nikon USA and they told me the following. "It is recommended that the camera come in to Nikon Service for evaluation to determine the cause of the mirror hang. It may be that it may not do this again, but it would be prudent to have the camera checked out to ensure that it will not happen again."
    I sent it out that day. I was told that the turn-around was seven to ten days. I'm crossing my fingers, I hate being with only one camera and I don't want to break out the film.
    I don't know if this is a common problem, but I wanted to post this in case it is and so others can benefit from my experience.
  2. Henry, the two conditions that I've seen most commonly for this problem is changing lenses or CF cards without turning the camera off, and the one I experience most: not setting the aperture to the smallest setting or locking it in place.
  3. Michael,<P>Neither one of the situations you described are related to this error. The "FEE" error occurs when one fails to set the apeture ring to the smallest setting, not the "ERR" error. The other error you described is alien to me, as I power down before removing either lens or memory card.
  4. Henry, right you are. So sorry about that! I misread the error.
  5. i had this problem too. one of two things could cause it. as mentioned the F stop ring not bing set to the smallest setting. the other problem, which i had also and it is not mentioned, is that you might have pressed the depth of field preview button. nikon has put it just in the right spot to where my finger sets right on top of it. the camera will lock up and show ERR if you are in the green camera mode (sorry lack of a better name). and guess what you camera just bought a ticket to nikon hospital.

    hope this helps
  6. Thomas,<p>
    Thanks for the input, but I don't use the green "Auto" setting and I was nowhere near the DOF button. Also as noted in the previous post, the other error you mentioned is actually FEE and not ERR.
    Today I found out what is the matter with my camera. The shutter is bad and is being replaced under warranty. I thought it interesting that I shot over 1000 shots before it went bad. I'm glad it is under warranty.
  7. I just received my new D70s yesterday and after charging the battery I find that it failed with the "ERR" message and the shutter hung up. By pressing the button a second time it would cycle twice but never capture any pictures.

    I'm going to return it to the place I bought it for a swap out as they only take 3-5 days.
  8. What was your Serial Number? Mine started with 303. By the way I got my camera back in about two weeks, from the time I shipped it out. I thought that was pretty good. It's working now, but I've also dusted off my F4s just to keep in film practice if this happens again.
  9. After 6 months of owning the D70s, "err" message. It was working fine, I put it in my bag, took it out, and it stopped working (Err message).

    The problem is that the shutter and shutter contact fail. Seems to be a known issue and weak link in many D70s (as a simple Web search will turn up. It is also likely many other people with the problem don't post on photo boards).

    As I am traveling in Europe, I went to the Nikon authorized factory repair facility and they told me my Nikon warranty is invalid needs to be shipped to the US.

    I called the dealer and they confirmed this. I called Nikon service, and they told that 'No, I could not get it repaired in Munich" and "no, I could not pay for the repair and get reimbursed for it'. So, I am SOL and as I frequently travel out of the country, Nikon's dependability hit rock bottom.

    I plan on getting it repaired under warranty and then buying a Canon.
  10. This is the same problem in all the DXX cameras Nikon makes. It just killed my D50 (9000 shutter actuations), is very common with the D90, and also the D70. Nikon has serious design issues they do not resolve or own up to in their consumer cameras.
  11. I have the same problem with two Nikon cameras in the last 4 months.
    My Nikon D1H just started err with the shutter, it will actuate but not take any pictures. Have tried different lenses, batteries, memory cards, and problem persists. Place the camera aside and took out the Nikon D70 to go take pictures this past weekend. I could not believe it, the same deal again, the shutter acting funny clicking consectuvite times but no pictures in display/ memory.
    Usually the problem arise when taking pictures very fast or continous mode. Both cameras have less than 20,000 actuations, and have been babied properly. Always in camera bag, stored in dry cold environment, never exposed to heat, direct sunlight, dropped, or dirt. My cameras look as new. Luckily I got a D60 and it is still working, but lets see what happens in the next year or so. Nikon has me dissapointed, and noticing other people have the same problem seems a marketing strategy to shell out money. I am starting to wonder if it has some kind of programming that after a while most shutters die prematurely.
    I am seriously thinking jumping to Canon, and will for sure miss the AIS lenses if I do that. Both my cameras are out of warranty so repairs run for each around 400 dollars which is not worth it.

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